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March 19 , 2017

Added Part 21 - Chapter 30 of Earth in Turmoil by Psyche_b [Andromeda/Alt/Incomplete]

March 12 , 2017

Added Part 20 - Chapter 28-29 of Earth in Turmoil by Psyche_b [Andromeda/Alt/Incomplete]
Andromeda and her crew are safely home, but their lives and the lives of all citizens are at risk. This is the continuing story of the officers of Andromeda.

Armageddon Vengeance of the Destroyer Part II by Shawnyboi [Conqueror/Alt/Complete]
Xena sets out to conquer all before her. Haunted nightly by visions of Gabrielle, she searches to find the peasant girl she met so long ago.

The Yellow 3 Ace by Phineas Redux [Uber/Alt/Complete]
(Mathews and Parker - Season 3 Episode 5) This is an Uberfic set in Great Britain in 1944. Flying Officers Zena Mathews and Gabrielle Parker—members of SOE, Special Operations Executive,—are tasked with shooting down or capturing a German air ace.

March 4 , 2017

Added Part 12 of Phoenix by Linda Kay [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Danny Hunter could hardly remember a time when her life had been anything but just simply existing. Surviving. She had had everything in life and she had destroyed it. Left with nothing but emptyness, hatred and an intense desire to get revenge, she meets Emily Bryant and they both feel the connection which is, but shouldn't be there. Can they have a life together or will Danny's inner demons once again destroy everything she cares about.

Waking the Dreamer by Kelly Aten [Original/ Dystopian/Sci-fi/Alt/Complete]
By the end of the 21st century, the world had become a harsh place. After decades of natural and man-made catastrophes, nations fell, populations shifted, and seventy percent of the continents became uninhabitable without protective suits. Technological advancement strode forward faster than ever and it was the only thing that kept human society steady through it all. No one could have predicted the discovery of Dream Walkers. They were people born with the ability to leave their bodies at will, unseen by the waking world. Having the potential to become ultimate spies mean the remaining government regimes wanted to study them and control them. For all those Walkers that refused to register and comply, the North American government hunted them down, killing any who stood in the way. The very first Dream Walker discovered was a five year old girl named Julia. And when the soldiers came for her at the age of twenty, she was already hidden away.
A decade later found Julia living a new life under the government's radar. As a secure tech courier in the capital city of Chicago, she does her job and the rest of her time avoids other people as much as she is able. The moment she agrees to help another fugitive Walker is when everything changes. Now the government wants them both and they'll stop at nothing to get what they want.

The Scientere and the Captain’s Case by Kelly Aten [Original/Sci-fi/Alt/Complete]
My challenge: " Write about something funny that happened to a humorous inventor who collects space trash."
What happens when a crazy inventor discovers a shiny metal case floating outside her space station? The Scientere Exremus is always looking for inspiration for her inventions so she hauls the item in. And it stands to reason that such a curious bit of space trash would have a homing beacon. The case itself is actually very valuable to Cpt. Dasho of The Galleum. That lost item will bring essential relief to the ship captain's pressing problem and she desperately wants it back. Their meeting poses an interesting question that only rigorous science can answer.

Announcement from Geonn Cannon
New book, March 1! I'm so excited for "Breaking Anchor" for a lot of reasons.
It's my 35th release, and I'm 35, so that means I've published one book for every year I've been alive.
It's also a throwback to my earliest releases. It's a romance between two women, no werewolves or mysteries or wars against the forces of hell. Just a nice solid romance set in Seattle. Like a Hallmark Movie, if Hallmark acknowledged gay people existed. Two women start out as enemies and, in the course of their rivalry, soon discover that their feelings are much more complicated than simple hate.
And last but certainly not least, it's the first novel of mine with the new policy: all of my books will be released in paperback AND ebook versions! So no matter how you read, we have you covered!


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