Second Chance Blessings Part 2
By D.virtue

Meanwhile, Gabrielle was on her way to visit Diana. She was invited into the chambers and Diana was informed that it was Gabrielle. Diana tried to compose herself so as not to be seen by Gabrielle as having been crying.

Diana sat in the bed and waited for Ludmilla to show Gabrielle in.

"Hi sis." Gabrielle greeted brightly, as she came over to the bed and gave Diana a hug.

She couldn’t sense anything from Diana using just her body, but she did see something in Diana’s eyes.

"Is everything alright?"

"Fine. What brings you here?"

"Questra had some things she had to do today with Xena, and then she has to go back to her kingdom to check on things."

"Are you going to go with her?"

"She wants me to, because she was thinking it was a good idea to conceive there in her kingdom, in her Royal bed, and then have the baby here in this palace." Gabrielle said, with a blush reddening her cheeks.

"I think that’s a great idea Gabrielle." Diana said solomnly.

"Diana what is it?" Gabrielle asked, seeing the sadness in Diana’s eyes, despite her trying to hide it.

"Nothing." Diana said, as she averted her misting eyes.

"Sis?? What is it?" Gabrielle asked, as she took hold of Diana’s hand and squeezed it slightly to get Diana to look at her.

Diana slowly brought her eyes back to look Gabrielle in the eyes, and seeing the concern and love in them, her tears rolled down her cheeks. For many reasons, she wanted Gabrielle to be happy and enjoy the upcoming conception between herself and her love, but Diana's heart felt heavy that her sister would have a child before she did. She had so many mixed feelings racing through her, but Gabrielle was not able to sense any of them because of what Xena had done. But Gabrielle saw Diana’s pain.

"Diana, did Xena say "no" to you and her having children?"

Diana didn’t want Gabrielle to know what was going on, for fear of what Xena said would happen with her’s and Questra’s relationship, but she wanted to tell her how much it hurt. Instead of saying the words, Gabrielle saw the truth in Diana’s eyes. Diana saw when Gabrielle realized.

"Gabrielle it’s not anything bad, it’s just for right now. This has nothing to do with you and Questra okay?"

"I know." Gabrielle said, without really hearing the statement due to her already having decided that she could not have children right now, if Diana wasn’t going to be allowed to.

"You understand Gabrielle?"

"Huh...oh, yes, say sis, I need to get back, but I will let you know when Questra and I are going to leave. I love you."

"I love you too Gabrielle." Diana said, feeling a little better with how she was sensing Gabrielle’s mood being a bit confused, but nothing that indicated a set determination about anything.

Gabrielle left, and Diana laid back down in the bed and covered her eyes with her arm, as the tears rolled freely. Diana went throughout the day crying and thinking about Xena. At one point during the day, she wanted to see Xena, which was the worst thing Diana could have done. She hadn’t remembered to tell Gabrielle that she was not supposed to have been talking. So when Gabrielle
left Diana, she went to talk to Questra. Xena heard the conversation and asked Gabrielle if Diana had actually spoken to her.

"Yes." Gabrielle said, not realizing what she had just done inadvertently.

Just then Diana came around the corner. Questra saw and felt Xena’s anger.

"Um..Blossom, how about you and I go and have a talk?"

"Okay, but I wanted to ask Xena why...."

"No, it’s not any of our business. Let’s go."

"Alright, but maybe later?"

"We’ll see." Gabrielle and Questra then left, but not before Questra sent a thought to Xena.

"Go easy on her Lord Xena."

Xena just looked back at Questra with a raised brow as if to say... figure the odds. Xena then turned slowly around just as Diana came around to where they could see each other. Diana walked over to where Xena stood, but her stride slowed as she saw and then felt Xena's mood.

