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Kerry leaned back in her chair, then turned from her monitor to gaze out over the blue-green water. The afternoon clouds were scattered and seemed to make the horizon even larger. She sighed and counted her blessings that most everywhere in Miami was air conditioned. The intensity of the glare from the reflected sunlight glanced off the polarized windows of her office. June in Miami. Her phone buzzed and she picked it up with a weary sigh, expecting another urgent demand that she fix something that some idiot or act of God had seen fit to fold, spindle or mutilate.

“Stuart, Operations.” and was met with the voice she most wanted to hear. A smile smoothed her tired brow as she heard Dar ask her how she was. “Better now. Where are you?”

“Still in Singapore, Ker. Sorry. They’ve scheduled one more meeting for tomorrow that I really need to attend, then they can screw themselves cause I’m coming home.” Kerry could imagine the determined look on her lover’s face and if she hadn’t been so disappointed she would have laughed.

“Well, don’t spit on the sidewalk or do anything dumb that will make me have to send a rescue team after you” she teased, then softly she confessed, “I want you here, I miss you.”

She could hear Dar’s breathing in the pause, then the soft answer, “I miss you too, Kerry, as a matter of fact.......” her voice trailed off with a teasing tone.

Kerry was perplexed for a moment, then realized that Dar was talking about the “heated” phone conversation they had had 2 days ago. She flushed crimson and teased back, “I’m at work, you degenerate.”

“Ah, but I’m your degenerate Ms. Stuart.” Dar answered, then adding silk to her voice, “And I’m lying on my back in a hot hotel room in an exotic country wishing you were here beside me.”

“Don’t start with me, Dar. I won’t know when to ping and when to pong. NOT-EDS will come crashing down around my ears, which are now very red from the things you are making me think about.”
Dar laughed deeply, “Well you let me know if you pong anybody, Kerry.” She had mercy on her lover and acting operations VP, “Anything going on at work I need to know about?”

“Nope, just your run-of-the-mill crashed servers, lightening strikes, and general screaming. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“Which means you’ve got it handled and I shouldn’t worry. Ok. You going out with Colleen tonight??”

“Maybe. It’s just so hot. All I want to do is sit in air conditioned rooms and drink iced tea.”

“Hmm,” Dar decided to turn the heat back on, “or you could lie in a cool bath, which is where I’m headed now. Think of me, love.”

“Arrrggghh, Dar, I’ll get you for that.” Now not able to think of anything but her lover naked in water, eyes closed enjoying the sight. Sigh. “Come home,” she half pleaded.

“I’ll be there tomorrow, and I’ll let you show me that pong thing.” she laughed.

“I’ll pong you alright. Night love.”

Even the short walk from the lobby to the car was enough in the hot sticky air to make her clothes cling to her body and cover her in a fine sheen of sweat. She started stripping off layers on the way to the car, took down the top on her mustang and eased out into traffic. She hoped the night air would have a cooling effect on her body if not her libido. Gods, she thought, she’s been gone 4 days and I’m back to feeling like a cat in heat. She just reaches inside me and touches something so, so primal. Her face reddened, but she was enjoying her thoughts of Dar. Everything reminds me of her. The scent of the leather in her car, the caress of the wind on her face... Abruptly, she slammed on the brakes, having lost herself in her thoughts and not seeing the slowed traffic. Damn. Get a grip, Kerrison.

Colleen had convinced her that a night out would take her mind off Dar. She’d wanted to answer “Fat chance of that,” but kept her mouth shut and was driving now to meet Colleen out on the water’s edge for dinner.

It was easy to spot the red-head, seated at an outside table overlooking the boats docked in the marina. There were familiar sounds of sails slapping and tack clanking in the heavenly breeze, that mercifully stirred the air making the humidity bearable.

They’d greeted each other and settled in. The waitress had brought them their drinks right away and Kerry was sipping hers as she leaned her head back and breathed in the night air. She heard Colleen humming a familiar song and tapping out a rhythm on the table. She opened her eyes to see Colleen staring at her about to burst out laughing. She realized that the song her teasing friend was humming was a kd lang tune, Constant Cravings. She narrowed her eyes at Colleen and Coll started to giggle, “I’m sorry Kerry, you just have it bad. What can I say?”

Embarrassed, Kerry stared at the condensation on the outside of her iced tea, running her thumb over the drips. Sheepishly she looked up, “I guess I do. I can’t stand for her to be out of my sight for 4 minutes sometimes, much less 4 days. I’m sorry, Coll, I’m, um, just a little preoccupied.”

