Fast As I Can: Fake Update
by Llandllached

DISCLAIMERS: Everybody belongs to somebody it seems. The characters in this story are borrowed from the indulgent Llachlan. She created them for her Uber-squared story, As Fast As I Can, which is a take-off on a take-off on a ...... you get the idea. I apologize if I am returning them a little worse for wear.
FAKE UPDATE WARNING: This is a fake update. Llach is not to blame. My mother dropped me on my head a lot as a child.
SEXTEXT WARNING: Yes, that was the whole point. Two women, sex. We got tired of waiting. I’d offer you a dessert, but this is dessert.
VIOLENCE WARNING: Not even a famous mouse was injured in this update. There was some harm done to archaic prejudices.

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Jae lay her head back against the headboard. She closed her eyes to visualize the scene she had just been reading from Holly’s book, blocking the shots in her head, wondering just what she could get into the camera. This scene involved two women and a couch, and she still wasn’t sure how comfortable Reed was going to be with what she needed to get on film.

The door remained open between their two rooms, as it had since that first night. Tomorrow they would be moving on to the next location. Jae heard the outside door to Reed’s room open and the soft sounds of her entering and taking off her jacket. A toilet flushed, teeth were brushed. She found she was enjoying tracking Reed by sound, imagining her movements. Sounds of clothing, probably her nightshirt. Silence. No getting into bed. Just silence. She wondered if Reed had stopped mid-stride like she’d seen her do a number of times, lost in thought, or nervous about something.

Her thoughts turned more and more to Reed. She’d not been able to get the vision of her standing dripping from the bath out of her head all day. She’d clamped down hard on the thought and focused on work. Harder to do now that she was alone and in bed. Damn it Jae, get a grip. You are pathetic. You’re attracted to a straight woman, a homophobic straight woman. Let it go and get back to reality. Her self-rant was disrupted by the sounds of Reed again moving and the sight of her framed in the doorway.

“Hey,” Reed half smiled, cocking her head a little, waiting to be asked in. “Hey, yourself” Jae replied and motioned her in with a toss of her head. She patted the bed next to her and Reed hesitantly sat down. “Have a good time?” Jae had remembered where Reed had gone after she had returned from Paramont and that she had stood her up.
“Yeah, yeah, after a while, Holly’s nice. I, uh, danced with Maribel, that was a first.” Reed spoke while looking at the blankets and smoothed a spot with her fingers.
“Well, I’m sorry I stood you up, I..” Jae began, but was interrupted by Reed, “No, no, it’s okay, I um, I wish you had been there, I, um.. god this is awkward......”
“What is it Reed?? Did something happen? Are you alright??” an unexpected protective streak shot up Jae’s back and made her sit up straight, drawing closer to Reed.
“No, no, I..... I realized I wanted to do this....” Reed whispered as she leaned closer to Jae and kissed her, lightly, then drew back. Worried she stared into green. Startled didn’t begin to describe Jae, though she recovered in time to keep Reed from bolting out of the room. “Wow,” she whispered back, “Funny, I’ve been wanting the same thing.”
Tentatively, she lifted her hand to cup Reed’s cheek, running her thumb lightly over the reddening skin. Jae kissed her again, and this time lingered, tasting her, sucking lightly on the lip between hers. She felt Reed respond, then gasp. She pulled back to see tears in her eyes. “Roo, what’s wrong, did I, did you not want me to kiss you again, did..”
“Shhh, it’s okay Jae. I’m just a little, um, this is a lot to take in, you know?? I mean it feels right to me, I don’t know why. You know I never felt this way about a woman before. And you probably never have either.....” she looked up to see a sheepish looking Jae.
“Well, to tell you the truth, I am sort of acquainted with the, uh, subject.”
Reed pulled back sharply, shocked, and slapped Jae on the arm, “What?? Why didn’t you tell me?” She jumped up and walked a short distance from the bed. Tension mounting in her body as she got angrier. “You’ve just been playing me? Is this all part of the plan?? You’ve been... you’ve probably been laughing at me. Damn, not again.”
Jae knew that whatever she said now was crucial. Reed was confused, humiliated, angry. “I hadn’t planned on telling you I’m gay, Reed. I didn’t think it would be relevant to the, uh, situation. We’re friends. And we will be only friends unless you want it to be different.” She paused to see if her words were having any effect.
Reed’s head dropped, resting her chin on her chest and staring out the window at the blue moon “And if I wanted to be more than friends......”
“If you really wanted that, I’d say, get back over here and kiss me.” Jae said softly.
Reed turned and finding sincerity in Jae’s eyes, slowly moved closer til she was kneeling on the bed, face to face with the first woman she had ever desired. “What do I do?” She whispered. “Anything you want,” Jae replied, “Everything....” as the distance closed and their lips met. The intensity of emotion was searing. Jae sucked in a lip and ran her tongue over it, Reed leaned closer, gently putting a hand behind Jae’s head and then exploring Jae’s mouth with her tongue. She was dizzy from the unexpected sweetness of the contact. Feeling drunk, she eased herself down to the bed, pulling Jae down with her. Jae pulled back and stroked her cheek. Looking into her eyes to make sure she wasn’t afraid. “There’s something between us, I don’t know what it is, I just know it feels right to be here with you, like this.” Jae leaned over to kiss Reed’s face, eyes and worked her way down her neck. The scent of the woman filling her nose, her body alive with each small touch. Reed’s hands were gently caressing her back and sides as she moaned and let out small gasps in response to Jae’s lips and touch. Jae lightly ran her hand down the center of Reed’s chest, then up her side, as she sucked on an earlobe. Reed moaned her approval and rolled slightly towards Jae, pressing into her. Her body asking for her touch. Jae kissed her again, deeply, and slid her hand across a breast. Reed sucked in her lip, grazed it with her teeth, her hands tugging at Jae’s shirt. Jae continued to stroke Reed’s breast, while Reed pulled off Jae’s shirt, then used one hand to pull up her own. Jae broke the kiss long enough to pull the nightshirt over Reed’s head and look lovingly at her uncovered body. She drew in a breath, afraid she might faint. Almost trembling, she reached again for the responsive breast as she lowered her head to the other. She felt Reed’s movements against her own body, the intensity building, the reserve melting away. She slid down so their bodies were in full contact. Reed had skin like silk. Bliss to feel her as their breasts and bellies touched and their hips moved together. Reed reached for her, to pull her hips against her more firmly. Jae moaned in pleasure, rocking into her, Reed’s lips found her throat. She called Reed’s name as the fire of her lips caught her body up in the flame. She heard Reed call her name, then again. Her eyes flew open. Reed stood in the doorway, apparently just back from her evening out with Holly.
“Jae, are you alright??” Reed was asking.
Oh gods, Jae thought, oh godsbefirkingdamned. “Um, Reed, you’re back!”
“Yeah, yeah, you okay??”
“OH yeah, yeah, I was, um, blocking scenes.” She held up the book and let it fall back to the bed.
“Yeah, well, good. It sounded like you were calling me, so, I, um, I thought I better look in on you. So, ok, goodnight.”
Reed turned and went back into her room. Jae heard the sounds of a flushing toilet and teeth being brushed. Oh gods. She heard the rustle of sheets as Reed got into her own bed. Arrrrrgggghhhh. Gods this was going to be a long shoot. Jae laid back expecting to contemplate the ceiling for most of the night.

