Authors Notes: PG warning is upgraded to PG15 in this section. Be so advised.
The author did consult with a yoga expert in an attempt to render the yoga scenes in the story with the utmost accuracy and respect.

DISCLAIMERS: X and G belong to Missy Good. Some folks have borrowed them to make a tv show. (like most things, the book is better).
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Chapter 2

Gabrielle awoke to the bright eyed gaze of her partner from across the fire. Her hair was damp and she was stacking wood to dry before use. That and the steady dripping sound told her is was still raining. "Morning. We gonna be here for a while? That's a lot of wood." Xena shrugged her reply, then looking over at her hair-tousled friend who liked words, found a few to utter. "Don't know. The creeks have turned into rivers and the rivers have turned into lakes. Brought back some breakfast." She indicated, dropping her eyes to the trout and late blackberries lying by the fire wrapped in broad leaves. The suddenly not so sleepy blond hitched herself up onto her elbows grinning, as Xena lobbed a berry into her open mouth, then crossed the distance between them to kiss the now berry stained lips good morning. Hmm, Gabrielle didn't know which was sweeter, then she just didn't know anything but those lips. Dazed green eyes looked back at the bemused warrior as Xena pulled slightly back and asked, "You want me to cook or do you want to be able to eat it?^" "I'll cook Xena, we'll save your juices for other things." smirked the bawdy tongued bard. Xena laughed out loud and in a fluid motion, stood, drawing the smaller woman with her and letting the furs drop away. She enveloped her in a quick hug, then launched herself into a low flip that landed her back on the other side of the fire where she resumed her task of stacking wood. "Show off" the bard chided, the wide grin belying the jibe.

Breakfast had been warm and funny. Xena had not been able to stop teasing the bard about her own many skills with cooking juices. Mostly because she enjoyed being able to watch the blush start at Gabrielle's toes and work its way up to her face, unencumbered by skirt and top. Not to be outdone, the bard had drawn on her collection of tavern limericks and her own imagination, and managed to make the warrior blush at least once. It was easy really. Xena knew better, but thought of her partner as at least somewhat innocent, so she was more easily shocked when Gabrielle said the unexpected ribald things. Not that it didn't have a certain appeal to hear the bards teasing and sometimes poetic descriptions^. But where did she get that thing about whips, chains and midgets???

She sat now carving a small wolf likeness for Dori, watching Gabrielle practice her yoga. Dori loved Ares and was always pulling on his ears and feeding him whatever she was eating. This made the wolf willing to put up with a little ear pulling for the snacks. Xena suspected he also thought it was his responsibility to stay near and protect her as well, which she appreciated. After all, she had the same job with Dori's mother, protect and share whatever she was eating, she laughed to herself. Ahh, that's the pose she was waiting for. She set aside her carving and approached Gabrielle as she tried to steady herself in a headstand. The blondes attention was focused inward as she worked for balance and deep breathing. Xena took a deep breath herself, then slid a hand up from waist to thigh, both steadying her lover and letting her know she was standing behind her upended form. Slowly, Xena leaned forward until they were in contact from calf to shoulder and from shoulder to calf. Gabrielle's eyes pooped open and her breathing sped up. Xena tried to calm her, "Shhh love, go back to your meditation." as she ran her hands over the flat stomach that jumped at her touch. "Xena!!!" the bard was not sure whether she wanted to be exasperated at this interruption or not, "That's very distracting!" She heard Xena laugh. Ahh, a game. Warming to the, uh, challenged, she decided to play along for now. She took a breath, Xena stoked her hip. She exhaled and Xena blew a breath across the back of her knee. Gabrielle's breath caught and Xena circled an arm around her waist, increasing the pressure of the contact of their bodies. Gab squeezed her eyes shut tighter and willed herself to not think, breathe, breathe, breathe. Unfortunately for her concentration, Xena was blowing air at strategically sensitive areas in time with each breath, making it impossible to concentrate on anything but Xena's breath, Xena's touch. A tremor passed through her body and she would have lost her balance had Xena not been supporting her. "Ahhhhh" the sigh of pleasure escaped her lips, and she let her body lean back into the warriors. "Put you legs over my shoulders love" Xena coached, lifting Gabrielle into a handstand as she did so, and providing her with incentive. A long moment passed where neither of them remembered to breathe. "Xena??" Gabrielle croaked out. "Hmm^??" came the muffled reply. "I'm getting light-headed." whispered the blond. Xena lifted her, um, eyebrows and said "You're upside down, all the blood should be running to your head Gabrielle, you shouldn't be light-headed!" "Well, the blood is definitely not running to my head warrior...... I might faint." "Won't be the first time" chuckled the warrior who got a firmer grip on her companion and return to her task.

The blond woman returned to consciousness sprawled in the sand, her head on her lovers thigh, Xena's fingers stroking through her hair. A self satisfied smirk on her face. Gabrielle really didn't mind the warrior's enjoyment of her enjoyment of the warrior.... but she had to keep up appearances, so she narrowed her gaze and teasingly poked the raven haired woman lying naked under her. "I'm going to have to teach you yoga now Xena." Xena rose suddenly, making Gabrielle's head fall the short distance to the sand. When she recovered herself enough to look up, there was Xena, in an effortless handstand, smirk still in place. "I thought you'd never ask." she quipped. Standing, Gabrielle eyed her appreciatively and gave her first instructions, "Umm, maybe only a headstand for you, you know, the height difference thing." To which Xena happily complied, dropping down into a headstand without wavering. Gabrielle slid into position and happily matched her breath and physical meditations to Xena's breathing.
Gabrielle felt a caressing hand slide up her thigh.
"Xena, no fair, I had to use both hands to hold myself up!!!!..........oh gods......"
as the warrior's chuckle was echoed by gravely voiced stalactites and stalagmites.

Birds hunkered down in thick foliaged evergreens heard from inside the cave....
"DAMN IT XENA, get your hand back where it will do some good!!!!!!!!"
"Gee Gabrielle, you're getting really good at my yell."

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