The cavern was noisy as guards were running everywhere on their Queen's or Princess' orders. Their Lord had not been seen for four days and it seemed no one could find her.

Eve had taken up her mother's reins laughing at the irony of the situation. Her she was the Messenger and Defender of Eli; their one God and the followers. Now she was taking up the command of the Underworld and cursing her mother's actions but praying that she was all right and would come home soon.

Varia stood beside her partner, keeping an eye on her and helping her with the daily decisions. Their utmost concern was Gabrielle. She had been quiet and keeping to herself since Xena had disappeared. She had been trying to use her powers and their bond to find her missing wife. All to no avail.

Eve (pointing to the map of the Underworld): When I find her, I'm going to beat her bum myself. Taking off like that. What is wrong with her? Post an extra set of guards here. If word gets out she isn't here all hell could break loose. And seal that entrance.

Kelia (nodding): I'll take over there myself Princess.

Varia (walking in behind her): I don't know where she could be or would have gone (wrapping her arms around her wife.) The Elysian Fields have been searched top to bottom honey. I don't think she's here.

Eve (angrily): Well she has to be somewhere.

Hectate (materializing): But it's not in the Underworld.

Varia (feeling her wife tense): Honey. Calm down, please. It isn't good for you and the baby. And what do you mean she isn't here.

Hectate (moving closer to them and laying her hand gently on Eve's stomach): I'm saying she isn't in the Underworld. She's n the mortal realm somewhere.

Eve (taking a deep breath): Then why can't we find her.

Gabrielle (walking in; there were circles under her eyes; her hair was a mess and she looked exhausted): Because she doesn't want to be found. I've exhausted my energy trying to find her through our bond but she doesn't seem to want to be found (sadly.)

Eve (reaching for her mom and pushing her into a chair): Mom you look horrible. You should rest. I could take care of things (brushing back her short blonde locks.) You need to rest.

Hectate (thinking and pacing back and forth): Is there any place that we can think of where she could go into hiding? Somewhere, where no one would think she would go.

Gabrielle (trying to think of all the places they had visited over the years; the places they would hide if one of them was inured; places avoid a nasty confrontation or when they just wanted some time to themselves): Give me a bit. We've done so much over the years.

Varia (rubbing her back): I'll go and make some tea.

Gabrielle (softly): I just hope nothing has happened to her.

On Mt. Olympus, sitting in the main hall the Goddess of Love was losing her patience (which was extremely rare for her) and ranting at her brother and her uncle.

Aphrodite (pacing back and forth): Well think dammit. Where did they go after they got out of Illusia? You were there.

Hades (angrily; slamming his fist on the table): I am thinking. I helped Solan create Illusia along with you I might add. It's not like I kept track of her every move after that.

Aphrodite (glaring at him): No, you never really did any of that did you.

Apollo (walking in): Sis listen…

Aphrodite (yelling): No, you both listen. You don't know them. Really, know them like I do. Gabrielle's hurting and so is Xena. But it doesn't excuse her behavior. Before you two try to tell me what you think, you had better think long and hard where she might have gone.

Hades (rubbing his chin in thought): Wonder what scared her like that.

Apollo (rolling his eyes): Duh Gabrielle's pregnant. And since you tried to kill Eve along with some of our family well put the pieces together.

Aphrodite (growling): When I get my hands on her I'm going to beat her senseless. I can't believe she did this. Of all the ugh (slamming her hand on the table) ouch how do they do that.

Apollo (looking at the map of the known world; then at his sister): You're the Goddess of Love not violence. We don't even know which direction she went in…

Hades (pacing): This is ridiculous (throwing his hands up in frustration) we have a Goddess with a bond stronger than anything with her soul mate and no one can find her. Something's not right here.

Aphrodite (snapping her fingers): The little one has tried working through their bond to find her. No good.

Unless of course we get someone with a little stronger powers then we might have an idea of where she's hiding.

Everyone nodded in agreement each trying to think who would be best to channel their energy with Gabrielle's. Gabrielle's energy was considered light so that left only a few options. Or they could use a dark energy like Xena's to work. Both options were iffy but it was a start.

Deep inside the cave Xena had hidden in she lay on her side wrapped in a fur. She had been out for days not wanting to feel anything. She hurt too much inside. She couldn't put Gabrielle through this and she couldn't deal with this. She had failed Solan and Eve what difference would there be with other children.