Xena arched a brow indicating for Diana to continue to come to her, but Diana actually felt the rage in Xena. It made her stop, and search Xena's eyes to see if she was truly seeing and feeling what she thought. When she saw Xena’s teeth start to bare, she turned and flew back to the chamber. Xena simply inhaled deeply and with rapid strides followed Diana toward the
chamber, pulling out her leather strap as she went.

The servants who saw her and what she had in her hand jumped out of her way and did not dare make eye contact with her. A few of the Advisors saw her and they too kept silent, not wanting to get in the way of the obviously angry woman. Diana made it back to the chamber and ran into the bath chamber and locked herself in it. She heard when Xena came in, but rather than hearing
the door slamming in anger, she heard it close as if Xena had deliberately taken her time closing it. The sound was more unnerving to Diana, then if Xena had torn the door off of the hinges, the way she had done only a few days before.

Xena didn’t even pause in the bedchamber, she headed straight for the bath chamber door. Without testing to see if the door was unlocked, she just stood outside of it for a moment, and felt where Diana was within the chamber. Diana meanwhile, was on the far saw of the chamber over by the other door. Xena turned and left, but this time she did it silently. Diana stood
trembling, wanting to say she was sorry, but she knew not to say a word.

Diana started easing towards the door across the room, because she couldn’t sense if Xena was still standing outside of it. Just as she had gotten out of the way of the other door, it came crashing down and Xena stepped inside to face a shocked Diana. She walked towards Diana with a look of "I warned you", in her eyes.

Diana was backing away from Xena as she came towards her. Her hands up slightly as if telling Xena to calm down, but Xena simply continued towards her. Diana only stopped when she was against the door on the opposite side of the chamber. Xena walked up on her and cocked her head slightly at Diana, as she looked downwards at the shorter woman who was now trapped between herself and the door.

Diana’s hands unconsciously went to stop Xena’s arms from raising up, which is what Xena was planning, seeing as she was looking to take Diana by her arm into the other room and whip her with the strap for disobeying her. When Diana’s hands tried to hold Xena’s arms down, by pushing on her wrist, Xena’s brows furrowed deeply, and then she raised one and gave Diana another
look of "you know better". Both Diana and Xena were now starting to use their strength in opposite force. But Xena’s strength was proving to be more than Diana could handle and as Xena gained ground, Diana’s tears ran faster. She knew what it would mean for her if she couldn’t hold Xena’s hands down.

Diana was pushing hard, trying to keep Xena’s arms down, but Xena was now unfazed by Diana’s weaker efforts. Diana’s eyes now took on a pleading look as Xena arms rose as if Diana was not holding onto her wrist. Finally Xena flipped her wrist out of Diana’s grasp and before Diana knew it, Xena had grabbed her arm and lifted her up onto her toes and gave her a hard look.

Then she abruptly broke the gaze, turned with Diana in her grasp and headed through the door, over to the bed. Once they were there, Xena gave Diana a slight shove to the bed where Diana caught herself from falling on it and steadied herself.

Xena then casually glanced down Diana’s clothed body and brought her gave back up to Diana’s in a meaningful way. Diana understood what Xena wanted her to do, but when she made no move to do it, Xena stepped closer and gritted her teeth. Diana immediately began stripping out of her clothes. Finally she stood nude in front of Xena who gestured for her to get on the bed. Diana backed onto the bed, still looking into Xena angry eyes.

Xena waited only a moment for Diana to position herself, but when it took her too long, Xena’s hand whipped out and flipped Diana over onto her belly. A stunned gasp, along with the force of her landing on her belly in such a manner pushed the air from Diana. She looked back up at Xena with fear in her eyes after she caught her breath. Xena’s eyes narrowed and then she broke the gaze. She raised her arm and Diana buried her head in the pillow as Xena lowered the leather strap onto her backside a number of times. Each swat hurting more than the last. Diana was screaming into her pillow, and when Xena finally finished she leaned down and kissed Diana. She then turned
and went to the drawer and took out the cream that and the vial that they used whenever Xena wanted to take the pain away from Diana.

