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This is rated R for implied sexual situations; language and violence (mild.)

Thank you to my partner Lou Ann for your encouragement and guidance and for being my inspiration, sounding board and putting up with my late night rantings.  My friend Kim without whose encouragement and praise this wouldn’t have been possible.  To the cast and crew of Xena Warrior Princess for making the show what it was and still is today.  Especially Lucy and Renee.

This is takes place after Love Eternal.  Eve is pregnant and Varia is ecstatic; Gabrielle finds out she’s pregnant and Xena’s doubting herself. Can Xena overcome her past and enjoy the second chance she and Gabrielle have been given?



She lay on the couch writing in her scrolls documenting her joining with Xena and their daughter’s joining with Varia.

“It feels good to have that dream fulfilled but it didn’t and doesn’t matter if it ever happened or not.  For me, Xena and I have been joined since India with the lines of the Mendhi. We never needed a piece of paper or a ceremony to proclaim our love or our union.  I was so surprised when Aphrodite asked the other couple to step forward and to see my Warrior Princess in that outfit making her request.   Dam she was hot is hot and she knows it but she never cared about her looks or what other people thought.  In my opinion, she is the most beautiful creature on earth.  The ceremony was fantastic Aphrodite did a great job, beautiful actually and seeing Eve and Varia join, well I couldn’t be more proud and happier for them.  Then our honeymoon.  Dam what a perfect week that was for us.  We spent time talking and being together and making plans for the future.  A future together. 

Xena’s been extremely busy with the battle’s going on all across Greece.  She comes in late at night exhausted.  Many of the guards tell her and me that Hades never did half of what she’s doing.   However, that’s her.  She’s always been like that so focused but if I tell her enough and want her home then she’ll be there. 

Varia and Eve are settling in nicely at the cabin.  They’re planting crops and will have a few new additions.  We’re supposed to go there for dinner tonight.  Something we try to do every night actually.  We take turns and it’s a lot of fun.  Varia has finally decided to address me as mom and Xena well she calls her mother in private but in public she calls her Xena.  Varia, I think, still has a little fear in her for Xena and a lot of respect.  Maybe it’s Xena’s personality or mine or I don’t know.  They get along great though.  They’ve bonded in a lot of ways and Eve and I worry when those two go off to do something together what they’re going to get into.  They’re both very creative and very mischievous.   

Eve is getting used to having her powers something we’re still working on.  Varia we’re not sure yet if anything has happened.  We’ll find out in time.  It took us a while with Eve.  Xena and I have gotten used to ours but we only use them when we really need to.  Xena has this thing though instead if taking her clothes off the old-fashioned way (I enjoy that much more) she just snaps her finger and ooh. I had better stop that she won’t be home for a while and ooh dam.  See what she does to me. Even after all this time oh better not go there either.

What made me happy is that we both have the ability to create children and I want to.  Xena has her doubts though because of Solan and Eve.  She does see Solan privately, oftentimes having a guard or someone get him before she shows up so that no one is the wiser.  Then it’s a wonderful feeling being with them because that boy calls me mom.  And to see him and Eve sitting together talking and to see Xena smile at the sight of our two children getting on together my heart swells with so much joy.  She’s a wonderful mother to both of them, even though so much was taken away from her and them.  I want to give her that chance again, a lot if I can.  We’ve spent some time with her mother as well and Lyceus and some of our friends but we have to be so careful it could be used against us. 

Lyssa my mother (that’s hard to digest at times) and I have sat and talked and Xena put her on the personal guard detachment.  Apollo’s been visiting a little more and Hades well him and Xena don’t get a long too well.  He’s trying I’ll give him that but she’s stubborn and I won’t approach her about I because I above anyone can understand how she feels. Aphrodite and Hectate have been by to see us and Eve and Varia.  Helping them adjust as well. 

I think we’ve finally gotten our chance at happiness and I’m going to make sure, dam sure that we keep it.  We’ve been through so much together it’s time for us.  And this works out perfectly.