Varia (wide eyed): You want her to do what? Hold it. They're both pregnant. Isn't this a risk or something?

Hectate (shaking her head): No. By using Gabrielle's bond with Xena and Eve's bond with Xena, since she is of her blood we increase the ability to find her. Also with both of their powers combined and some of mine, working in there then we should be able to locate her.

Varia (angrily): But dammit…

Eve (understanding her partner's concern): Baby listen. We've been through this. My mother as hard headed as she is, is hurting. My mom is too. We need to fix this and fast. We need to get her back here.

Varia (wrapping her arms around her): I know. I want her home as much as you but I don't want to risk your health or the baby's health. Or yours Gabrielle. (Remembering her promise to Xena that if anything had ever happened to her Varia would take care of Eve and Gabrielle.)

Gabrielle (squeezing both of their hands in her own): I know. Hectate let's do this. If there is any chance of finding her sooner then later I'm all for it.

Hectate (caressing her face): Ok let's get you and Eve to lie down somewhere quiet. Varia I'm going to ask you to leave the room…

Varia (yelling): You want me to do what. If you think, I'm leaving her side for one minute ugh (growling.)

Eve (pulling her against her): Shh. It'll be fine. I need to concentrate and you (nipping her ear) can be a little distracting in a good way (kissing her softly.)

Varia (smirking): All right.

Apollo (materializing behind them): Actually, since Gabrielle is…

Gabrielle (arching her eyebrow): Don't say it. I'm in bad enough mood right now without that reminder.

Apollo (holding up his hands and backing up a step when Eve and Varia glared at him): All I'm saying is because your powers are similar to my own then maybe I should be the one to help.

Aphrodite (considering it): He has a point.

Varia (unsheathing her sword): And I have one too.

Hectate (placing her hand on Varia's arm): When this is over you and I have to have a talk about the use of your own powers. For now put that thing away and help your wife get comfortable. We'll leave you alone for a minute.

Gabrielle (waiting for them to leave): Eve are you ok with this. You don't have to do this. I'm sure if…

Eve (smiling): Mom for everything you two have done for me this is the least I can do. Come on lie back and relax.

Varia (folding her arms across her chest): Aren't you supposed to be doing the same thing.

Eve (playfully swatting her): Sweetheart you know I love you, right? (Varia nodded) then scram so my mom and I can bring mother home (winking.)

Varia (wide eyed): She just didn't did she.

Gabrielle (taking her hand in her own): Yes she did. It'll be fine. Now scram (smirking.)

Varia (throwing her hands up in frustration): Ok I get the point I'm going.

Eve (laughing): You ready.

Hectate (walking back in with two cups of tea): Apollo and Aphrodite will be here as well. I want you both to lie back and relax. Think of Xena and just concentrate on finding her. Apollo sit with Gabrielle and focus your energy into her. Aphrodite your powers of love are to guide them. Everyone ready.

Hectate closed her eyes focusing her own dark energy with Eve's. Her energy was much like Xena's because of Xena's father.

Xena stirred and moved to a sitting position. She felt a tugging sensation in chest and tried to find out where it was coming from. Taking a deep breath, she leaned back against the rock wall and thought of Gabrielle.

Aphrodite (smiling): We found her…

Gabrielle (sitting up): Dam.

Eve (groggily): What? What is it?

Gabrielle (shaking her head and trying to get her bearings): She's gone back to the cave we stayed in after Illusia. She's oh Gods she's in a lot of pain (and through their bond, she felt everything Xena was feeling and passed out.)

Apollo (kneeling beside her): She's just out. Probably everything combined took it's toll on her.

Aphrodite (watching Eve carefully): Eve I think you should just rest I'll go get Varia.

Hectate (handing Eve a cup of tea): Here drink some of this. I'm going to go and check on her.

Eve (nodding): Thank you.

Hectate (patting her hand): I'll be back.

Xena (standing up): I was wondering when you would show up.

Hectate (folding her arms across her chest): Well you've caused quite a bit of trouble. Your wife has been frantic. Wondering just where you've taken off to. And your daughter and Varia. They were ready to start ripping things apart.

Xena (angrily): You don't understand.

Hectate (moving to stand in front of her): And you don't think Gabrielle has the same concerns. You don't think the same thoughts have crossed her mind. The same doubts and feelings bothering you are affecting her.