Diana heard her head over to the drawer, and she glimpsed through her cloudy vision, Xena getting the two items. At first Diana thought, as she continued to cry, that maybe Xena was about to relieve the pain she had just inflicted on Diana. But instead, Xena turned and with one brow raised, she leveled her leveled her gaze on Diana, and then turned and headed for the door of the
bedchamber to leave. Diana saw her and she buried her head in her pillow once again and cried into it.

Xena again gritted her teeth and then turned away from Diana. She left the bedchamber went to the other chamber where she would be sleeping for awhile. Still tight from her need of Diana, she undressed and climbed into bed after taking a cool bath. Her nerves on edge about Diana, her mind racing over things that had happened the last few days. Her body tight and in need of

Xena laid in her bed and at first she thought about bringing herself to release, but then she thought "why should she, she was The Conqueror and Ruler". She got out of her bed and throwing a robe over her nude body, she went back to the chamber where Diana was. She went inside and saw
Diana was still whimpering into her pillow.

Xena walked over to the bed and got onto it on the opposite side. Diana didn’t hear when Xena came in, but she felt the bed move when Xena sat down on it. Diana lifted her head from her pillow and saw Xena reclined back on the bed, completely nude. Diana lifted up more, and raking her eyes over Xena's nude body sent a bolt of energy shooting through her, straight to her need.

Diana’s eyes instantly went to identifying, and there was a somewhat perplexed look on her face as if asking if Xena was serious or not. Xena simply looked down at her womanhood and then back up into Diana’s eyes. Diana used her own eyes to ask if it were really alright. Xena was losing her patience, so she inhaled and exhaled sharply, then abruptly went to get up. Diana caught her
hand and with some pain in her movement, she moved between Xena’s beautiful thighs.

It only took Diana a moment to get over her uncertainty, and then despite the pain to her backside, she positioned herself and dove into what she had missed for what seem like forever. Xena’s head fell back onto the pillows as she let herself be carried over the edge numerous times, but still she felt tight. Suddenly she grabbed Diana’s hair and pulled her up her body and planted a kiss on her that radiated through the both of them as a result of the shudder that went through Diana.

Xena broke the kiss and looking hard and with passion in her eyes she studied Diana for long moments, trying to decide if she could trust her to not try what she did before. She then decided she couldn’t just yet, so before Diana knew it, Xena had flipped her over onto her belly on the
bed, and was now positioned behind her. Diana turned her head to remind Xena of her very recent punishment, but Xena covered Diana’s mouth and shook her head slightly with a slight sneer on her
lips. Diana closed her mouth and turned her head back around. Xena eased onto Diana, and Diana gritted her teeth and buried her head in her pillow. By the time Xena was spent, Diana was exhausted and sore in more ways than before, but she too was relaxed. Xena eased off of Diana and after kissing her once more, she picked up her robe and put it back on. Diana looked at her in
surprise, but Xena raised her brow as if to say, "this changes nothing". She then turned and left the room, leaving Diana once more alone. Xena returned to the other chamber and after cleaning up again, she climbed in bed and this time she was able to drift off more relaxed.

Meanwhile Questra and Gabrielle were involved in a conversation, one in which Questra was rapidly losing her patience.

"I know you don’t like for me to stay up initially when you first go to bed, I just want to write for a while, and then I will be right along?"

"No Gabrielle, I want you in bed with me right now! Besides, sleeping is not on my mind. I’m ready to start our family, isn’t that what you wanted also?"

"Yes, of course, but what’s the big deal about starting it tonight, or even within the next week or month? We’re going to have children, and we can conceive anytime we want."

"Are you trying to tell me you want to wait a week or even a month before we even conceive?" Questra asked, now sitting on the edge of the bed looking over at Gabrielle.

"Well, it wouldn’t necessarily be a month, it could be a little....longer?"

"What?!" Questra asked, now on her feet walking over to where Gabrielle was standing, flipping through scrolls.

