by Anais

These are original characters who might share characteristics with several other sets of characters based on an original set of characters. These particular characters have been portrayed in two previous Halloween stories, Make a Wish and The Hitchhiker.

Thanks to Blayne Cooper for helping out with the errors and having some really good ideas.

"While you’re over there can you grab the popcorn I popped in the microwave?" Andi called out.
"Sure, hon, but only if you’re planning on sharing," her dark-haired companion teased.
"Sweetheart, I thought you knew by now, I’d share anything…everything…with you," the blonde replied in a quasi-serious tone.
"Awwww, aren’t you romantic? Just for that you don’t even have to split your popcorn with me."
"What if I offer to feed it to you?" Andi smirked in her most tantalizing manner and leaned back on the couch thrusting her chest out in a ‘50s come-hither pose. Crooking her finger at the taller woman, she reeled her in. Of course, Andi knew she already had Jess — hook, line, and sinker.
As the women snuggled together after a quick kiss, Andi used the remote control to begin to play the movie they had chosen.
"Wow, you smell terrific." Andi took a big sniff of Jess’ hair and wrapped her arms around her partner.
"Thanks." Jess smiled, privately knowing the Head and Shoulders shampoo helped her get lucky every time, so she saved it for special occasions. With her back to her partner, she scooted in closer, allowing more of her body to be available for touching.
Andi exhaled contentedly. "I really like this. Just you, me, popcorn and a scary movie. After the last couple of Halloweens, it will be perfect to just lay low and stay home this year."
Jess nodded in agreement, all the while trying to get another whiff of her shampoo to waft past Andi.
The credits began to roll for the movie. Andi grabbed a handful of the butter-flavored popcorn and without looking started putting individual kernels in her partner’s mouth. Jess chewed thoughtlessly as she became engrossed in the horror flick.
Time flew by quickly as the women were transported into a land of vampires. Both of them were so tuned into the movie they jumped in unison at the sound of the knock on the wooden front door, spilling the remnants of the popcorn.
"I’ll get it," Jess offered from her new seat on the floor. She wiped the flecks of salt and kernels from her hands onto her pants after she stood up. "Press pause will you, honey? I want to see if the garlic works on him."
"Sure." Andi was relieved just to have something to do while her racing heart slowed.
The hairs on the nape of Jess’ neck stood at attention as she approached the front door. Something’s not right. Fear unexpectedly clenched her gut in trepidation. She leaned down to the peephole to see who it might be knocking. But the cool air from outside was fighting with the warm, heated air from the cozy room, creating a fog over the lens, and making it impossible for Jess to see through it.
She cleared her throat and tried to swallow the dread that arose without apparent cause. "Who’s there?" Her voice came out raspy and muted. She waited a bit and with no answer the tall woman started to walk back to her seat. Another rap was heard at the door, so before she’d even left the hallway, she was back at the doorway. She called out again and had the same results. Gathering her courage, Jess pulled the door open and was surprised to find…nothing.
She chuckled a bit at her reaction; her shoulders slumped in obvious relief. Convinced it was just the neighborhood kids trick or treating…emphasis on the trick, Jess rounded the corner to search for the offenders she had no doubt were there. But once again she was surprised.
"Boy, those were some quick kids," Jess muttered as she turned around and crashed right into a what felt like a solid wall.. Instead, it turned out to be a person. A stranger but one who had just a glint of recognition in his eyes. Too surprised to react, Jess stared at the handsome face before her. Actually, the male face was more pretty than handsome, a word associated with at least a hint of ruggedness. This was obviously a male, but he could have fit in somewhere between Siegfried and Roy.
"Hi." He almost blushed with shyness. "I was hoping you’d come out."
"It was you knocking?"
"Yes, I’ve been waiting to give you something." Out of nowhere a blood red rose appeared in hands that were cupped in front of him.
Jess was enraptured at the sight of the rose. "It’s beautiful!" The exquisiteness of the perfectly formed flower nearly took her breath away. The bloom’s velvety leaves were just barely curled open, to reveal a hint of dew. A fragrant bouquet emanated from the flower with just the slightest of movements.
She couldn’t seem to draw her eyes away from the blossom.
"No, that’s not what I wanted to give you." With a quick and violent movement, the stranger grabbed Jess by the back of the neck and drew her against him. There was a sickening rip of the flesh when he forced his fangs deep into her luscious neck. Seconds later, he’d gotten his fill and vanished leaving the astonished woman alone.
Belatedly, Jess gingerly grabbed her neck, almost afraid of what she would feel.
"Jess, honey, what’s going on?"
In the distance, Jess could hear her love’s voice calling to her, but she couldn't seem to answer her.
The voice grew closer but it was as if Jess was frozen.
She could feel the presence of her partner, but still she stayed mute. Her heart threatened to pound out of her chest and a cold sweat broke out across her entire body. She began to panic, her breaths coming in short, desperate pants, while her lips remained as still…as the dead. She screamed a wild, silent cry that echoed in her reeling mind. Ever so slowly, Jess’ body began to shake, harder and stronger until finally the trance was broken.
The soothing voice started to penetrate the fog.
"Open your eyes, honey. You fell asleep and it seemed like you were having a nightmare."
Jess just stared; her comprehension lagging.
"You were dreaming, honey." Andi smiled reassuringly. It’s ok, it was only a dream."
"A dream…?" Jess repeated - more a question than a statement.
Andi reached out for Jess’ hand and helped her off the couch and to their room. "Yes, now it’s time to go to our bed, come on."
Still dazed and groggy, Jess allowed Andi to help her undress and tuck her into bed.
Andi crawled over Jess to her own side of the bed and slipped under the covers pulling Jess to her. "Sweet dreams," she whispered and the words and gently tugged Jess irresistibly back towards slumber
"Wow, that was some dream last night," Jess said to her reflection in the mirror. It was the first thing she checked once she woke up. She’d always heard that vampires couldn’t see themselves in the mirror. Next, she examined her neck, which had no signs of ripping, tearing, biting, or blood-sucking.
Jess took stock of herself. She felt good. No. She felt great. It must be all the sleep I got last night.
Invigorated, she tackled making breakfast for herself and Andi and had the table set and ready to go before her partner even awoke. It only took a few moments for Jess to grow bored, waiting for Andi to wake up. She covered the food up and tinkered a bit more until she couldn’t think of anything else to do.
With a slight bit of hesitation, she decided to open the door and grab the newspaper. Recalling her vivid dream, she slowly poked her head outside, and laughed at her unease when she realized what she was doing. It was a beautiful autumn. And the first strands of sunlight painted the front porch. Jess rolled her eyes at herself and her childish fears and grabbed the paper from its usual perch, enjoying one long last look at the glorious sunrise.
An abrupt gust of wind caused Jess to shut the door to protect herself from the chill. Had it remained open for another second, she would have seen the petals from a perfectly formed rose scatter in the crisp breeze.
The end
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