Colleen hooted, “Preoccupied, preoccupied, that’s what were calling it now, eh? Geez, I would have just called it old-fashioned horny!”

Kerry laughed at her friends frankness. She was still embarrassed enough to be blushing, but said, “I have found that lust is not dignified or pretty...... but it is beautiful. At least it is with her.”

“Details, Kerry, details!!” her friend taunted.

Kerry was not one to lose a battle of words so she replied in her best imitation brogue (which wasn’t very good), “And Colleen Marie McNamara will you be givin’ me all the sordid details of your sex life as well??”

Colleen threw back her head and laughed.

Kerry opened the door to the condo to the sounds of Chino’s greeting yips. She dropped her briefcase and suit jacket and knelt down to hug the 8 month old “pup” that was already the size of a house. Well, a small house. Chino threw herself on her back so Kerry could get all her favourite spots as she crooned endearments to her. Chino then hopped up and down next to Kerry as they made there way into the kitchen where she was given a treat, having been fed by the staff earlier in the evening.

Kerry and Colleen had passed the sultry evening in friendly banter. Kerry having to bring herself back to the conversation repeatedly as she kept drifting off as things ignited her memory. The boats made her think of Dar relaxed, laughing, playful, hungry after diving and making love in the cabin as they were rocked by the waves. The ice in her glass made her think of Dar “cooling her off” or that’s how it had started, as Dar had traced patterns over her body with an ice cube the night before she left. The ice cube had been followed by a very warm tongue, so “cooling off” had really had very little to do with it. This sensual longing was a delicious torture really. Gods, the heat just made her so damn aware of her body.

She shook herself out of it and went upstairs to her room, where she stripped off her skirt and blouse. She stepped into her bathroom and turned on the shower, leaning her head against the glass doors while she waited for the water to warm. The scent of the soaps in the warm water drew her into thinking about showering together and she stepped into the shower to join her imagined lover. As the water hit her, she realized she was still wearing her slip. She half laughed, but leaned her hands against the wall and let the water course over her. In her state of mind it was not hard for her to imagine it was Dar’s touch that slowly pulled down the straps of her slip and then slid it off of her, allowing the water to hit her more directly. The rest of her clothes followed, and after a few indulgent sensual moments remembering, she wrung them out and hung them over the top of the glass doors.

Wrapped in a towel, she padded over to her bed. She’d been sleeping here while Dar was gone. She liked the view of the ocean when she woke up and they’d made love up here before Dar left, leaving her scent on the sheets. It was a small comfort. Restless she opened the sliding glass doors and stepped out onto the balcony. The sound of the waves greeted her. She looked East and saw flashes of lightening in the dark sky. Dar would be up now, finish her business and head home. Probably be here by this time tomorrow. She sent her love out across the night and went to bed, leaving the doors open to let in the sound and night breeze. She hoped the waves would lull her to sleep.

Predictably, she dreamed of Dar. She dreamed her spicy scent and the gentle touch of her fingers brushing back her bangs. She rolled toward her phantom lover, enjoying the feel of the soft sheets against her bare heated skin. A breeze from the open doorway blew across her and felt like the feathered touch of Dar’s hair and then the softest taste of her kiss. She moaned in her sleep and pulled a pillow into her embrace. The pillow hugged her back. Kerry’s eyes opened to early morning light and sparkling blue eyes, as she found herself in Dar’s arms. “I wasn’t dreaming? You’re really here??” Dar nodded as Kerry buried her head against her chest and hugged her fiercely. “I can’t believe you’re really here. How, how did you get here Dar?” Moist green eyes looked up at the amused face of her lover.

“Early meeting, company jet, tail wind.” and she kissed her delaying any further explanations. Kerry moaned at having her dream come true. She gently stroked Dar’s face, not quite believing she was real. “I missed you so much. Everything made me think of you.” She kissed Dar’s jaw and neck. “I missed feeling connected with you, I missed talking with you,” each statement punctuated by a path of kisses that led to her ear. Kerry sucked in an earlobe and caressed it with her tongue and whispered, “And each of those thoughts made me want to touch you,” she said as her hand slid down her lovers body and then back up to gently caress her breast, “and kiss you,” as she nibbled on a lip and then kissed her deeply, increasing the full length connection of their bodies and sighing at the delicious contact, “and taste you.”

Dar slid a thigh between her legs and ran her hands down her back til she was pulling her hips against her. Already their bodies were slick from the close contact and humid weather, “It’s the heat. You get like this in the heat.....oh yesssss” she hissed as Kerry made her glad to be home. “And I thank the gods, ugh... we live in a warm climate.”

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