Into Each Life...

Part 3

by Ri


Disclaimer: This is an original story there is a flavor of our favorite ladies but it is mine, I do not have any real knowledge of medicine or hospitals so please forgive any mistakes I may make in that vane. This is an alt story so if you really can't tolerate it or its illegal or your too young please read one of my general fiction. Otherwise it's real a nice tale, Enjoy...

        Sandy was in a mask and gown feverishly trying to save a mother and child. The baby's leg was caught behind the pelvic bone of the mother and Sandy was performing a cesarean section to try and save them both. Sandy was sweating profusely and the nurse kept swabbing her head as she worked. She focused her mind on saving these two lives and forced away any thoughts that were negative. Now she had a job to do, a life and death battle to win.

  ***   ***   ***   ***

        Mandy meanwhile was in her office pacing waiting for a word from the Sandy's nurse's station on the outcome of operation. It had been hours since they had arrived at the hospital in Sandy's black convertible. After she had finished all her reports she wandered down to obstetrics to find out about Sandy's patient. After finding out from the nurse what was going on in that birthing room Mandy knew she had made the right descion to come back to the hospital with the Doctor.

        Now all she could do was wait and pray that this wasn't the day that Sandy had been dreading. She couldn't just pace anymore so she went to her computer and started a game of solitaire. It was a nice mindless game that would keep her occupied till Sandy came and told her what the results of the operation was and she needed a distraction. It didn't entirely work she kept wondering what was happening and worrying about the tall beautiful surgeon and her patients.

  ***     ***   ***   ****

        An exhausted Sandra found a sleeping Amanda in her office. Sandy smiled affectionately as she knelt down next to the sleeping administrator. Sandy struck the space bar to rid the screen of the hospital screen saver and smiled broadly when she saw the solitaire game in progress.

        “Red Queen on Black King, “Whispered Sandy into Mandy's ear as she gently pushed the blonde bangs away from the sleeping woman's eyes.

        Mandy woke up instantly, “What! Who!”

        “Shh, Its ok, Its just me, “ Said Sandy soothingly.

        Mandy's eyes slowly focused on the calm but tired blue eyes right next to her, “Is everything ok?”

        Sandy nodded, “Yes, I won this battle but only just barely. Mrs. Rosalynn Morgenstern is now the mother of perfect baby boy, He's a big one but he's healthy. Thank God…”

        “Oh Sandy, I'm so glad, “ Said Mandy with tears pouring from her eyes as she threw her arms the surgeon and hugged her close. Tears suddenly released from Sandy's eyes as she returned the hug with just as much need and love. As she hugged Mandy she realized that she had been holding back the tears until all was safe. She shook her head and pressed the beloved woman even closer thinking, If only the staff could see Miss no emotion now.

“I know. I am so grateful that you waited. Thank you.”

        Mandy pulled back and wiped the tears falling down the tall woman's cheeks, “You smell better then I must. You took a shower.”


“Well I didn't think you would appreciate being hugged by a sweaty bloody woman. So yeah, I took a shower and changed my clothes to something more huggable. You smell fine by the way, I like your scent.” She said with a lecherous wiggle of her eyebrows.

        Mandy laughed and shook her head; ”Well I guess I should get home so I can shower…”

        “Would you consider coming over to my place for what's left of the night?” Sandy asked meekly.


        Sandy nodded.

        “Yes, I'd love to.”

        Sandy's face broke out in a huge smile, “Great, Come on.” She said as she stood up and held out both hands toward the smaller woman. Mandy was gently pulled up out of the chair and into an impromptu bear hug,” I won Mandy!” She whispered excitedly into a little ear as she hugged her close. “I …I didn't think I would. I thought I would lose them both, but somehow I won!”

        “Of course you did. You're the best.”

        Sandy pulled back and stared into sincere green eyes and she did what every instinct in her soul was yelling at her to do. She kissed her with all the love, tenderness and need in heart. Mandy nearly fainted in reaction to the kiss. “I think we better stop by my place I really do need a shower…”

        “Oh Sweetie believe me I will take care of all your needs,” Sandra said as she led the befuddled blonde out of her office.

  ***   ***   ***   ***

        Sandra pulled her sleek black sports car into its normal spot in the garage. The automatic door closed behind her and she took off her seat belt and looked at the woman sleeping deeply beside her.