Gabrielle Amazon Queen and Consort to Xena Lord of The Underworld”

Patros (knocking): My Queen you have a visitor.

Gabrielle (opening the door): Who is it?

Patros (handing her a scroll): A man by the name of Virgil.  He’s been looking for you and he found Eve and Varia.  He’s there now with them but he sent this scroll on ahead.  Eve hasn’t told him anything yet, just told him she knew where you were and she would get the message to you.  And that you would be by for dinner tonight.

Gabrielle (agreeing): Ok.  I just have to find Xena and then we’ll go and see what’s up.

Patros (bowing): As you wish.  Lock everything down.

Gabrielle (nodding and reading the scroll): Yes.  Make sure in our absence that the guard is doubled.  And any other visitors just tell them we’ll deal with it later.

Xena (walking up; covered in mud and grime): Deal with what later.

Patros (bowing): My Lord…

Xena (rolling her eyes): Cut that out.  Just because someone read, the protocol doesn’t mean you have to do it.  Just address me by title in public, in private Xena is fine and so is Gabrielle.  And knock off the bowing (grinning.)  Now go on get so I can have a few moments alone with my Queen.

Patros (understanding): My Lord your presence is requested at your daughter’s house this evening.  Should I prepare a ride for you?

Xena (chuckling): Patros.

Patros (smiling): Yes.

Xena (playfully pushing her): Get.  I’ll deal with things.   Right now, my Queen and I have some personal matters to attend to.

Patros (walking away): Of course (smirking at her Queen’s blush.)

Gabrielle (leaning up and kissing Xena’s lips softly): Why is it that no matter what you’ve been doing for the day you always come back dirty?

Xena (tucking the scroll in her belt and picking her up): Because I like to take a long hot bath with my Queen. 

Gabrielle (wrapping her arms around Xena’s neck): And does the Queen like to join you (teasing.)

Xena (smiling): She loves to join me.  Think about it hot water; naked skin; a glass of wine and oh (as small hands began undoing her armor; dropping it on the floor leaving a trail from their door to the bathing room.)

Gabrielle (licking her lips): I see your point (tugging at a buckle) hurry up get this stuff off.  I want you naked in that tub now.

Xena (laughing and setting her down gently): My aren’t you the hot one (removing the rest of her armor; weapons and clothes.)  You happy to see me (watching Gabrielle strip.)

Gabrielle (throwing her clothes in a corner): You tell me.

Xena (moving to the bath and sliding in moaning): I think so.

Gabrielle (climbing in and straddling her partner’s lap): You think so (grinding her hips into Xena’s) what does this feel like to you.

Xena (smiling and leaning forward to capture her lover’s mouth): Someone’s very excited to see me (trailing kisses up and down Gabrielle’s neck.)

Gabrielle (nodding and getting lost in her wife’s attentions): Very happy (and they lost themselves in each other; their bond and their love.):

Eve (ducking): Varia calm down.  I don’t know how this happened but it did.  And until my parent’s show up, there’s nothing we can do. 

Varia (trying to keep her hands still): You don’t know.  Then why is it that I’m shooting fireballs and moving things without touching anything. 

Eve (approaching her wife and laying her hands on her shoulders, it would be funny if it weren’t so serious): Honey calm down.  (Seeing her wife about to comment) relax.  Ok.  Just calm down.  The more excited you get the more things (pausing) tend to happen.  Ok.

Varia (yelling): Calm down.  That little rat faced fink saw you naked and you want me to calm down.  I’m going to kill him.

Eve (understanding; realizing it wasn‘t only that her wife had found out she had powers but Virgil had really rattled her for some reason or anoother): Baby please for me.  Just take some nice deep breaths ok.   

Varia (sighing): It’s just that he said…

Eve (softly kissing her): What he said was just that a comment.  Nothing more.  Yes, he saw me naked but it doesn’t matter what he says or thinks.  I’m yours.  Ok.  Once mother and mom show up they’ll handle him and things will be fine (kissing her more passionately.)  I have something to get your mind off him and your little problem (reaching back and undoing the ties to her top letting it fall to her feet.)

