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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Vivian Darkbloom Venezia
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick archaeobard Voice (The)
Randi/Gwen Warrior-Security Consultant/ writer [Sci Fi] D Valiant series [1 - 10
Sam/Tyler Editor/political columnist [90's] Lynn Ames Valentine, My Heart Belongs to You
Roxy/Gabby Neighbors meet [90's] RabDonald Valentine Tale
Kate Girl gets valentine [90's] Lariel Valentine's Day
Jess/Faith Lawyer is threatened [90's] Chantal  Valentine's Reunion
??? Cold dip for a reason SX Meagher Valentine’s Plunge
Megan/Ginger College Student/ roommate [Fantasy] Lyraine Valkyrie Rising
Brice/Sasha Vampire accountant looks for 2nd job [90's] Kim Pritekel Vampire for Hire
Yoshi/Claire Vampire Hunter/ lab artist [Sci Fi] JP Vampire Hunter (The): Hunting Clarion (1)
JP Vampire Hunter (The): Return of the Prodigal (2)
Clark/Immortal Gabrielle Hunter/ vampire [Sci Fi] Kodi Wolf Vampire Hunter (The) (1)
Kodi Wolf Bloodlines (2)
Kendal/Piper Business exec cutting a deal finds a tough adversary [90's] Ali Vali Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost (1)
Ali Vali Things That Terrify Me the Most (2)
MacKenna/Faith Vegas executive/ showgirl [90's] A. Arden Vanquishing Vegas
Cameron/ Astra Stalker/ alien [SciFi] Xenamaster Vendetta
Nic/Carly Narcotics cop/ photographer [90's] Talaran Vendetta (1)
Talaran Darkest Hour, The (2)
??? ??? Bard of New Mexico Vengenance
Sheena/Kitara Warrior/ slave [fantasy] Chase Bradshaw Venus Fly Trap
Lacey/Jadyn Lawyer begins dating boss’ daughter [90’s] Auntie Beth Very Nice Ass (A)
Auntie Beth All Tied Up
Morgan/Tamera Lovers face an issue [90's] Eveh Versions of Fate series [1-13final
Alex/Reese Lawyer/ young mom [90's] S. Anne Gardner Very Thought of You (The)
???/Lana Vigilante/ high school student [90's] Blitzgal Vigilant
Xe/Brie Fanfic writers go awry [90's] Larisa Village (The)
Rhea/Carla Airforce Cpt./ nun [90's] Heruda Visit Home (A)
Jane/Maggie MASH surgeon/nurse RI Visit To a Friend (A)
Gillian/Jennifer Middle school kids [90's] Stacia Seaman Voices Carry
??? PWP about lesbian cruise Ronica Black Voyage Aboard the Queen
??? PWP Amy van Dyke Voyages of the Mind