        It's been a hell of a day huh, Lovely lady? She thought and as she caressed a warm cheek and then reached down and undid the sleeping woman's seat belt. She got out of the car and stretched and yawned as she went to the passenger side. She opened Mandy's door and then reached in and pulled the smaller woman into her arms and carried her to the door to the house. She used her hip to hit the button that would open the side door and let her in. She had that set up so she wouldn't go crazy when she carried groceries into the house. It closed automatically behind her and she took her precious cargo up the back stairs then down the long hall to the master bedroom.

        She gently deposited her on the bed and with a bit of guilty pleasure undressed down to her panties and bra. That's far enough old girl. Mustn't take liberties, She thought with humor as she grabbed her sleep shirt and went to change in the bathroom.

        About 10 minutes later she slid under the covers next to the sleeping woman and sighed. She studied the other woman in her relaxed state and smiled, She is so beautiful. I am so glad she entered my life. She thought sleepily as she removed her nightshirt and spooned the sleeping woman from behind falling naturally into a deep, deep sleep.

  ***   **   ***   ***

        The morning light filtered into the unfamiliar room shining in Mandy's just opened eyes, which blinked as she discovered that she was being held by long loving arms. She smiled and snuggled her head right into the soft warm body behind her. As the two woman slept they had moved from the spooning position that Sandy had initiated to the warm and comfortable position of Mandy lying right on top Sandy her head nestled on a comfortable breast their limbs tangled together comfortably. Mandy marveled that she was able to sleep the whole night in a strange place with a person she hardly knew. She just felt so comfortable with Sandy even the positions they were sleeping in felt inevitable. She felt like she knew the surgeon for years instead of a couple of days and she was astonished by that fact.

        Her eyes slowly adjusted to the light in the room and studied the pretty crème colored bedroom. It was a large oval room with deep brown and red highlights. There was a huge picture window across from the bed at the angle she was at she could just glimpse a mast of boat sail by her.

        Hmmm, We must be by the lake, She thought to herself as she settled back down against the soft human pillow. She really didn't want to move she felt so comfortable with the other woman that she felt like she could go right back to sleep just listening to her heart. She felt a hand softly caress her belly, she closed her eyes in pleasure and purred, “Mmm.”

        Sandra smiled from under her; she was pleased that she was already giving Mandy pleasure.
She was planning to increase that feeling for the woman in her arms ten fold, “You like that?” She asked quietly.

        “Yes, It feels so good.”

        “May I… would you like if…Um…?”

        Mandy smiled at the confident surgeon's sudden shyness, “Yes, you may take my underwear off. From what I can feel under me you have no such barriers on.”

        Sandy smiled as she slid off the panties and then reached around the small woman's back to gently remove the lacy bra. “I did have on my sleep shirt when I first got in the bed, but you felt so good I wanted to feel all of you so I slipped it off and cuddled against you. You were better then a sleeping a pill once I had your body securely against mine I drifted off into the deepest sleep I've had in a long time. It was as if when our bodies came into contact I was home. I have never felt so happy or content in my life.” She had pulled the smaller woman up so they could lock their eyes in a deep soul-acknowledging look.

        “You are so beautiful,” Said Mandy's voice though she felt like the sound was far away.

        “You took the words right off my tongue,” Replied Sandy's voice from that same distant place. They were both under a spell and they never wanted it to break.

        “Would you mind if I check to see if those are the only words of mine that you have there?”

        “Allow me to share that information with you, “ Said Sandy as she brought there lips together and kissed her with a deep passion. Their bodies merged with their souls and their hands explored every nook and cranny of their mate's body till they moved as one and their bodies moved in a dream of erotic passion.
The screams of their love rattled the windows of Sandy's home and she was so pleased by this that she wanted to do it all over again.

        They looked into each others eyes and they knew that what just happened was right and they wanted it again and again. “Wow!” Amanda muttered as she caressed the high cheeks lovingly.

        Sandy smiled and leaned into the caress she was stroking the lovely blonde hair as she replied, “Yeah Wow! I …well…I never had an orgasm like that before. The weird thing is I'm not at all tired I want to go again….”

        “Me too.”

        Sandy smirked and said, “This poor room is in for some lively times isn't it?”

        Mandy's face broke into a wicked smile, “Oh I think that was just the initiation.”