Varia (gulping): Eve should we be doing this out here.  I mean he’s then there’s oh baby (licking her lips as her wife removed the rest of her clothes.)

Eve (wrapping her arms around her wife’s neck): Lock the barn door and we’ll settle this little matter (nipping her bottom lip.)

Varia (practically running to lock the door and found herself pressed against it and hands roaming over her body): Love…

Eve (softly untying the ties to Varia’s leather pants): Relax (kissing the back of her neck) let me take care of you (removing Varia’s vest and shirt and pressing her breasts against Varia’s back.)  Let me love you.

Varia (groaning): Please (pressing her palms harder against the door as her wife seduced her and she willingly gave in.)

Xena (stopping the chariot and looking around): Well seems quiet.  Wonder where everyone is?

Virgil (running out): Gabrielle, Xena it’s good to see you.

Gabrielle (smiling and hugging him as he hugged her tightly; a little too tightly in her opinion): Virgil.  Hi.  Is everything all right?

Virgil (nervously): Great.  Just great.  You look beautiful as ever (Xena’s eyebrow arched unseen) and Xena nice to see you (reaching out to shake her hand.)  So where have you two been?  What have you been doing?  Heard you two had retired.  I thought maybe you might come to the Academy (Xena’s eyebrow went further up.)

Gabrielle (smiling): Well that was at one point in my life when I wasn’t sure what I wanted.  Now I do and I’m exactly where I belong doing everything I want and dreamed (reaching behind her to touch Xena’s arm.)

Virgil (opening the door for her): Really.  I just thought maybe I don’t know maybe you and I could spend some time together (Xena’s eyebrow was practically in her hairline) talk you know now that you’re not traveling around with Xena any longer (Xena had, had enough.)

Xena (softly; counting to ten before she pummeled him into the floor; he was definitely Joxer’s son): Virgil.  She’s not available.  (Looking at her wife as if to say you handle this) I’m going to find Eve and Varia then I’ve got to settle the horses.  I’ll bring our bags back in later.

Gabrielle (concerned): Xena (grabbing her wife’s arm gently) you all right?

Xena (looking at Virgil then at Gabrielle then back at Virgil): Fine (then leaning down) set him straight before I do or one of the girls do.

Gabrielle (understanding): Sure.  (Waiting for Xena to leave) Virgil about not being available well you see.

Virgil (standing and looking at her, she was beautiful): Gabrielle listen I know you’ve had a lot of trouble in the past with men but…

Xena (looking around): Eve, Varia.  Where in my name did you two go off to?

Eve (opening the barn door and shutting it quietly): Hi, mom (holding a finger to her lips) come here and keep it down.

Xena (wondering what was going on): Eve what’s (Eve pulled her mother behind her gently until they rounded the corner of the barn.)  Ok…

Eve (taking a deep breath): Varia’s sleeping.  She needs it.  And I need to talk to you before she wakes up.

Xena (worried): Why are you all right?  Is she all right?  What’s wrong?

Eve (smiling): Mother calm down.  I think Varia got some of my powers.  Ever since Virgil showed up and stuff she’s been edgy.

Xena (wondering): Why?  If he did anything, I’m going to…

Eve (cringing; she knew her mother’s tendency to punch first then ask questions later when it came to her and her mom): Virgil saw me well I was kind of indisposed and he made a few comments about me then you and it took everything I had to restrain Varia.  She wanted to kill him.

Xena (thinking the same thing): I’m going to kill him.  Wait a minute Varia didn’t…

Eve (placing her hands on her mother’s shoulders): No, I pulled her out of there before she did.  I’ just glad Gabrielle is here.

Xena (still concerned): She’ll talk to him.

Eve (biting her lip): I hope so.  But mother (pleading softly…)

Xena (understanding): What do you want me to do sweetie?