Xena (yelling): You don't think I know that. I feel it as much here (tapping her head) as I do here (placing her hand over her heart.) Gabrielle and I share a…

Hectate (holding up her hand): Bond. Inseparable. Two halves of one soul; two halves of one heart. Then tell me why you've been cowering in this cave for almost five days.

Xena (turning around and began pacing): Because I don't want to have to go through that pain again. I don't want to see Brie suffer that hurt. She lost Hope before we even had a chance…

Hectate (interrupting): Hope was pure evil. She was brought into this world to open the doorway for her father.

Xena (glaring at her): Gabrielle was raped; her child was an evil entity trapped in a little girls body designed to look like Gabrielle. Her daughter killed my son (correcting herself) our son. And I killed her over it. In my grief and rage, I killed (slamming her hand into the wall, which cracked and trembled from the onslaught.)

Hectate (watching intently): It wasn't either of your faults. That is why the Gods intervened when we did.

Xena (grabbing Hectate by the front of her cloak): That's brings up another point. Eve. The bringer of the Twilight. Because of you and your family's dammed interference, we never had a chance to raise her.

Hectate (cryptically): Her destiny was foreseen.

Xena (shoving her into the wall): Destiny. My daughter suffered and still suffers because of what happened.

Hectate (unafraid): That is why her soul mate is with her. (At Xena's shocked expression) oh come now surely you knew. They share the same bond as you and Gabrielle. Her soul mate balances her and is the balm to her wounds inflicted by her unforeseen path.

Xena (snarling): It doesn't change the fact that we have never had the chance to raise our children.

Gabrielle (materializing behind them; she felt so much anger and pain from her wife that she pushed herself and her powers to be beside her): Then I think now we will.

Xena (turning around): Don't tell me you agree with her…

Gabrielle (looking at Hectate then her wife): I'm not taking sides love. I'm stating the obvious. We have a better chance now then before. We're stronger together and the Gods know (glancing at Hectate) not to intervene unless we call them.

Xena (rolling her eyes) Of course the old adage you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family.

Gabrielle (nodding): And like you said to me so many years ago, our friendship binds us closer than blood ever could. (Seeing Xena turn away and began pacing once more) Hectate if you would excuse us.

Hectate (understanding): Of course (and vanished without another word.)

Xena (leaning against a rock shelf; resting her head on her forearms): I don't want to see you hurt Brie. I can't stand the thought of you being in pain like that.

Gabrielle (moving to stand behind her): Xena turn around (Xena didn't move.) Xena look at me love. (Still no motion from her wife) ok you asked for it (and in a move Xena taught her grabbed her arm; twisted her leg and pushed her to the floor on her back.) Much better. I love looking in your eyes.

Xena (grumbling): Brie…

Gabrielle (placing two fingers to her lips; straddling her hips): I thought we were beyond the blame. I thought we had beaten this particular bush into the ground. (Xena started to answer) no, no. Let me finish. I thought that if we were given this chance we were going to take it and do everything we could to see it fulfilled. I'm pregnant Xena, with your child. Do you know how much a dream come true that is for me? I'm going to have your baby love and we are going to raise this child as well as the other children we have.

Xena (kissing Gabrielle's palm): I'm sorry it's just well you see…

Gabrielle (leaning down so their noses were touching): I see a lot right now. I'm going to remind you of something we promised each other (nipping the tip of her nose. Leaning back her voice low and husky with emotion) do you know what hurt me more than you leaving (Xena shook her head) that you didn't turn to me with whatever was bothering you (leaning forward and taking Xena's hands in her own and placing them above her head) keep them there. We share everything love and I'm going to remind you of that over and over (kissing her softly) and over.

Xena (gulping as Gabrielle removed her clothes; moving to sit up and found that she couldn't): Gabrielle…

Gabrielle (smirking wickedly): Aren't a Gods powers intoxicating. You aren't moving unless I let you (rocking her hips against her partner's slowly.) And now let's get you more comfortable (licking her lips and raising her hands to remove the rest of her partner's clothing.)

Xena locked eyes with her wife. She knew she was about to become the main course to her partner's primal appetites and she surrendered willingly not minding the furious attention in the least.

Eve paced back and forth in the library hoping that her parent's were all right but knowing them as well as she did she knew that they had worked out whatever it was.

Varia (grabbing her partner around her waist): Stop that. You're making me dizzy.

Eve (leaning back into her partner's body): Two days and we haven't heard anything. Where are they?

