Tropical Storm-The Detroit Incident
Fake Update 2

You all know by now that Merwolf plants little seeds that sprout later in the story. So what is this addition post-update of a plane change in Detroit? Is it a plot device? Is it a favour to a friend who loves the Lions? Speculation has given way to another Fake Update.

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Kerry was roused from her hazy contentment, lying in Dar’s arms, by a familiar face flashing across the screen as the news played on the tv. She reached for the control and turned it up to hear, “Actress Lucy Flawless was not hurt in this attempted abduction.” “Hey, Dar, look, it’s that actress that looks like you.”

A blue eye opened begrudgingly and tried to focus on the screen. “Oh yeah, I saw her awhile back in a short called Peach at the film festival. She certainly caught my eye. You really think she looks like me?” “Duh!” Kerry replied rolling her eyes and chuckling, “well, you might be even better looking.....” Which got her a snort in return.

The anchor went on, “Apparently, Ms Flawless and her husband, Rob TPTB (pronounced Thepowersthatbe) were returning to New York from a Holiday visit with his family in Detroit. Onlookers, who called themselves Mr and Mrs. Nutballs, reported that while Mr. TPTB was retrieving their luggage, a blond woman was seen trying to dart Ms Flawless from behind. Luckily, Mr TPTB had the fly rod case already in hand and caught the dart in a spinning move on the end of the case. The Nutballs said that Ms Flawless’s only acknowledgement of this incident was a raised eyebrow. Ms Flawless could not be reached for comment, but her publicist has said that Mr TPTB and Ms Flawless are not aware of any threats or ill will toward them, and do not plan on changing any of their plans while in New York. When you live in the public eye you have to expect things like this to happen. Neither of them was hurt, but apparently, one of her favourite slippers from the Trump Towers did lose a heal.”

“Dar? Wasn’t that the flight we got off of in Detroit?” a worried look crossed her face. “You don’t think.......”
Dar squeezed her tight and arched an eyebrow, “That your father’s bodyguard called ahead to have our plane met? I don’t know.... I don’t... but you know, your father isn’t the type to back down, and Kal (who lost his e) might be holding quite a grudge given what we did to him. I guess we will need to be careful til we find out.”

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