Eve (shaking her head): I don’t know.  But there seems to be another well it’s not really a problem.  It’s a good thing.  I think I’m pregnant.

Xena (wide eyed): Eve….

Eve (taking her mother’s hand): All the signs seem to point to it but I’m afraid of Varia’s reaction.

Xena (wondering): Eve has there (not doubting her daughter’s love for her partner but…)

Eve (shaking her head, vehemently): No, it’s Varia’s.  I don’t know how I know but I know and I know it’s hers.

Xena (digesting the comment): I’m so happy for you honey (hugging her.)  Let’s go in the house and talk with your mom.  And then I’ll call Aphrodite or Hectate.

Virgil (routing through a small pack): I have something for you.  Just give me a minute.

Gabrielle (turning the steaks over) Sure.  I’ll just finish getting dinner ready.  (Hearing footsteps on the porch) Virgil (holding out a bracelet then got down on one knee before her; Xena came through the door with Eve right behind her.)

Virgil (smiling): Good she’s here.  I think that makes it more special to have your best friend here.  Gabrielle will you marry me?

Eve remembered reaching for her mother only to find herself grabbing empty air; she never remembered seeing her mother move so fast in her life either.

Xena (growling): The answer is no (grabbing him by the shirt collar) she’s already married.

Virgil (wide eyed): To whom I mean, she never mentioned it.

Gabrielle (showing him her ring from Xena): Virgil you didn’t see this.

Virgil (shaking his head): No well I thought.  Ok who’s the lucky guy.

Xena (loudly): Me.

Varia (running through the door; her hair was a mess; she had marks on her chest and arms): Ok what’s the matter (withdrawing her sword; only to find her wife in front of her restraining her.)

Eve (shaking her head): He’s in trouble.  Mother has things under control.

Gabrielle (rubbing Xena’s back): Xena let him down he can’t breathe to good.

Virgil (still stammering): You mean but I thought well then but she kissed me and…

Gabrielle (thinking definitely Joxer’s son): Virgil I’m sorry it was part of a plan.  I care for you but…

Xena (a little harsher than she wanted but oh well): She’s married to me.  And oh what’s this about seeing my daughter naked and making a comment about it (growling.) 

Virgil (gulping): Well…

Varia (snickering): Can I please have at him?

Eve (yelling): No (tightening her hold on her wife.) 

Gabrielle (thinking it was best to diffuse the situation): Virgil I’m sorry.  But Xena and I are married and so and Varia and Eve.

Virgil (wondering): But they’re husbands aren’t here (hearing Xena growl) oh (louder) oh. Ok.  Um Xena?

Xena (trying not to growl): Yes (seeing Gabrielle shudder; she knew the wonderful affect it had on her partner.)

Virgil (pleading): Can you put me down now?

Xena (letting go of him abruptly and dropping him unceremoniously on the floor): Sure.

Gabrielle (rolling her eyes): Virgil I’m sorry.

Virgil (dejected): It’s ok.  Nice guys always finish last.  I’ll be in my room for a bit (and walked out of the kitchen.)

Varia started laughing then so did Eve then so did Xena.

Gabriele (playfully smacking her partner): Be nice.  He didn’t mean any harm.  He’s just a little misguided (this got another round of laughter from the three of them.)  All right, knock it off.  And Varia…

Varia (sheathing her sword): Yes mom.

Gabrielle (smirking): Put some of the hay back in the barn (winking.)

Varia (bushed crimson): Um uh yeah…

Eve (starting to follow behind her wife): Varia…

Xena (softly): I’ll take care of her. 

Eve (nodding): Thank you. 

Gabrielle (smiling and looking at Eve): You look great.  How’s everything here?

Eve (smiling): I think I’m pregnant.  (Forestalling her mother’s questions) yes it’s Varia’s.  Seems as though someone (arching her eyebrow) didn’t fill me in on everything.

