The World's Shortest XWP Fan Fiction

55-Word Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction

Wishes read a book about Fifty-Five Word Fiction in "The World's Shortest Stories", edited by Steve Moss (Running Press, Philadelphia, 1998). She asked XWP fans if they would like to try their hand at writing 55-word stories that include their favorite characters and plot.   Their answer is evident right here. "It's fun and interesting to see how different people deal with the tight word limit….telling a story in different ways and with style."- Wishes. We agree. Each story is (or nearly is) 55 words, including title and author's name.

last updated: June 26, 2008


Alwayslooking - The Poem

Bongo Bear - Would You?

Cathy - Faith

Critter - Conscience

Danae - Sixth Sense

Marie Foose - Hoping

Gabite - Xena Kicks Ass, Quill

Beth Gaynor - Another Skill, Uber in a Nutshell

Indigo - The Story

Liz and Jacquee's Four Seasons - Rescue, Atonement, Deception, Going My Way

Iseqween - Moth , Exchange, Perfect, Perfect II


Jules - Xena and Gabrielle : The Golden Years (The Battle Over Lesbian Bedroll Death)

Nadavay - Frustration

P.D. - The Question, Sigh, Crunch

Tango - The Game

Taleweaver - Retirement Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be

J.C. Wilder - The Point, Now

Wishes - Replay, Without Remorse

Claire Withercross - Awakening, Crossroads, The Heartbeat, The Gratuitiously Necessary Fight Scene, Wordsrst Time, Hurt/Comfort

Ernie Whiting - Another Boring Day

Xenafan911 - Rise and Shine

Wordee - First Time, Hurt/Comfort