Gabrielle turned to see Questra coming towards her and she watched her until she came to a stop in front of her.

"Are you saying you expect for me to wait a month or more before we start our family? After all of the conversations we had about this? After I told you that maybe we should wait because you were a little young for such a responsibility? Didn’t I point all of this out to you while you were standing here going on and on about how young you're not, and that you could take care of a child and that you couldn’t think of anything better than to have a child with me? Despite my better judgement, I finally give in, and begin to actually look forward to us having children, and everything is fine until...what?! What happened to suddenly change your mind? I can feel that you still love the idea of us having a family, but yet you're trying to convince me that you're not? What happened Gabrielle?"


"You're lying to me? Gabrielle I don’t like this at all! You know how I feel about lies, what’s going on?" Questra asked again, although she already knew.

"I just think we should wait for a while."


"No particular reason." Gabrielle said, as she tried to be casual about it. She lifted another scroll, only to have it snatched from her hand and herchin firmly gripped and turned to look once more at Questra.

"It’s Diana isn’t it?" Questra asked, looking hard at Gabrielle.

"Ques... please?" Gabrielle asked, as she brought her hand up to touch lightly on Questra’s firm grip on her chin. Questra slowly eased her grip, and then let go of Gabrielle's chin. But Gabrielle maintained eye contact with her, because she knew Questra would take hold of her again if she didn’t.

"Tell me!"

"Ques...we can still make love and things, I just want to wait on conceiving right now."


"No particular reason really, maybe I’m just feeling a little nervous about the whole thing? I mean a child is a lot of responsibility, right?"

"Yes." Questra answered simply, not buying any of it.

"Right, so maybe we should wait just for a short while and then do this."

"What’s a short while Gabrielle?" Questra asked, with a definite tone in her voice.

"I don’t know, a few months, maybe a year...maybe less?" Gabrielle quickly added, seeing Questra’s gaze began to narrow, and feeling the irritation radiating from her.


"No what?"

"No I don’t want to wait, I want a child by my Consort. Actually I want many by you, but I’ll start with one. Now go get in the bed Blossom, tonight we conceive." Questra commanded Gabrielle, who at first stood where she was, just biting her lips, looking into her Lord's determined gaze.

"Ques I..."


Gabrielle lowered her eyes, trying to decide on whether or not to defyQuestra. She avoided eye contact with her as she moved around Questra and headed to where It appeared she had been ordered to go. But then she suddenly ran into the bath chamber and locked the door. Questra already felt what Gabrielle was feeling and she saw her thoughts before she did it.

Questra slowly turned and strolled over to the bath chamber door and with a very calm and casual tone of voice she spoke to Gabrielle through the door.

"Blossom, two things are going to happen as of now. One, you are forbidden to see Diana until the day we conceive. Two, we are going to go and stay at my palace until that happens. So if it is going to be a month, two months, a year, well so be it! But you will not be allowed to visit with Diana until then, at least not when I am not with you, or Lord Xena, or even Lady Xena. Since you can’t seem to see how you are letting what’s happening between Xena and Diana affect our relationship because of your loyality to Diana, I see it is necessary to take you from here for a while. So, you can stay in there if you like, but I will tell you now, I am not going to impregnant you
until you say you want me to. But until you do, you will not be allowed to see Diana. We leave at first light. I am going to go speak with Lord Xena. You are to stay in this chamber, and I will block all mental contact with Diana. I’ll see you when I return from talking to Xena, unless you plan on staying in there all night? Either way, good night Gabrielle." Questra then turned and headed out the door of the chamber to go and wake Xena and tell her what was happening.

Gabrielle waited a few minutes and with tears rolling down her cheeks she opened the door and came out. Tentatively she looked around to see if Questra had indeed left. When she saw that she had Gabrielle went and sat on the bed and just stared at the door as if it had a thousand
locks on it, then she buried her head in her hands and cried.