Gabrielle (pulling out a chair for her): No really (teasing.)  Eve did you know…

Eve (laughing): I get it now.  I just wonder how Varia’s going to react.  I mean…

Gabrielle (patting her arm gently): Don’t worry.  Xena has everything under control.

Xena (teasing): So you enjoy your roll in the hay (helping her fill the water troughs.)

Varia (shaking her head; laughing): You bet I did.  You’re daughter is amazing.

Xena (pulling Varia to sit her down next to her): Eve and I had a little talk when I got here.  Seems as though you ended up getting a few things from her.

Varia (nodding): Yeah.  I just don’t know how to deal with it all.  I mean I don’t know what I can do yet other than shoot fireballs and blow things up when I get frustrated (taking a deep breath.)

Xena (trying not to laugh, Eve had the same problem at first): Varia you and my daughter have something in common (biting her lip.)

Varia (playfully shoving Xena): And what is that mother?

Xena (unable to hold back): When you two are frustrated you end up blowing things up. Says a lot bout your self-control (laughing.)

Varia (chuckling): It’s not my fault she is absolutely gorgeous.  Hey, I wonder..

Xena (pointing to her chest): I have no problem with self-control (arching her eyebrow.)

Varia (smirking): Right.  Sure you keep telling yourself that and maybe you’ll believe it (and took off running with Xena hot on her tail for the ribbing.)

Xena (yelling): I have self-control.

Eve (looking out the window): They’re at it again. 

Gabrielle (shaking her head): Well at least they’re not rolling around in the mud.

Eve (groaning as they did just that): Well mom…

Gabrielle (rolling her eyes): God’s I think she does that to infuriate me.  Paybacks let me tell you.

Eve (laughing as Varia got the upper hand for the moment): Overgrown kids.

Gabrielle (putting her hand on her daughter’s shoulder): Do they have to rub their faces in it?

Eve (arching her eyebrow): Well they say mudpacks are good for the face (teasing.)

Gabrielle (playfully swatting at her): Keep it up.  Remember I have plenty of material to tease you with.

Eve (mischievous grin on her face): And so do I mom.

Virgil (walking in the kitchen; looking around): What’s with all the racket?

Gabrielle (watching her lover playfully toss Varia): We have a bunch of kids rolling around in the mud.  Virgil I’m sorry if you got your feelings hurt.  I never meant to…

Virgil (nodding): It’s all right.  I should have known or guessed.  I mean you two have been together almost 35 years.  That’s  a long time. 

Gabrielle (patting him on the shoulder): Yeah it is.  She’s my soul mate Virgil and you’ll find yours one day.

Eve (agreeing): Don’t give up on love Virgil.  You never know when it’ll come along and bite you in the bum.

Xena (walking back to the house with Varia): It’s yours.  Eve sense these things and she knows that the baby is yours.

Varia (stunned): You mean I’m going to be (thinking.)  Well exactly what am I going to be.

Xena (perplexed): What do you mean (understanding dawning on her) well in the traditional sense you’re going to be a daddy (snickering.)  But there’s nothing traditional about this family.  So you’re the mother Varia (patting her on the back) congratulations.

Varia (exuberant): Dam I wonder who she is going to look like.  Hopefully Eve. 

Xena (laughing): Slow down there.  I want Eve to go to a healer first to make sure.  And then she’s going to have to be careful for a while.  And her emotions are going to go from on extreme to another.  And her cravings I hope she doesn’t take after me in that aspect.  I ate some really weird things.

Varia (opening the door): As long as the baby and her are happy and healthy then I don’t care.

Eve (laughing at whatever story Virgil was telling them): Oh Gods.  You two are filthy.  Can’t you got take a bath (smiling as her wife walked over to her.)

Varia (softly; caressing Eve’s face): You’re pregnant.

Eve (nodding and smiling): Yes.  All the signs point to it. 

Varia (proudly and kissing her cheek): I love you.  I’m so happy.

