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Now a word or two about how I came to write this: This is my first attempt at
writing ff, and the story may not be as well written as some of the more
exceptional bards out there, but please be kind with your comments whether
praise or criticism. I just wanted to share a story with all of you, because
of all the stories that were shared with me an others. I was inspired to write
this story by a very kind person on the Xena net forum(she knows who she is
thank you.) Now, I hope you enjoy the story.

Every so often there comes a time, when time itself collides and forces meet
to do battle for dominance over one another to prove their own strength over
the other. This is a story of such forces they battle to change one another,
from the path that each one has chosen for themselves. There’s is a battle of
might, and will. They will battle for respect whether by fear and
intimidation, or through the respect of others thus gaining the respect of
those around them. They will try to resist the notion of love, but will walk
the line of hate. When there are forces battling for dominance one over the
other there must come a time when submission one to the other must be
realized. For in the realization that there are forces stronger than one’s
self somewhere out there, it is then that we realize how being cavalier in
our dealings with others that we find that unexpected force that is stronger,
wiser and or more skillful than one’s self. Thus we must always be watchful
that we not look upon ourselves as being indestructible.

This is the case between Diana and Xena. They will have to accept submission
to each other in one form or the other. These two will discover that they are
connected in a way that is deeper than anyone could ever conceive. These two
are not Gods, but they are close to being that of immortals. They can be
injured by normal people, but they can only be killed by a simple weapon
carried over the heart of one of them . They both have the ability to heal
abnormally quicker than the average person, as well as not bear any physical
scars from an injury. Although they heal quickly the pain of an injury can
last a lot longer, but it to subsides quicker than the average person. They
age much slower than everyone else after they reach puberty. And these are the
reasons that the two of them are destined to meet. .

These two have been many places and met many types of humans and non humans.
They have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and have become successful
beyond measure in their respective times.
Diana is from the present and she has no idea that there are plans being
made for her to meet her fate. These plans are being made by a group of men
known as her Chosen. These men are Diana's lovers, but they are also much more
than that. They are also like a counsel setup by the first Chosen to oversee
the life of this young woman. None of the Chosen knew they were a chosen
except for the very first, and while they are like a counsel it was never a
formal ceremony that made them into such a thing, they just fell into it
naturally, more out of love than anything.

This young woman Diana has been blessed,or cursed, depending on how one looks
at it. She being a young woman of what appears to be 21, when in-fact she is
much older.Diana was taken from the hospital when she was but two hours old.
It was this act that changed her very existance.

She was taken to another planet where the technology was far beyond what
anyone could believe. It was here on this planet that a Ruler had been
watching and waiting for that special child to be born so that he could have
his Queen. A Queen beyond measure. He would have her DNA changed, so that her
natural gifts would be enhanced to a fancy beyond belief. Her body would
then respond to him as a CHOSEN in ways that scientist today could not fathom.

She would have the gift of physical beauty beyond measure that would exuded
sensuality, her intelligent and wisdom would also be enhanced. Her body
capable of satisfying anyone, especially because of the amazing things it
could do. These amazing abilities could only be drawn out by one who was
Chosen and even she would have no control over who a Chosen was. The only way
she would find out if someone was a Chosen would be by accident, or after a
while because of all the signs she would have learned from the way her body
responded to a Chosen one. Whether it was being Bested in combat, or in a
more intimate way, with her body responding to her lover in an erotic way. If
he were a Chosen he could draw out the gifts that were within her. The
ecstasy (orgasms) experienced by the lovers could last for 15 minutes at a
time. or longer and while making love the Chosen while tasting her flower,
would have a choice as to what they wanted her flower to taste like. All
they would have to do was think of a desired taste and if that desire was
for strawberries, then her essences would taste like that of strawberries.
Her centre could also produce mixed taste. Diana's flower was also given the
ability to return to a virginal state by The Chosen’s saying to her: Return My
Shield Little One. So the Ruler of this planet would have a ultimate Queen.
This was the beginning for Diana and how she came to meet The Conqueror.