Questra meanwhile had made it to Xena’s temporary chambers and the guards knocked on the door. Dancea answered and invited Lord Questra into the outer chamber while she went into the bedchamber to inform her Lord that Questra was there and wanted to see her. After a few minutes, Xena walked out of the bedchamber tying her robe on as she entered the sitting area.

"Questra, it’s quite late? I thought for sure I wouldn’t see you for the rest of the night considering all things?’ Xena said, with a bit of a knowing tease for her friend. Then she looked at her and saw the distress in her eyes, and she instantly knew what had happened. "I see. So Gabrielle is
sympathetic to Diana, and therefore she doesn’t want a child...right?" Xena asked with an irritated and angry tone sounding in her voice.


"So what are you going to do about it?"

"What do you think I should do?"

"I think you've already decided on something, but if you want to hear it from me then I’ll tell you. I think you should forbid Gabielle from seeing Diana for a while, at least until she sees the error in her judgement."

"So you wouldn’t have a problem with me doing that? I mean they are sisters and they would argue that they have a right to see their family?"

"Diana has a right to see whomever I say she may, as well as Gabrielle! This is MY Realm, and My Rule I am the supreme Lord of ALL of this! But I have left Gabrielle to you because you are her mate and therefore whatever you say will go, whether I agree or not. For the most part, in this
case, I do agree. I will tell Diana tomorrow, although I was trying not to speak to her, she hates when I give her the silent treatment. I think it is worse for her than when I physically punish her."

"I understand, but no need for you to talk to her, since it is my command that will be the one that keeps them apart, I think it is better if I tell her?"

"Alright, but she’s just recently been punished, so she will probably already be emotional."

"Thanks for the warning."

"No problem, I know my Consort. She has a way of using those beautiful eyes of her’s to try to get what she wants. She is actually quite adorable when she does try. Hmmm, but, right now, I have to maintain a firm hand on her, otherwise she will bedevil me about having children until the day after forever. Hahaha." Xena chuckled at the thought.

"I can imagine. Well I am going to go and talk with her, and then come first light, Gabrielle and I will be heading out for my Palace. We’ll stay there until Gabrielle conceives, but if you need me, just send word and I will come back, with Gabrielle."

"Thanks, but I think things are pretty quiet right now. I hope it all works out for you Questra. I’m sorry that Diana’s behavior has affected you and Gabrielle’s relationship, I know it was not intentional on Diana’s part. She really does want the two of you to be happy."

"I know. She’s just very emotional right now, and I hope you don’t take offense, but I think she is being manipulative as well. Only to a degree, but I see it. Gabrielle of course doesn’t and wouldn’t."

"No, no offense taken, you're right."

"Thank you. Oh, by the way, I know she will want to try to talk me out of this. Is she allowed, if I decide to let her?"

"Yes, but just stress to her it is only during this one time."

"I shall. Well, I’ll go see her now."

"Alright, I’ll see you when you return."

"Yes Lord Xena." Questra and Xena then gripped each other’s arms in a warrior’s grasp and then Questra turned and left the chamber to go and tell Diana.

"Your Majesty?"

Diana looked up at her servant to acknowledge she heard her.

"Her Lordship, Lord Questra is here to see you."

"Really?" Diana asked with her eyes, while still lying on her belly, and intermittently dissolving into tears at the thought of Xena being angry at her, and sleeping in another chamber. Her backside hurting for dual reasons, although one greater than the other. Her heart aching for not being allowed
to have a child, and her sister about to conceive.

"Yes." Questra said, answering the questioning eyes, as she stepped into the chamber. "Ludmilla you're dismissed." Questra ordered. Ludmilla bowed and then exited the chamber closing the door behind her, leaving Diana and Questra alone.

"How are you feeling Diana?"

Diana shook her head to indicate not well.

"Hmm...I’m sure, but it seems like you're bringing things on yourself with your behavior."

