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June 10, 2018

Duel at Sundown by Norsebard (Uberl/Alt/Complete)
1904. At the dawn of the new century, the mythical Wild West has been consigned to the history books. Though some refuse to let go of the romanticized notions of the Old West, others are happy the dark days are over - like the middle-aged, retired outlaw Mollie Hammond. All she wants is to visit a woman she has been pen pals with for a few years, but the fact that she used to be on the wrong side of the law creates unforeseen problems. Soon, she is put under pressure by not only a meddlesome sheriff but by a young gunslinger who wants to make a name for himself...

Added Part 3 of Finding North by Goddess Kissed (Original/Alt/Incomplete)
Rhiannon (Rhi) MacReynolds' whole world changed when informed she has cancer. Rhi begins the fight to save her life with her best friend, Val, beside her. Astrid is a coffee shop owner that relies on her business to fulfill her life. Astrid and Rhi have been talking for a year and have been skirting around what they both want for fear of ruining what they have. This is the story of three strong women fighting for the life they have and the dreams they want.

June 3, 2018

Runaways by Sam Pagan (Original/Alt/Complete)
Devon Carter is a young woman who accidentally witnessed a murder. Running for her life, she stumbled into Jack, a woman in hiding from her own past. Together, they will realize dodging bad guys is much easier when you have someone else watching your back.

Announcement from Stein Willard
My new book, Carved in Stone, the 2nd in the Stone Warriors Series is available on Amazon.


Aeron Whittaker caused quite a stir amongst the archeological fraternity when her doctoral thesis hinted that two female warrior queens may have co-ruled a small Galatian kingdom almost three thousand years ago.

To leave the ensuing storm behind, she accepts a position at the Turkish Heritage Association in Ankara. It is here that the past and present collide.

Thrown head first into a world of gods and ancient curses, Aeron is left doubting her staunch scientific principles.

Is there even a scientific formula to challenge the existence of love?



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