Hectate (softly): Working things out. They're fine. You should be resting Eve.

Eve (shaking her head): I just got up from a nap. I just want to know they're all right.

Hectate (smiling): They're fine. Trust me on this.

Varia (resting her head on her partner's shoulder): See. Now come on let's go lie down for a bit. I'm sure once they get here they'll come and find us.

Aphrodite (materializing): The little one has everything in hand. They'll be back later on today.

Varia (pushing Eve towards the door): Thank you.

Eve (playfully protesting): You are so pushy.

Varia (wrapping her arm around her waist): That's not what you said last night.

Aphrodite (sitting in a chair): You know but you can't tell them. (Hectate shook her head) why not. I see no reason in not telling them.

Hectate (softly): They have to have faith in each other and their bond. Besides what's seven and a half more months.

Aphrodite (rolling her eyes): When are you going to talk to Varia?

Hectate (leaning against a table): When things settle down. I know she suspects she's immortal. But other then that only of what she's realized.

Aphrodite (shaking her head): It's been a long time since this happened. I mean since a Demi God became a full God then shared their powers with their mate.

Hectate (forming a ball of energy and bouncing it off the wall): It has and it's not something I want to talk about at the moment.

Aphrodite (confused): Why?

Gabrielle (walking in, she was smiling): As long as you don't use your powers. You can do whatever you want.

Hectate and Aphrodite watched as Xena walked in behind her partner taking hesitant steps and trying to keep a grimace from her face.

Hectate (turning around): It's about time. We were starting to oh (looking at Xena's disheveled state.) I guess you had everything well under control.

Aphrodite (looking at Xena and smiling): She got you good. Teach you to listen next time and not run off and hide (smacking her on the ass.) (Xena growled) please. Like your in any shape for that right now Warrior Babe.

Xena (hoarsely): Just wait to I am. You're first on my list.

Gabrielle (arching her eyebrow): Xena behave (slapping her partner on her ass eliciting a yelp from Xena.) Where are Eve and Varia?

Aphrodite (pouring Xena a mug of tea): Lying down.

Hectate (snickering): More than likely working off some frustration. (Walking over to Xena) my, my you got your bell rung didn't you?

Xena (sneering): Don't you start too.

Hectate (teasing and looking at Gabrielle): I thought you took care of that nasty temper of hers.

Gabrielle (entwining Xena's fingers with her own): Well I guess I have to improve upon certain techniques (winking. Xena whimpered.) We're going to take a bath (Xena groaned.) We'll see you around for dinner. Come on heathen as long as you don't use your powers you'll be fine.

Hectate (laughing as she watched Xena gingerly limp out the door with her wife): Quite the pair those two.

Aphrodite (nodding): Yep. Took them long enough but they knew. So how come you don't want to continue this conversation further.

Hectate (closing her eyes): Because this isn't the place for it. One day I'll show it to you.

Aphrodite (wondering): But…

Hectate (taking her arm): Later. Come on show me where I can get a nice massage.

Eve (groaning): Right there. Don't stop.

Varia (pushing harder on her lovers back): Are you sure, this is all right? I mean for the baby.

Eve (looking over her shoulder): You ask me that again and I'll spank you (Varia smirked and wiggled her eyebrows) and no you won't enjoy it.

Varia (moving up to lay beside her wife's body): How do you know (teasing?)

Eve (seductively): You are a bad girl aren't you. (Varia nodded) well then (caressing her face) maybe later. Right now continue what you were doing yeow Varia (yelping as her partner tickled her and teased her.)

Kelia (knocking): Princess…

Varia (mouthing): Princess.

Eve (smacking her playfully): Ask my mother (softly.) She knows. (Louder) yes.

Kelia: Your parent's are back. They asked if you would join them for dinner.

Eve (moaning as Varia kissed a path down her back): Tell them we'll be there in a bit.

Kelia laughed and walked towards the dining room thinking just how much Eve was like her mother.

Varia (kissing her partner soundly): I can't wait to hear the explanation your mother gives tonight at dinner (caressing Eve teasingly.)

Eve (grabbing her hand and kissing the back of it): Behave. You can ravish me later. (She was a little pissed at her mother's actions but had decided she would hear her out.)

Varia (pulling her against her and wrapping her leg around her): Promise.

Eve (nipping her bottom lip): I promise (standing up and grabbing her clothes. She knew her wife was watching her so she made sure to tease her by her actions.)