Chapter 2

One day while Diana was training she had gotten into a conversation with one
of the Royal trainers and quite by accident he told her what the rulers plans
for her were, which was for her to become the rulers Queen. Diana was both
confused and then horrified at the thought of becoming the Rulers Queen
especially since Diana thought the Ruler was her father albeit a cruel and
wick man who just happened to be handsome. The horror coming out of the fear
that if he was not her father then where were her parents and possibly
brothers and sisters? She knew where she and her supposed father were from or
at least where she was from.

Diana knew she was on another planet other than earth for she had learned
that in her studies and everyday conversation with other people. The only
thing different about the people on the planet she was on, was that they all
had powers of some sort or another with the Ruler having the greatest power.
The power being of a type of omnipotent.

Diana decided without telling the trainer anything, that she needed to know
more about these plans, and when they were to take place, so after the
training Diana took her leave and went straight to one of the servants who had
been with the Ruler most of her life, and who, because of that, the ruler
told things that he didn't even tell his Royal court. Diana asked the servant,
whom she knew loved her, and would never lie to her about anything, and who
had told things to Diana that the ruler had only meant for the servant to
know.So Diana asked her many questions and although reluctant at first, with a
little cajoling, Diana was able to get the information she wanted.

The thing that troubled her the most was learning that the Ruler had plans to
take her to his bed when her gifts were developed enough so as to make him her
Chosen. Diana had asked if that meant there were no other people who was or
could be a chosen. The servant told her that while he would be her first
Chosen he had told the servant that there could be others if you ever
escaped, but he said he would not have to worry about that because you
wouldn’t have any reason to try and escape. He never said what he would do if
you did escape. He did say he would put a curse on you that would be an
intimate part of your life. What the Ruler didn't tell the servant was that
Diana's chances of meeting any of the Chosen would increase if she were
attracted to the person. But of course not knowing this bit of information the
servant was therefore not able to offer the information. After getting all the
information she wanted, Diana started planning her escape, she had packed away
some of the technology, such as the ability of shorting the distances of two
places for 1 person or 500 people for example if someone had to go 3000 miles,
all they would have to do was walk, ride, or whatever. through a clear
expandable doorway that would get them there in less than 5 minutes. These
doorways could then be collapsed and stored in a purse, or bag of some type.
Diana packed 100 of these, she also packed many other things. Although she did
not expect to use them, but she never knew ,if she would need them, so she
packed them.

While waiting for the perfect time to escape she was called to the Rulers
quarters under the guise of him wanting to talk to her. When she arrived at
the Ruler’s Chambers it was then that she was taken against her will. He
didn’t know that she had found out about his plans so when he kissed her she
slapped him. He in the interim didn’t know why she struck him but soon found
her resisting against him. It was then that he became rough with her, his
hands squeezing and pinching and probing at soft flesh, and no matter how hard
she tried she could not move him from atop of her. He then impaled her with
his large manhood and thereby tearing the delicate shield and causing her to
scream out in pain at the tearing. His size did not necessarily cause her any
pain except that it was violent and thus it hurt for that reason. and even
though her body was being taken against her will her body responded to him
because it was responding to her Chosen. He took her again and again the same
way, with her trying to resist and him taking her. eventually they laid there
exhausted and spent. Eventually, after 4 days Diana was allowed to return to
her Quarters, but only for two nights then she would take up residence in his

Diana now knew she had to escape, that day. So when the opportunity presented
itself Diana took it and escaped back to earth. But Diana remembered what the
servant had told her about having a curse being place upon her if she ever
escaped.Diana's and Xena"s Destiny was now placed on track with the return of
this young girl to this planet.