Diana shook her head furiously at the accusation.

"No, it is true. Matter of fact that’s why I’m here now, because I wanted to tell you myself."

Diana turned slightly more onto her side, but feeling the sting of her sore behind, she quickly rolled back onto her belly. After a moment to compose herself from the pain, she lifted her head back up to look Questra in the eyes.

"I’ve forbidden Gabrielle from seeing you until after she is with child." Questra stated, without any further small talk.

Diana’s eyes went wide, and the tears began rolling once again as she stared at Questra in shock and disbelief. At first Questra felt a lump in her throat, but then when she saw Diana’s eyes narrow, and her expression took on a look of defiance. Questra’s own eyes narrowed when she saw Diana
shake her head violently.

"Yes! You are not to see her Diana." Questra said, still maintaining her patient disposition.

Diana turned her head away and buried her head in her pillow. Questra tried to feel what Diana was feeling or thinking, but she was unable to. She then realized that Xena must have done something so that Gabrielle would not pick up Diana’s emotions.

"Diana I am only doing this because I know, while you may not realize it, that Gabrielle is completely sympathetic to you and what you're going through. She has already asked me to wait to conceive, although just before she had come to see you earlier in the day, she was excited, and telling me how much she couldn’t wait for me to give her a child. But after seeing you, and
talking to you, she now wants to wait. Why do you think that is?"

Diana lifted her head out of her pillow, and turned her head to look up at Questra’s questioning, yet knowing eyes. Diana laid her head on the pillow, and her gaze took on a thoughtful expression. Questra walked over to the bed and sat down on it, and caressing Diana’s hair as the tears ran
down Diana’s face.

"Diana I know this is not helping how you're feeling, but I also know you want Gabrielle to be happy, right?"

Diana gave a faint nod of her head, and buried her head in her pillow more.

"I’m sorry Diana, but I have to do this for Gabrielle and myself. I want to have children with her, and she won’t want to as long as she is around you knowing that you and Xena are going to wait. Gabrielle and I are going to stay at the Palace in my land, until Gabrielle is with child. We both love
you, and our hearts go out to you little one, but Xena has valid reasons for her concern for you and the potential children that the two of you will have one day. Little one, you need to come to terms with the fact that the more you misbehave, the less likely it is that Xena will want to conceive a child anytime soon. Diana, she loves you and she is hurting just as much, actually I think more, because she sees how much this means to you. But when you tried what you did, it hurt her. You were wrong, and you're wrong in your behavior right now. I know you want children with Xena, but you have to accept what your Lord has decreed! You are the Consort to The Conqueror. Diana you have got to realize the significance in that. There are many people out there who
would love nothing more than to hurt her by hurting you, by hurting your child. Diana look at me!" Questra demanded, as she was now on a roll and was going to tell Diana about her behavior.

Diana heard the tone, and although she didn’t want to, she lifted her head and turned to look at her.

"Stop acting like a spoiled brat! Behave like the Queen you are, with the grace and poise I know you have in spades. Show your Lord that you can and will get past this. Because Diana I’m warning you, if you continue in this behavior, you're going to end up doing something, and Xena is going to hurt you. She’s not playing with you. She wants children with you, but just not now. Her priority right now is to make sure you do not slip into the darkness should anything happen to your child. You are wrong in your behavior Diana, and I suggest you straighten up before she really loses her temper with you. I have to go, but you think about what I’ve said, it’ll make all the
difference. Besides, if you want Your Lord to return to your bed, I suggest you apologize and promise her you will never do that to her again. We’ll see you later little one." Questra leaned over and kissed Diana on the forehead,then she stood and walked over to the door. She looked back over her shoulderat the now distraught young woman, then shook her head slightly and left the
bed chamber.

Diana eased out of the bed a little while later. Her backside was still hurting from the punishment of the day, but she put her robe on and went to locate where Xena was. One of the guards saw her coming and Diana recoginzed him and headed for the room he stood in front of.