Xena (leafing through some papers): Well if they're approaching the western borders then the Hoplites have managed to hold them back a little.

Patros (nodding): Do you want me to go and check it out?

Xena (handing her a list of instructions): Just look. If there's to be a battle then it won't happen for another day or so. I'll probably have to be on the field the day after tomorrow.

Eve (walking in): After you've been gone for four days.

Xena (looking up at Eve and Varia): Eve it's…

Eve (angrily): It's what. Your job. Your line of work.

Varia (calmly): Eve give your mother a chance.

Eve (yelling): To do what. Walk out again for a few days…

Xena (standing; stiffly): Eve that's enough out of you. I made a mistake and your mom and I talked about it.

Varia (shaking her head): You could have talked to Eve and I. Not run off like that. What were you thinking, mother?

Xena (arching her eyebrow): Listen I know your upset over my actions and I should have sat down and talked it out with someone.

Kelia (walking in with several maps in her hand): Excuse me my Lord. Here's those maps you requested.

Xena (taking them): Thank you. I'll probably go check it out tomorrow.

Eve (taking the map from her mother): What is wrong with you?

Xena (grabbing her daughter's hand): Eve calm down. Please.

Varia (noticing the marks and stiff posture): Dam she got you good.

Eve (pulling back the collar to her mother's shirt): Good for her. So what are you going to do now?

Xena (running her hands through her hair): Eve please. Just give me a bit to get used to the fact that my wife, your mom is pregnant. I want her to have this baby and I want a chance at family. But don't you understand I lost you and Solan before I even had the chance to try.

Varia (sitting on a chair): So what you're saying is your afraid.

Eve (glancing at her wife): Varia…

Xena (looking at the floor then at the ceiling and then taking a deep breath): Yes. I'm afraid I'm not going to be good enough for Gabrielle or our children. I'm afraid that I won't make a good parent to them. And I'm (choking back tears) afraid of failing.

Varia (looking at Eve then back at Xena; she felt like someone just kicked her in the stomach; sure she knew Xena could be sensitive even emotional but to hear the sadness in the Warrior's voice it tugged at her heart strings): Mother everyone feels fear. And it's ok to admit it.

Eve (reaching up and brushing back her mother's dark bangs): Why didn't you just say something? You know with all the teasing and playing around neither one of us would ever think anything different of you if you needed to talk.

Varia (teasing): Besides, after all the jams and scrapes, you and mom have pulled us out of over time then hey, it's the least we could do.

Eve (agreeing): Like she said. Mother I know everyone looks up to you to solve everything; hold the world on your shoulders but not to us. Not to mom. We know you. So the next time don't let things get so out of hand ok.

Xena (nodding): Thank you. (Hugging Eve tightly then pulling Varia against her and kissing the top of her head) if you two say anything about this to anyone…

Gabrielle (walking in): Yeah we know love.

Eve (smirking and kissing her mom on the cheek): You're looking much better.

Gabrielle (playfully swatting at her): Gee thanks. So everything all better now (looking at her wife.)

Xena (nodding): Yeah. Guess I wasn't thinking at the time.

Hectate (materializing): At the time. Sometimes I wonder if you think at whoa hey (ducking as a fireball nearly missed her head.) Touchy, touchy.

Xena (throwing her hands up): And just what do you want?

Hectate (smiling): You know with the way you talk to me, someone would think you didn't like me. (Knowing in fact the opposite was true. They just loved to torment each other.)

Xena (pouring a glass of wine for herself and making tea for her wife): You're right I don't like you.

Hectate (nodding): And I don't like you either. So that settles that. My Queen (looking at Gabrielle) may I join you for dinner? And Eve and Varia as well.

Gabrielle (laughing): Of course.

Eve (shaking her head): Well it was quiet.

Varia (kissing her wife on the cheek): When has it ever been quiet with your family?

Eve (smacking her in the stomach): Behave.

Xena (sitting down and watching the servants come in with dinner): So what brings you down here to harass me?

Hectate (sipping her wine): Varia (Eve glared) well her powers or what she has so to say. Just some tests and basic exercises to determine what she can do.

Eve (defensively): Will she…

Hectate (shaking her head): No. She'll be fine. We can already establish the gift of immortality.

Gabrielle (taking a bite of her food): So when will you be doing this?

Hectate (hesitantly): Tonight.