Reed slid into the cool sheets and sighed. She was too keyed up to go right to sleep, and too confused to talk to Jae just now. It had been an interesting evening. Her respect for Holly and Maribel had risen. Holly had an ease and confidence that was rare for her in meeting people new to the business. She didn’t seem star-struck by Reed or by anything about the film. Though she was clearly pleased. Her face would light up and she would simply say, “Cool.” Understated. Reed liked that. She felt like she could be a normal human around her. Turned out Maribel was straight. That had been interesting as well since she had seemed so comfortable at the women’s bar they’d gone to, and had even asked Reed to dance. When Reed asked her about it Maribel had shrugged and said she had never seen anything strange about it. That she was a romantic at heart and loved seeing anyone find someone to love. After that she hadn’t been as afraid to observe both the women in the bar and herself. As an actress she was used to observing her emotions and using them in her work. It had been..... erotic, she admitted to herself. A gentle, sensual energy had run through the air.

What had surprised her the most was missing Jae as much as she did. At first she thought it was just a comfort thing. Jae could run interference for her if need be. But, it she was honest with herself, it was just her presence she had missed. As she had watched the erotic interplay and sensual dancing, she had found herself wondering about Jae. Wondering how she moved. As she saw a caress across the room, she’d imagined feeling close enough with Jae to be that tender. Slowly she realized that those thoughts were the beginnings of an attraction. She’d been shocked at herself, but it had made her laugh as well. It was ironic. Here she was, freaked out by gays, playing a lesbian in a film, and attracted to the director. Sigh. It had been a long time since she’d let herself be sexually close with anyone. And when she got home, she’d heard Jae calling her name, that was clear, but it had sounded like an erotic moan. Gods, she must be losing her mind, power of suggestion. She ran her hands down her body and imagined.

Her eyes popped open when she realized what she was doing. The door was open between their rooms. She froze and listened intently, but heard nothing. She let out the breath she’d been holding. She’d been imagining Jae touching her. And she didn’t want to stop thinking it. She imagined kissing her, and could almost feel it. Just the thought made her dizzy. An erotic haze settled over her as she drifted further into her fantasy. Her hands roamed her body imagining Jae’s gentle touch. Her breathing became more ragged, she caught a moan in her throat before she voiced it outloud where Jae might hear her. Her hands on her breasts, her mouth, her tongue, the weight of her. She writhed against the sheets, a deep breath escaping her. Slowly, she traced her fingers down her abdomen, yesssss, she hissed to herself. She needed this. She was so keyed up. She was surprised to find herself so incredibly wet. She rocked against her hand, feeling her own body, imagining Jae’s. She sucked in a sharp breath as she slid her fingers home and increased her hips’ rhythm. She slid her other hand to a tight nipple, the pressure distracting her from her busy fingers just enough to intensify the pleasure. She felt the wave of her orgasm gathering and pressed her face into a pillow trying to muffle the scream. Wow. She froze. Terrified Jae had heard her. From the open doorway she heard the rustling of sheets and soft movement, and maybe ...... yes, she thought she heard a muffled scream coming from Jae’s room. For some reason, that made her want to laugh. She ought to be scared, or confused, or disgusted even, but what she felt was sated and alive and..... happy! And with that thought, she drifted to sleep.

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