"Your Majesty."

Diana gave a slight nod of her head and then gestured for the soldier to open the door. He stepped back and opened it for the Queen, and then waited for her to walk through before he closed it behind her. Xena heard the outer door open and wondered why the guard did not annouce the visitor to her chamber at that time of morning. Then she sensed who it was, and she remained in the
bed with her eyes closed but wide awake, waiting for Diana, to see what she wanted.

Diana knocked on the door of the bedchamber, but when Xena didn’t answer, she eased the door open, and saw Xena laying in bed, apparently asleep. Diana eased into the room, walked over to the bed and stood looking down upon her Lord. She had thought to just ease into the bed next to her, but considering Xena was upset with her for trying what she did, she didn’t think Xena would
appreciate it, so she gave Xena a slight tap on the shoulder. Xena casually opened her eyes, already focused and clear, and leveled on Diana’s own.

Xena laid where she was just studying Diana, and then placing one of her arms behind her head, she continued to study her. Diana shifted from foot to foot, her arms fastened behind her back as she stood contritely under the steady gaze of her Lord and Love. Diana lowered her eyes, and only raised them again when Xena cleared her throat. Diana’s eyes raised back up to once again be
captured by those of Xena’s.

"Do you have something to say to me Consort?" Xena asked, totally catching Diana off guard by speaking to her once again. Tears rolled immediately down Diana’s cheeks as she nodded her head in acknowledgement of Xena’s question. Xena studied Diana for a moment then she spoke again. "You have my permission to speak Consort, but only to ME!" Xena emphasized.

Diana started to sit on the bed, but she remembered her backside, so she remained standing for the time being.

"I....I am sorry for the way I have been behaving, I have no excuse for it, only that I just want to have children with you so badly, it hurt to think that we would have to wait because of your rank and mine. Xena all I’ve ever wanted to do ever since coming here freely, was to please you, to make you happy and feel as loved as you have always made me feel, since that time. I am truly sorry. Please forgive me? I am very sad, but I do love you and I only mess up because I try so hard to please you, and make you happy." Diana said, as she chewed her bottom lip.

Xena looked away for a moment as she thought about what Diana was saying to her. Diana lowered her head more as a result, thinking Xena didn’t even want to look at her. Xena looked back up at Diana, and then she opened up the blankets inviting Diana into the bed with her. Diana inhaled quietly as a result of seeing the gesture. She crawled in behind Xena and moved into her
arms. She rested her head on Xena’s shoulder, as she hugged close to Xena.

Xena held Diana to her, and Diana snuggled closer to her and let out a sigh of contentment. Xena knew Diana wanted her to take her, but she still had her reservations about it and therefore she just held Diana. Diana after a few minutes let the fingers of one of her fingers slowly slide down Xena’s firm belly, and make it’s way towards her soft curls.

Just as Diana’s fingers were about to cross from the smooth bare area of Xena’s firm abdomen, into the soft silky covered area of Xena’s womanhood, Xena’s hand caught Diana’s and held it. She looked over at Diana when Diana lifted her head up off of Xena’s shoulder to look at her in wonder as to why she stopped her.

Xena simply shook her head ever so slightly, as she looked into Diana’s moisture filled eyes. They gazed into each other's eyes for long moments, and Diana lowered her head back down onto Xena’s shoulder. Xena just held her tightly, making Diana sob more. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Questra were in the midst of an argument.

"’s not fair, I wanted to stay here with Diana and Xena."

"No, we’re leaving at first light Gabrielle, and I’m not going to stand here and argue with you about it. I have made my decision and you will abide by it or you’ll have me to deal with. You know I don’t like punishing you, but I will if you force me to. So....I suggest you get in bed and get some sleep, tomorrow we will be leaving for my province."


"Not another word Gabrielle, unless you're ready for us to start our own family? Otherwise, go get into bed."