Eve (looking at her): When are we leaving?

Hectate (softly): Eve I'm sorry but I need to be alone with Varia.

Varia (gulping): But she's my wife. I hide nothing from her (squeezing her partner's hand for reassurance.)

Xena (leaning back in her chair): Hectate if Varia goes with you then so does Eve. I've learned that separating these two without valid reason could be disastrous…

Eve (looking at her mother): Thanks mom.

Hectate (holding up her hand): Well in this case we need them separated.

Eve (defensively): Why?

Hectate (trying to reassure her): Eve her powers like yours and Xena's are considered dark. With either of you around it could influence things unknowingly. I'm not saying it's a bad thing (seeing Xena tense.) It's just I need to feel her energy without your energy interfering.

Xena (leaning forward): So what your saying is because of their bond that Eve could cause a little confusion. (Hectate nodded) Eve, Varia it's your decision.

Varia (looking at her wife): Could you give us a bit of time to consider this. I want to know…

Eve (nodding and rubbing her wife's back): As do I…

Varia (smiling): But with Eve, being pregnant and all I don't want to leave her. No offense to either of you (looking at Xena and Gabrielle.)

Gabrielle (understanding): None taken honey.

Hectate (thinking): All right?

Xena (thinking): What do you mean my powers are dark?

Hectate (trying to explain): Your energy is much like my brother's. But dark does not always mean bad things. It's just how things are.

Xena (looking at her wife): And Brie's is light. (Hectate nodded) that's rare isn't it.

Hectate (sipping her wine): Very. But it happens. As does two pairings of dark light or vice versa. It depends on lineage and inner self.

Gabrielle (defensively): Xena's changed.

Hectate (understanding): Yes, she has. I'm not explaining this very well. Ok it depends on the parentage and the position o f the God that sires the children. Since Hades was dark and foreboding then that's what his powers reflected. Most of the time we are drawn to the same energy. But in your case, you two were drawn in the opposite direction.

Eve (pushing her plate aside): Has it happened before?

Hectate (nodding): Opposites. Yes many times. Aphrodite and Hephaestus are prime example. As were Zeus and Hera.

Xena (arching an eyebrow at that statement): But I thought…

Hectate (teasing): Thinking. Now there's a dangerous idea. (Xena growled) oh please save it for your wife.

Gabrielle (laughing at the look on her wife's face): It happens sometimes.

Eve (nodding): Mother, mom if you'll excuse us for a moment.

Gabrielle (concerned): Eve if you need to….

Eve (smiling and squeezing her mom's shoulder): Thank you.

Xena (watching her daughter and her partner leave the room): Ok out with it. What's really going on?

Hectate (feigning innocence): Xena I have…

Xena (standing): Hectate if it concerns my daughter (Gabrielle cleared her throat) our daughter then I want to know what's happening.

Gabrielle (standing and moving to a chair beside Xena; smiling as she was pulled in Xena's lap; she could feel the tension off her lover's body and reached around to cuddle closer to her): Hectate please.

Hectate (taking a deep breath): It's nothing bad. Just that Varia may be a Demi Goddess and Eve a full Goddess.

Xena (yelling): What? (Realizing she couldn't move she pounded her fist on the table.) Eve may be a Goddess and you failed to tell me this.

Gabrielle (trying to soothe her wife's temper): Honey calm down. She probably didn't know.

Xena (angrily): No, she probably knew but didn't want to tell me or (thinking) there's something else isn't there.

Hectate (grimacing with the venom in Xena's voice directed at her): Well I won't know until I've spent some time with Varia that is if she allows me too.

Gabrielle (stopping Xena's outburst): And if she doesn't.

Hectate (sighing): Then I won't know if the prophecy will come true or not.

Gabrielle found her self gently set on the table and over six feet of Warrior Princess Goddess bearing down on another Goddess.

Xena (growling): What prophecy? What the hell are you talking about?

Hectate (standing): The prophecy that states that the child born of two great Warriors will lead to a time of peace and prosperity. I'm not sure who they're talking about out of the four of you but I would tend to think it would be Eve since she is the only child for now (gulping as she realized her slip up.)

Gabrielle (smiling): You mean we'll have…

Hectate (nodding): Yes more than one. The both of you. (Seeing Xena's emotions playing across her face) and yes you will raise them, watch them join. They will make you both proud. Now can you please go sit your Godly bum in the chair and stop being a pain in the arse.