Chapter 3

Diana had been driving the men in her life crazy with worry for sometime now,
they were finding that she was becoming impulsive, less safety conscious, as
well as somewhat cavalier about confrontations. She would tell half truths
which she knew in her heart to be lies. None the less, these lies were never
to protect herself , but rather to protect her sisters <not by blood> but
sisters noth the less. They would die for each other without a second thought,
especially if it meant they could save the other. In this case, however, Diana
was the one risking herself, time and time again to prevent the other young
ladies from ever having to feel the wrath of any of her Chosen. Diana knew
that these women's body could not handle the punishment without being left
with scars to their bodies if any of the Chosen lost his temper with them,
the acute pain that her Chosen could inflict could render any of the women
unconscious from pain with one strike if they chose. So even though the women
plead with Diana to allow them to take their own punishment, because they
didn't feel it was fair for her to be punished for something they had done. Of
course, Diana was not having any of it, and although Diana never wanted to be
punished by her Chosen either,she knew she could handle it and heal from it.
So she continued doing things her way.

Diana's sisters did not feel the same way of course and while Diana's
punishments were not often, they were often enough for one of her sisters to
go to see Nino, one of the Chosen, and tell him what Diana had been doing.
Nino asked "why are you coming forward now, and not then?" Lena said it was
because Diana had been so adamate about us not confirming what she knew you
all already assumed. She thought that without confirmation none of you would
punish us, and therefore accept the fact that it was her and punish her. "Well
you are partly right, we did know she did not do some of the things she said
she had, but hearing nothing to the contrary we punished her. But, we did not
do so because of what she said she had done, we did it because she was
untruthful with us. We also have been punishing her for her impulsive and her
rebellious behavior. We can not allow her to continue like this. She is
heedless of her safety refusing bodyguards when she is not with any of her
Chosen, she refuses to drive or be driven when it gets dark and she walks home
or to other places just because it's a nice night or evening.

These things all draw trouble, and we both know there's been enough of that in
her life without asking for those that could be prevent.. She has maimed many
men who have tried to attack her and tried to rape her just because of how
beautiful she is, and the sensuality that her very being radiates it’s like a
magnet, she draws people to her from all areas of society ." Lena being
concerned that Diana was going to be hurt because of her, she then asked a
question that would provide insight into Nino's thinking. “Do you guys still
love Diana? " “Do we still love her? Lena it is because we love her so much
that we are going to do this. Diana is our Life." Lena being happy with
Nino’s answer then asked: “So, what's the plan?”

Chapter 4

Diana was once again walking home at night because it was a beautiful evening
and while doing so she decided to take a shortcut to her house. She knew that
if she didn't get home soon Cynthia one of her sisters would become worried
and call her home to see if she had made it home safely. Diana,however, never
worried about walking home alone at night, for as far as she was concerned
there was no man or woman who could beat her except her Chosen. Diana knew she
had the skills to protect herself, skills she had learned from her kidnapper,
as well as her blood sister during the time of which she had fought in a war
with her. So, Diana didn't feel the need to hire a lot of security, and the
security that she did hire was for her sisters.

Diana was known as the riches person on the planet. so she spent her money on
those things that she felt was important. She spent her money helping people
from all walks and cultures of life. She started Charities, and foundations,
gave money for school and to send seniors who were interested in going to
college to whatever school they wanted for however long it took them to
complete their schooling. She offered jobs with the training to those who
wanted to work, she helped supplement the Social Securities Admin with money
for the retiring populace by way of investments. As far as Diana was
concerned, there were just to many other more important things in life to
worry about and spend her money on. Rather than worrying about something that
was not a threat. She gave money to the poor, bought homes, and food, and
clothing for those same. Diana was a very generous person.

Diana continued walking and singing one of her favorite songs By Whitney
Houston: The Greatest Love Of All. Just as she turned onto the final street
that would take her to her house she was confronted by six men. All of which
had lecherous looks in their eyes. Diana had seen the look many times on men
and women and while Diana didn't mind the looks so much, she did, however,
mind any attempts to touch her when not asked. And it was for this reason that
these six men had to have it explain to them in a very painful way that they
had made a very big mistake in trying to touch her. Diana also explained the
proper way to approach a woman in the future.