Eve (smirking): Well if you want to remain happy I suggest you go take a bath (leaning forward and kissing her softly.

Xena (proudly): Look at that a tamed featherhead (ouch.)

Gabrielle (whispering in her wife’s ear): And you’re tamed too Warrior Princess.  Now go take a long hot bath then we’ll have dinner and then I’m going to ravish you all night.

Xena (her ear’s were turning red): Really um (gulping as her earlobe was tugged on by sharp teeth which sent chills through her body.)  Um what if I wanted to ravish you.

Virgil (watching and realizing the deep love each couple shared): I’ll go and set the table (needing to get out of there and quick.)

Gabrielle (moving her lips and trailing kisses up and down her wife’s neck): Too bad.  Tonight your mine Warrior.

Xena (fanning herself): Always.

Gabrielle (patting her on the ass): Bath then dinner then a night you will remember for a long time to come.

Xena (licking her lips): I always remember a night with you love or anytime for that matter.

Varia (moaning as Eve teased her mouth with her tongue): Baby um uh…

Eve (smirking and pushing Varia away playfully): Go take your bath.

Gabrielle (watching as both “tough so called Warriors” stumbled to the bathroom): How is it…

Eve (laughing): Mom don’t go there. Knowing them, it could be any number of things.  (Softly) I’m just glad Varia is happy about me being pregnant.

Gabrielle (wrapping her arm around her daughter’s shoulder): Yeah she took it really well.

Eve (nodding and walking into the kitchen): Remind me to thank mother for that later.

Varia (leaning back against the tub wall): So nine months of not knowing what to expect with her (groaning as the water eased the tension out of her muscles.)  So when can we expect little nieces and nephews from you and mom.

Xena (nearly falling into the tub): I’m not sure.  Gabrielle well she’s been really busy lately and then you know my job and all…

Varia (realizing what Xena was saying): Hey, you and mom will be wonderful parents.  Your kids are going to be so lucky.  And Eve and I will be there to help then there’s Aphrodite and Hectate and (she stopped looked at her mother in law and realized the tension and strain in her face.)  Mother hey what’s going on?

Xena (shaking her head; halting some of the thoughts crossing her mind; thoughts of failure and unworthiness among them): Nothing it’s all right. 

Varia (letting it go for now): Ok.  But if you want to talk, I’ll listen.

Xena (sincerely): Thanks. The same goes for you (feeling pain in her heart at the thought of having children remembering what had happened to Solan and Eve.)

Later that night as Xena and Gabrielle made their way to the barn talking and walking hand in hand Xena’s mind kept replaying over the conversation in the bath.  And Gabrielle wondering what was bothering her partner.

Gabrielle (wrapping her arm around Xena’s waist): You’ve been awfully quiet love.  Something wrong.

Xena (shaking her head): No.  Just a little excited for Eve and Varia.  I’m hoping with all the latest upsets and everything with the Romans invading Greece that they don’t make it out here (looking across the farm.)

Gabrielle (not really believing her but letting it go for now): Xena you know they both can come stay with us in the event there’s a problem.  Is there something else bothering you love (following her into the barn.)

Xena (shaking her head and pulling the ladder down): No.  Come on I seem to recall someone promising a night I won’t soon forget.

Gabrielle (smirking): Oh yeah (then looking at her partner concern and worry) if you’re sure (laughing as she was picked up and hoisted over Xena’s shoulders.)

Xena (laying Gabrielle back on the hay): I’m positive (leaning down and kissing her tenderly.)

Gabrielle (taking the lead and pushing Xena back): Get your clothes off you tease.

Clothes were frantically removed by both women and their lips locked in a passionate kiss.  Hands roaming enticing teasing.  Gabrielle straddled Xena’s hips and began teasing her with every movement denying her what she wanted and smiling at the moans and whimpers her partner made.  It made her fall in love all over again.

Xena (having had enough; grabbed her partner’s hips and rolled them over): I can’t take any more.