Gabrielle crossed her arms in frustration, but didn’t say anything, although she gave Questra a hard look and then turned and walked into the other chamber. Questra exhaled an exasperated breath, and then strolled into the other chamber. She looked over at the bed and saw Gabrielle laying down,holding her covers around her shoulders.

Questra undressed and then climbed into the bed behind Gabrielle.

"Come here." Questra called for Gabrielle, as she held her arms open for her mate to come into her arms.

Gabrielle hesitated at first before she rolled over and looked at Questra. She then reluctantly rolled into Questra’s arms and rested her head on Questra’s shoulder. Questra wrapped her arms
around Gabrielle and held her close. Before Gabrielle closed her eyes to go to sleep, Questra whispered to her.

"I love you Blossom."

"I love you too Ques." Gabrielle answered back and then felt a lightkiss to her forehead. She closed her eyes and eventually drifted off to sleep. Questra followed after a bit.

The next morning Questra and Qabrielle got up and dressed, then went to get into the coach that was to take them back to Questra's palace until Gabrielle was ready to conceive and in fact conceived. Xena was to see them off, and she allowed Diana to go as well. But she made sure to give Diana strict instructions before they went.

Diana, let me tell you what you will NOT do. You will not speak. You will not show any signs that you are upset, depressed or anything else that Gabrielle will interpret as unhappiness about her having a baby and you not. Do I make myself perfectly clear Consort?" Xena asked, looking at
Diana with the eyes of the Conquerer.

Diana gave a silent nod of her head as she lowered her eyes.

Good, now let's go." Xena headed for the door and Diana didn't move at first, but then she headed for the now open door that Xena stood in as the guards waited for them to exit.

They arrived at the main courtyard of the palace, where they met up with Lady Xena and Noor, as well as Questra and Gabrielle. They were talking just as Xena and Diana arrived. The conversations stopped and the two new arrivals were greeted by the other four.

"Hello Lord Xena, Diana." Lady Xena said, speaking for all of them.

"Hello. Well Lord Questra, are you and Gabrielle ready to leave?"

"Yes, and hopefully we won’t be gone for to long, but it will be entirely up to my Blossom." Questra stated matter-of-factly, as she glanced at Diana and then at Gabrielle.

"Well we are going to miss you both, isn’t that right Diana?" Xena asked.

Diana looked up at her and then turned her head to look back at Gabrielle. With a bright smile for her sister and Xena shielding Diana’s true feelings from all of their senses, Diana nodded her head and then stepped over and gave Gabrielle a hug. Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Diana’s
waist and held her tightly as she began to sob. But Diana moved Gabrielle back from her and lifted up Gabrielle’s chin as she shook her head. With another bright smile she purposely rubbed Gabrielle’s belly and Gabrielle wiped her eyes, but tears continued to roll down her face as she tried to figure out what Diana was saying.

"She’s telling you that there is no reason for you to be sad. She is excited for you that you are going to have a baby and she’s going to have a niece or nephew, or maybe both, who knows?" Xena said, interpreting Diana’s meaning.

Gabrielle looked at Diana to see if that’s what she meant, and Diana smirked at her in a playful matter. Gabrielle was now confused as to what she thought was happening. Was Diana happy for her at the idea of her having a baby, or was she just covering her true feelings? Gabrielle couldn’t tell becauseof Xena’s shielding.

"You're okay with this Di?"

Diana nodded her head and gave Gabrielle another hug, this time to hide the moisture that was trying to make it’s way to her eyes. Questra saw her struggle, and Xena felt it. Lady Xena also saw that Diana was trying to cover something.

"Well, I think we need to get going, Gabrielle and I have some things to talk about, although I hope we won’t talk long." Questra said, as she held her hand out for Gabrielle to take.

Gabrielle reached back and slowly let go of Diana, who stood where she was, her hands continuing the contact with Gabrielle as long as was possible


End of part 2 of Second Chance Blessings
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