Tropical Storm-The Rescue
Fake Update

STANDARD DISCLAIMERS: I have borrowed these characters from the Divine Ms Good. This fake update is written for fun, and no copyright infringement was intended.

VIOLENCE: No pets will be harmed. Everyone else beware.

SUBTEXT: Definitely. You know the drill. Dar and Kerry are an item, but our voyeuristic needs will best be met somewhere else. I think I am supposed to offer you some pity dessert if you share the senators prejudices. It will have to be pumpkin, given the holiday. Though, I might be willing to make it mincemeat, since I like the sound of that given the context.

MERWOLF DISCLAIMER: This is a fake update. Though I think most of you could figure that out from style and content. Mind you, I would never disclaim Merwolf herself, just disclaim that this silliness was written by her. If only she could write as fast as we read!!!!

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Kerry righted the stool and sat back down on it, leaning against the wall. She was hit by a wave of weariness. Damn, how could he do this to me? He's my father! She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, tears spilling down her face as she let the warmth of having someone who loved her like this. Someone incredible.

Dar eased herself back down the hall and into the computer room where a tense Jack was waiting. "I found her, she's ok, but I need to find her some clothes and figure out how to get her by the nurse."

Jack gave her a conspiratory wink and said, "Let me distract the nurse. You find the clothes, I figure you probably know what would fit her better than me"

Dar gave him a mock glare, then a nod. "Ok, go ahead. I'll need about 5 minutes, then we'll try to sneak her out." She watched Jack head down to the nursing station and when she heard the low tones of their conversation, she slipped back down the hall. A few doors down she found a laundry closet, which when opened revealed sheets, towels, patient gowns and scrubs. She grabbed a set marked small and a pair of thin slippers and headed down to Kerry's room.

Kerry jumped when she heard the door open since she hadn't heard Dar approach. This time Dar was hit with a warm smile instead of a stool. "Hey" Kerry said softly. "Hey yourself, put these on, hurry." Kerry complied, grateful to stop the draft up her back from the skimpy hospital gown. "Ok, stay behind me. Jack's distracting her, and I need to get you past her desk and to the elevator to wait for us." She checked her watch. "Here we go." They walked back down the hall, Kerry mostly hidden by Dar's large frame and trenchcoat.

Jack was busy flirting and when he heard Dar coming back up the hall he asked Ms Archer if he could have another cup of coffee, thinking that getting her into the staff lounge would give Dar a chance to get by unnoticed. It would have worked too if a patient in the other corridor hadn't started to scream. Ms Archer excused herself, passing the med cart and picking up a syringe she had ready. She smiled at Dar when she saw her approaching, and then screamed in outrage when she saw Kerry just behind her. She rushed Dar yelling, "What are you doing? She shouldn't be out of her room!!!" Dar just acted. She saw Nurse Ratchet rushing Kerry with a hypodermic needle and she hit her with a round house kick to the jaw. It was like there was an explosion. Nurse Ratchet's head came flying off, and rolled down the hall towards MaryD's feet. Kerry swallowed a shrieked. "Damn," Dar said, "She must have had a screw loose. If I'd known she was one of our robot models I would have just turned her off." Kerry drew in a breath and looked at her lover, "I didn't think you could do that Dar." Which got her a raised eyebrow, questioning her meaning. "You've never been able to turn me off after you got me going." Dar chuckled and shook her head.

Jack's jaw was still hanging as he looked at the robot he had been flirting with, and then up at Dar, "Well, I guess that works too."

Dar retrieved her laptop and they headed to the elevators. A security guard let them out at the bottom, thinking Kerry was someone just getting off a late shift, since she was dressed like staff. The gate guard pathetically asked, "Did you get it?" "Yup" Dar replied. And they got into the car and headed away from the hospital.

Kerry fell into Dar's arms and squeezed her as hard as she could. Dar just hung on, grateful to be able to hold her again. Jack glanced up and gazed at them through the rear-view mirrorsite, "So you're Kerry, huh? So Dar, does this have anything to do with that talk we had earlier?" She looked back at him in the mirror over Kerry's head and smiled.

She let herself relax into relief for a few more minutes, putting some distance between them and the hospital. Then she looked up at Jack and said, "You up for a little more butt kicking?" Jack grinned so wide it made his ears wiggle, "You bet." She looked down at Kerry and asked, "How about you? We need to get your stuff and I need to have a word with your Father, or he's just going to come after us. What do you think?"