Gabrielle (arching her back as her wife’s strong fingers danced across her body): I cant’ either.

Xena (thrusting her hips against her partner’s ): Come her (rolling them onto their sides and bringing her leg up between her wife’s) want you so much (trailing kisses up and down Gabrielle’s face and nipping her bottom lip.) Touch me feel what you do to me.

Gabrielle (sliding her hand between Xena’s thighs): Ooh, someone’s excited.

Xena (pushing into her lover’s fingers; then pushing her own hand between Gabrielle’s legs): Yes and so are you.

Soon both women were moving against each other in passion and love.  Grunts and groans filled the air as they lost themselves in each other. They never noticed the two light’s that filled the barn for the briefest of instances then merged into one and then was gone.

Varia (panting and rolling over onto her back to hold her wife in her arms): You’re going to kill me. This child is going to wonder what happened to its mother and…

Eve (moving up her body): And nothing.  I want to give you all the pleasure you can take love and this child will feel the love between it’s parents.

Varia (groaning as small fingers teased her): Eve please…

Eve (smirking): That’s my girl (growling as she was pushed on her back and pinned to the bed by her wife.)  Oh, my a little frustrated.

Varia (pinning Eve’s arms): A lot frustrated and you’re going to kill me.  So (leaning down and capturing Eve’s nipple in her mouth and tugging on it gently) I’m repaying the favor (returning to Eve’s breasts.)

Eve(thrusting her self pushing her breasts harder against her wife’s mouth): No need ugh (grunting as she felt Varia pinching the other nipple) but feel free to do what you want.  (Straining against her wife’s touch.)

Varia (licking her lips): I love loving you (leaning up and kissing Eve softly) and I love the child already growing inside you.

Slowly, gently they made love; their warmth and their bond connecting them to a higher plane than either had imagined before they found each other.

1 Month Later

Gabrielle sat listening as the healer definitely confirmed Eve’s pregnancy and she heard Varia’s whoop of joy.  Aphrodite had brought in a healer that owed her several favors stating she was the best of the best and had new methods of detecting pregnancy.

Gabrielle (standing up and pulling Eve into a tight hug): Congratulations honey. 

Eve (smiling and reaching for her wife): Six weeks pregnant and she confirmed it.

Varia (proudly; wrapping her arms around her wife gently): Are you going in?

Gabrielle (unsure): I’ve got some signs and well I’m not sure.  I’m not as far along as you.

Eve (smiling knowingly): Mom I think you should.  You’re eating a little more; sleeping more; and you even mentioned your clothes have gotten a little tighter.  Please for me.

Gabrielle (rolling her eyes; recognizing the pleading expression as one of Xena’s): Oh, all right.  I just wish Xena were here right now.  She’s been so dam busy with all the upsets.  I know she’s got a lot of responsibilities but dam it just seems like we just got a break and…

Eve (reassuring): Mom she loves you.  She’s just trying to be in so many places at once. 

Gabrielle (nodding): I know bit I still worry about her.  Will you wait here while I go in and check out to make sure I‘m pregnant.

Eve (smiling): Of course, mom you need not even ask.

Varia (pulling her wife to sit down): As long as you don’t do anything strenuous get plenty of rest and…

Eve (clamping her hand over her wife’s mouth): Don’t start. 

Gabrielle (laughing): Get used to it honey.  These next eight months Varia is going to be all over you (realizing what she just said) never mind.

Eve (laughing): And they call us bad.  (Varia chuckled) knock it off.  I’m fine.  I know my limits and…

Varia (kissing her softly): I know but I just don’t want anything to go wrong.  I almost lost you before I found you and I don’t want to risk our child love.

Eve (understanding): We won’t I promise.  We have plenty of people looking out for us and we’re going to be fine.

Xena (moving to the far end of the field): Catapults I hate catapults.  Dam (watching as the Roman soldiers advanced on the retreating Hoplites who were doing their damdest to turn back the tide.  All of a sudden she felt a tugging sensation in her chest and a tingling warmth, her first thoughts were of her wife because of the strong bond they shared.  Yelling to her second in command) Lyssa get over here.