When Diana finally arrived home she was ready to go to bed . But, that was to
be put off for a while. She was confronted again by a bunch of men, only in
this case it was her Chosen and there were 12 of them, all of which had
concern and irritation shining in their eyes. "Diana, we heard about what
happen out there," How? "We have been having you followed for a while now,
because we needed to know that you were ok, and if you had gotten into a
situation that you would need our help we would be able to get to you. Diana,
you are not going to always be so lucky. What if one of those guys had been a
Chosen? You could have gotten hurt, or worst. We won't allow you to continue
like this. “You won't allow?! Who do you think your talking to? I am not a
child.” "No one said you were, but we are worried about you, and because we
are your Chosen we also love you more than life itself, and therefore we will
not allow you to continue to put your self in harms way." “Whatever,” Diana
said with some irritation in her own voice.” I'm tired, I'm going to bed. Good
night everyone.” With that she left the men standing, looking back and forth
between Diana's receding back and each other. It was then that the men decided
to finish their research that night. So they returned to the museum and with
the help of one of the Curators who had been there for quite a few years, they
found what they were looking for. A wall full of Scrolls.

Chapter 5.

The scrolls were from the past, they spoke of a time about a woman warrior
of that time. The men read that this warrior is the most feared warrior of her
time.. "IS ?" one of the men said in confusion. The others reread the word,
and finally, putting it off to being miswrote. They went back to reading the
scroll. They read that she was the most feared and respected. The scrolls did
not say whether that respect came out of fear and intimidation, or by way of
being capable to back up her words with deadly skill and efficiency. .She was
feared by peasants, as well as, by kings and nations.

They also read that she was a woman of remarkable beauty.The next scroll
provided insight into how beautiful she was, it was a Painting of the Warrior
Woman: her eyes as blue as the sky,hair as dark as a Raven, 6 ft tall with a
sleek body, under which the words As strong as a tree and solid as stone. with
skin as soft as a babies. Chiseled features. They also noticed there were no
obvious muscles to be seen except those that indicated how tone she was.The
men also discussed the beauty of their own woman and found, although Diana was
a Caramel Bronze with ebony hair, and light brown eyes with hazel in them.
She was also a little shorter, she was about 5' 7 with a sleek body as well
and muscles hidden under soft curves. Both women had one thing in common: they
were both extraordinarily beautiful.

The men then picked up another scroll and read about the Warrior. They read
that she was Known as a Warrior Princess, A Warlord, and then a Destroyer of
Nations, and Finally The Conqueror . They also read that she still lead her
army into battle when she felt the need to do so, or when she was bored. She
was also known as excellent at strategy.They read about the different ways
in which punishment was administered out in her Realm. The men Discussed and
planned to detail, the exact time and place at which to set Diana down in. The
men were not looking to have Diana brutalized, but they were looking for
someone who would not be swayed by Diana because of the fact that she was a
They saw from their reading, that The Conqueror did not tolerate disobedience,
or lies of any type. They Decided that they would send Diana back at the
point of time during one of The Conquerors wars.

A week later the men slipped a sleeping powder into Diana's tea, not worrying
about her picking up on the taste or smell because it was a gift to them from
Diana's first Chosen, along with many other gifts. Diana never knew about the
contact between her Chosen or her first Chosen. After Diana had fallen asleep
she was moved to her bed and changed into a warrior outfit complete with armor
and weapons. The outfit was from her blood sister as well as the weapons. The
men also packed some of Diana's things she had brought with her from the
Rulers planet. But they didn't leave any message as to what was included in
her pouch. They would let her discover what they were.

They then set themselves around the bed so that there would be six on each
side of her. Each man bending down to give a final kiss to the woman they each
loved with their hearts.They then begun to say the words that they had
memorized from a very old book that was found with the scrolls.

"if this be destiny or fate
life or death for this young woman,
a woman of beauty and light,
a woman full of passion and love
a woman with a dark past
a woman who overcame her past
a woman loved and respected
we do not know
we send this woman back not as punishment
or from hate or deceit
but from love
let her learn the consequences of impulsiveness
let her learn the pain of untruths
we send her in love
Let her be set in sight and sound
with weapon in hand in the path of
Xena the Conqueror
And from this let her learn
Whether from pain or from pleasure
whatever the means let it be so."

Touching Diana with one hand each from head to toe Diana faded from their

End of part 1.
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