Xena (ignoring her and reaching for her wife): Did you hear that baby? More than one (hugging her tightly.) Your gonna be a mom. The chance you always wanted love.

Gabrielle (smiling and kissing Xena fully on the lips): And yours too. (Enjoying another kiss from her wife.)

Hectate (teasing; sensing Xena's bad mood had vanished for now): Did you two ever leave your honeymoon stage? (Rolling her eyes at the groans from both women) tell oh never mind. I can see where I'm not wanted.

Gabrielle (panting and leaning against her partner): It's not that your not wanted it's just that…

Hectate (smiling): I know to be young and in love.

Xena (rubbing her hands up and down Gabrielle's back): And Eve and Varia's child will there be more than one or…

Hectate (softly): This will be Eve's only pregnancy. She'll be fine. I've already revealed too much as it is. Leave it at that. Please…

Xena (taking a deep breath): Thank you.

Gabrielle (kissing Xena's cheek): Yes thank you.

Eve (walking in): Thank you for what.

Xena (smiling): Just some good news that's all.

Hectate (folding her arms across her chest): And where's your other half.

Eve (pointing towards the hallway): She went for a walk. But she wants to go with you later on.

Xena (putting her hand on Eve's shoulder): She all right?

Eve (nodding): She's fine. Nervous as a kitten about leaving me alone but she's fine.

Hectate (reassuring): I'll keep an eye on her. Let me know when she's ready.

Xena (kissing the top of her partner's head): When she's ready, I'll take her. Let me go see if I can talk to her. No sense in delaying the inevitable (walking towards the door) and I want you both to get off your feet (winking.)

Gabrielle (smiling): Hectate we'll see you later. Come on honey. Why don't you and I go sit down and talk a few things over.

Eve (gladly): I'd love to.

Varia leaned against the railing remembering when she was up here last. It was just before her ceremony with Eve for some unknown reason she was just as nervous.

Xena (leaning against the wall): Mind some company.

Varia (shaking her head): No of course not. Just wanted to sort some things out.

Xena (moving beside her): I'm all ears.

Varia (chuckling): She's so like you and Gabrielle. She can be tough and headstrong and yet she's not afraid to show her emotions or anything like that. I just want what's best for her.

Xena (not understanding): And you think that realizing your full potential isn't?

Varia (shrugging): I don't know Xena. I mean I've looked at both sides of the coin. So to say. With all the changes going on today is it a good thing to create life that won't know death.

Xena (thinking): Good point. But so much can be done. Time isn't a factor.

Varia (looking up at the tall woman): I always wondered even before we knew. I mean there's you then there's Gabrielle. For two supposed mere mortals you've done some amazing things. Then when you look at the whole picture, it wasn't all that amazing. Your relationship with the Gods pointed to that. When you two became full Gods, I always wondered about Eve. I felt something but couldn't place my fingers on it. Then when it happened, it came as no surprise. With me, it was a complete shock.

Xena (taking a deep breath): You just may have the gift of immortality with residual effects of your bond with her. But then again…

Varia (nodding): Maybe not.

Xena (patting her on the shoulder): Do what you feel is right Varia. Do what's in your heart, ok. No one will think any less of you if you don't want this or want to go through this.

Varia (smiling): Thank mom. She said pretty much the same thing. I just wanted to…

Xena (chuckling): I know. Come on let's go see what trouble those two have gotten themselves into.

Eve (laughing): No way.

Gabrielle (laughing): Yes way. You should have seen her honey. Six feet of completely rattled Warrior Princess. I mean here's a woman who can take down armies; Gods; warlords; kings and queens but yet when it came to asking me to dance she was ready to faint.

Eve (imaging her mother doing just that): Did she? I mean…

Gabrielle (nodding): Eve when we got out on that floor everyone and I mean every Amazon there watched. When she held me in her arms, you could hear the hearts breaking. But she never noticed, not a single one. I knew she had many skills but when she turns on that charm of hers oh dam (fanning herself.)

Eve (proudly): I get that from the both of you.

Varia (walking in): That you do.

Xena (coming in behind her): Talking about me.

Gabrielle (nodding): Yep. The first time you and I danced at the Amazon village.

Varia (sitting down): This I want to hear.

Eve (snuggling up to her partner): It's a cute story.

Xena (playfully rolling her eyes): Paybacks Battling Bard. Paybacks. I'm going to go check on a few things.