Lyssa (walking up to her daughter in law; although she would never call her that): Yes My Lord.

Xena (softly): Something’s wrong with Gabrielle.  I’ll be back maybe not tonight…

Lyssa (forestalling her explanation): It’s ok go to her.

Xena nodded and in a flash was gone.  She appeared in front of Eve and Varia and looked at them both smiling.

Eve (standing and hugging her mother): I’m pregnant.

Xena (kissing the top of her daughter’s head): Congratulations.  I think we all knew from the beginning anyway (smiling.)  And you featherhead (glancing at Varia) congratulations. 

Varia (walking up behind Eve): Thanks mother.  I think you better go check on mom though.  She’s been yelling for you for a bit.

Xena (nodding and walking towards the door): I wonder what’s up.

Eve (rolling her eyes): For someone so smart she’s awfully thick headed.

Varia (looking at the ceiling; looking at the floor; then at her wife’s face): What?

Eve (smacking her playfully): Not a word.

Gabrielle (looking up as she heard a knock): Yeah.

Xena (walking in): Hi.  Everything all right?

Gabrielle (smiling and nodding and standing up): Now that you’re here.

Xena (confused): Why?  What’s wrong?  Why are you seeing a healer?  Are you sick?

Gabrielle (shaking her head and taking her wife’s hands into her own and kissing the back’s of them): I’m pregnant Xena.

Xena (wide eyed): What?

Gabrielle (softly): We’re going to have a baby.  In about eight months.  (She watched as Xena fought with something then kissed her on the cheek and left her standing there wondering what was going through her wife’s head.)

Xena walked out of the room and went back the way she came.  She passed by Varia and Eve without a word but should have known her daughter would come after her.

Eve (grabbing her mother’s arm): What’s wrong?  Mother is mom…

Xena (wanting to just get out of there): Eve I can’t, I just can’t (gently pushed her daughter aside and kept on walking blindly needing to get away from the memories that flooded her mind and brought her so much pain.)

Varia (walking up behind her): You want me to go…

Eve (shaking her head): No.  But let’s go check on mom.

Gabrielle (crying against Aphrodite’s shoulder): I just don’ understand.  I thought she would be happy.  I mean we’re having children of our own and (thinking then realizing what the matter was) oh, Gods that’s it.  That’s got to be it.

Aphrodite (producing a hanky): Calm down little one.  It’ll be ok.  (Thinking to herself when I get my hands on that stubborn Goddess of mine, I’m going to beat her head in.)  I’ll go and talk to her.

Eve (walking in): Mom (pulling her in for hug.)  Shh, she’ll be back.  She’s just probably got to air her head or something.

Varia (rubbing Gabrielle’s back): If you want, I could go and look for her.

Gabrielle (sniffling): No.  With her powers there’s no telling where’s gone off to.  Besides this is supposed to be a joyous occasion for you both.  Why don’t you two go home…

Eve (interrupting): No.  We’re staying with you until she comes back. 

Aphrodite (agreeing): She’s right.  Come on you look exhausted the both of you (looking at Eve and Gabrielle) why don’t you go lay down for a bit and rest.  I’ll see if I can find that stubborn pain in the ass.

Xena materialized outside a cave overlooking a cliff.  It had been many years before since she’d been here.  At another point in her life when everything had hurt to much to even think about.  She should be happy.  Her wife was pregnant with her child but she thought of the children lost to them before.  How they had been lost to the Fates or circumstances beyond their control.  She didn’t think she could go through it again or put Brie through it either.  Laying her head on her forearms she stared out at the sea cursing the time’s lost with both Solan and Eve.  And for Gabrielle’s loss of Hope who despite being mostly evil she was still Gabrielle’s daughter.  Closing her eyes, she shut everything out and prayed that her partner would understand.


To Be Continued

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