  ***   ***   ***   ***

        They were on the balcony of Sandy's bedroom. Mandy was wearing a T-shirt that Sandy had lent her with the legend “Priceless Princess” a joke gift from Sandy's mother. The pink tee looked like a dress on Mandy who smiled when she saw what was written on it and then out right laughed after Sandy explained it. She looked sheepish as she said; “My Mom always called me Princess and said there was no price she would take for me because I was so precious to her. She said that even though I was a pain in the ass I was worth my weight in gold because she loved me. “ Sandy blushed and looked out at the lake then she turned back to look into sparkling green eyes and said, “I've never worn it but it looks absolutely adorable on you…Would you consider accepting it as a gift?”
        “Really?” Asked a now blushing Amanda.

        “Really, I like it on you and Mom would love it on someone I care about.”

        “Thank you,” She reached out and took a hand bringing it to her lips she kissed the palm. She kept the hand in her lap as she said; “I can see why you never wear it goes against your stoic image.”

        Sandy shrugged and brought her Mandy closer to her; they were lying side by side on large swinging hammock. Now she was brought against the taller woman and Mandy had never felt so protected.
“As long you know better I don't care what anyone else thinks.”

        Mandy had admired Sandy in her black tank top and satin running shorts when she slipped them on before they came outside. Now with the feel of silk against her back she was feeling very luxurious and turned on. She looked out and concentrated on the lake, ”Its just beautiful out here. I could just sit here like this forever”

        “Um… Would you…never mind, “ stuttered Sandy as she absently stroked Mandy's hair.

        “What were you going to say?” Asked Mandy as she kissed the elegant neck under her head.

        “Nothing,” Said Sandy enjoying the kisses.

        “Sandra?” Asked Mandy as she looked up the body beneath her into sheepish blue eyes. Sandy swallowed a couple of times and looked away from the inquiring eyes boring into her own. “It's just that I would very much like you to stay here forever. I know that's silly you have your own place and your own life and I'm sure you wouldn't want to leave all that for…”

        “Are you thinking for me Doctor?” Asked Mandy as she took Sandy's chin and brought the eyes back into contact with her own.

        “No, of course not,” Said a thoroughly embarrassed Sandy who was trying to pull away from the smaller woman. Two very strong arms now locked around her and kept her firmly in place.

        “That's good because I would love to stay here with you. If you really want me. My place is rented and as lonely as hell. I really…”She never finished the sentence because hungry happy lips devoured her own in a loving and passionate kiss. When Sandy pulled back she held the beloved face in both hands and said, “You are more then wanted you are needed and desired…”

        “Thank God, Me too.”

        “Now that's settled would you like a tour of your new home?”

        “We can do that later I want to snuggle here and explore you, “Said Mandy as she captured Sandy's mouth with all the desire she had zinging through her body.

    ***   ***   ***   ***

        The two women were in the kitchen making plans for Mandy to move in and preparing their breakfast. Mandy looked up into sparkling blue eyes and blushed a deep shade of red, “You make me feel like a kid, did you know that?”

        “Well, to me you are a very beautiful woman, who is my heart.”

        Mandy put down the bread and the knife she had to make toast with and walked across the room to Sandy throwing her arms around her neck. She kissed her deeply and then pulled back and said, ”As you are mine, thank you.”

        Sandy embraced her and brought her even closer as she said quietly into a small ear, “I have never felt this way before. You make me feel happy and content, How do you do that?”

        Mandy rubbed her cheek against Sandy's as she replied, “I don't know. I can't believe you feel this way. All I can say is that you make me feel loved. I guess that's what I do for you too. Before I met you I never thought love existed I thought it was in books and on film. Now I'm so overwhelmed with my love for you I can barely breathe…I….”

        “I know, me too…I guess we… I think we…Oh Mandy just stay here. I'll hire someone to move you into our house. I know this is all moving really fast but I…Please don't leave me…”She couldn't believe the words that had fallen out of her mouth. She meant it. She needed this special woman like she needed to breathe and eat. She felt tears began to fall and again she tried to pull away so she could run away and hide in shame but Mandy wouldn't let her.

Mandy held her tight and said quietly,” Sandy I don't intend to leave you. I will…we will do this anyway you want. Why don't you just help me move in that we can be together and…”Suddenly she was stopped by a flutter of sweet hot kisses all over her face and the feeling of being lifted and moving out of the kitchen.

When they parted for air Mandy muttered,” I guess we'll eat breakfast for lunch…” as she was carried up the stairs and down the hall toward more creative delights.

Part 4

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