Gabrielle (clearing her throat): Aren't you forgetting something.

Xena (taunting): Let's see armor, weapons, scrolls nope I've got everything I need.

Gabrielle (standing): You forgot me (teasing.)

Xena (winking): Well I can't fit you in my mmpphh (soft lips seized hers.)

Gabrielle (nipping Xena's bottom lip): Not a word Goddess. Try to be back at a reasonable hour.

Xena (caressing her face): I have to take Varia up to see Hectate.

Gabrielle (kissing her palm): Like I said be back at a reasonable hour. Love you.

Xena (ruffling her hair affectionately): Love you too. Varia meet me over on the ridge. We'll go from there. Eve keep your mom out of trouble.

Eve (laughing): And who's going to keep you out of trouble?

Xena winked and left trying to invoke the picture of innocence.

Varia (kissing the back of her partner's neck): So what's this about your first dance.

Gabrielle (leaning against several large pillows): It wasn't the first time we danced. Just one of those special moments, we shared. We were at the Amazon village resting up, recovering from some the recent battle with the Persians and we had just gotten over all that shit that had happened in Britannia and Chin.

Eve and Varia sat and listened to Gabrielle tell her story of their romantic realization of each other's feelings and moments leading up to their first time.

Xena (shaking her head): Patros double the guard here and here. And when was the last time this particular section was gone through. It looks like a dump. Get that area leaned up and put two guards there.

Ephiny (walking up behind her): Just the Goddess I was looking for.

Xena (dismissing the guard): Ephiny…

Ephiny (folding her arms across her chest): Just what the hell were you thinking? Or weren't you thinking? You know you claim to love her…

Xena (angrily): Ephiny…

Ephiny (grabbing Xena by the front of her leather vest): Don't Ephiny me. My Gods, for such a smart woman you can be totally clueless.

Xena (sighing): Ephiny, Brie and I talked things over (smiling) well we didn't do a whole lot of talking but we worked things out between us. So knock off the lecture please.

Ephiny (shaking her head): Ok. I'll knock it off. But dammit, Xena you could have come to see me or sent someone for me. (Pulling back the collar of Xena's shirt) dam she rung your bell (proudly) you go Brie. (Looking up into amused blue eyes) that's why you're so stiff. Ooh, you go Brie. Remind me the next time I talk to her to tell her that she's a true Amazon at heart (smacking Xena on the bum playfully and getting a yelp in response.) Good for her.

Xena (wrapping her arm around Ephiny's neck): Ephiny your Queen can be quite formidable in any situation.

Ephiny (snickering): I can see that.

Varia (walking around the corner): Can see what? My Queen (bowing her head respectively.)

Ephiny (poking Xena in the ribs playfully): See this one respects her elders (cringing at the word elders and hearing Xena coughing.) Not a word Xena.

Xena (holding up her hands): You said it I didn't. Come on Varia let's see what you got. I'll see you later Ephiny (smacking her on the ass and vanishing before she could retaliate.) Just you wait.

Aphrodite (filing her nails): You suspect what?

Hectate (sipping a goblet of wine): Well it's always possible. I mean we aren't known for fidelity.

Aphrodite (rolling her eyes): That's beside the point. But nothing's happened until now. Why is that exactly?

Hectate (shrugging): She either wasn't ready or she needed to have them awakened.

Xena (materializing): What's up (sensing the energy n the room?)

Aphrodite (hesitating): Nothing. Nothing at all (glaring at Hectate.) I'll bring her home later.

Varia (looking at the two Goddess' then at Xena): Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Hectate (taking her by the arm gently): Just relax. Nothing's wrong I assure you.

Aphrodite (standing and pointing a finger at Xena): If you ever…

Xena (taking her hand in her own): I know. I've heard this speech before.

Aphrodite (softly): Ok. How are you feeling?

Xena (smiling):Better now.

Aphrodite (brushing back her dark hair): Just take care of the little one ok. Both of them. You know I'll be there if you need me for you, Gabrielle, Eve, and Varia.

Xena (understanding): Thank you.

Hectate (softly): It can't be.

Varia (questioning and sitting up): What? What is it?

Hectate (gulping): You're not completely mortal (Varia fainted and the Goddess of the Dark Moon and Magic wondered if taking a trip somewhere was a good idea especially considering this young woman's partner.)

To Be Continued

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