Kerry bit her lip, wanting to get as faraway as possible. "I don't ever want to go back there, Dar, but I won't let you go without me." Dar gave her a squeeze to reassure her. "We'll be alright Kerry. I won't let him hurt you again." Kerry nodded and told Jack how to get to her parents home. Dar made Jack park down the gravel drive, far enough from the house that they wouldn't hear them coming. They went to the back door and Kerry keyed in the alarm code and opened the door. They crept in and went up to Kerry's room so she could change into her own clothes. She picked up her laptop case and Jack got her bag. She put her arm around Dar and the 3 of them walked back downstairs. Kerry motioned towards her father's study. The light was still on, showing a crack of light under the door. Dar motioned to Kerry to let her go in first, Kerry and Jack flanking her. Kerry nodded her acceptance and Dar opened the door.

Roger Stuart had been up all night. First there was that business with the hospital, directing them as to just what he wanted done. Even though it was unfortunate that it involved his daughter, it felt good to win. He always got an adrenaline rush from flexing his muscles, imposing his will, guiding those he was responsible for. He'd been sitting here enjoying that feeling, and planning his next move, his revenge on that bitch who'd done this to his little girl. The look of rage on the Senator's face to see this woman he despised walk into his sanctuary as the first hints of dawn was showing over the horizon, was just as quickly replaced with one of shock to see his oldest daughter over her shoulder. "What the hell do you think you are doing in my house? How dare you come here!" he sputtered.

Calmly, Dar's eyes cold and mouth in a humourless grin, "I thought we should have a talk, Senator."

His face purple , Kevin Stuart hissed, "You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into, you bitch. I'm not going to let you ruin my daughter, and all my plans. I'll destroy you."

It was an empty threat to Dar as he had already tried to take Kerry away from her and failed. She chuckled deep in her throat, thick and sarcastic in tone. "No Senator, your plans are over. I'm here to tell you what will happen to you if you ever bother, threaten or interfere in our lives again."

They were interrupted by a soft knock at the study door and then Mary, the house staff, entered with a cup of coffee for her boss. She crossed the room, glancing quickly at Kerry and her imposing friends, and set the cup on Harold Stuart's desk. A grunt from Jack was all the warning they got as Kale came rushing in, hitting Jack with a chobo and then aiming for Dar. Kerry, in an unconscious instinct, reached for the house staff. Twirling Mary above her head and then whacking Kale with her. Mary, glad to have a chance to be used for the greater good by the woman with the beautiful navel, pulled out her kitchen knife as she spun and used the bobbit manoeuvre. A head flopped over to MaryD's feet. Dar had no time to think, as the Senator levelled a gun he'd been holding behind the desk at her. A nearby round, silver ashtray became a weapon that she deftly threw at him, knocking the gun from his hand. Kal, having lost his e, somehow was still standing and aiming the chobo at Dar's windpipe. Dar ducked the blow and let her spin carry her around in a deadly pirouette that ended in a heel to the back of Kal's head. It disengaged from his shoulders, not having been on too tight in the first place, and predictably rolled over to the waiting MaryD.

Startled, Dar looked down the empty neck. "Not one of ours." She moved closer to investigate, reached down his neck and pulled out a Mickey Mouse Microchip. "Borg" she exclaimed, holding up the chip for Kerry to see, knowing that she was not yet done with the borg queen, Michelle Graver.

She turned her attention back to Kerry's father. "I know about the kickbacks and skimming off campaign funds. I know you were the officer that cleared the manoeuvres that got your little borg kicked out of the military. And I know about your affair with Linda Tripp," noting that at this last comment the Senator's eyes went briefly to a container of bread sticks sitting on his desk, "that alone ought to loose you 15 points in the polls overnight." So softly that it was only the intensity of her words that carried them to his ears, "You mess with her again and I'll ruin you. You got that?"

Kevin Stuart was looking deflated. "Kerrison, how can you do this to me? I raised you better than this."

Setting Mary down, Kerry answered "Honestly father, I don't know how I was raised by you. I feel covered in gelatinous white sticky wet stuff just thinking about it. Dar is my life now, and if you can't accept that, then you aren't my family anymore. So your guilt won't work." Turning to Dar she said. "We done here?" and walked out of the room.

With a raised eyebrow and a wry smile at Jack, she said under her breath to Kerry's back, "Yeah, I'd say we were done here." In a stronger tone she said to Jack, "What do you say to our finding a place to get some chocolate milk?" Which got an eager grin from the young pilot, and a nod.

MaryD picked up her trophies and left just as quietly as she had come. Leaving the Senator alone to fret about how he was going to explain this change of events to the guys at FEMA.

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