By D.virtue

“ Hm...well she’s a little more settled than I would like, but I like being
around her.”

“ I know you do, but it’s one thing to be around a person for a while and then
when you get bored your not obligated to stay, verses having to stay around
someone out of obligation, or to not hurt their feelings by leaving so

“ Hm...what do you think sis?”

“ I think your both right. Ephiny is very nice, but she is also very settled
in her ways for such a young woman. But Xena’s right in that when you go into
a relationship, then there is a certain responsibility as well as obligation
you have to each other, one of which is to try to never hurt the others
feelings by your words or actions, unless it is absolutely necessary to get a
point across.”

“ You mean how Xena punishes you when she can’t seem to get her point across
to you?”

Diana blushed slightly, and looking over at Xena who was running her hand
through her hair out of surprise by Gabrielle’s honest statement.

“ Yes, something like that.” Diana finally said as she saw Xena was not going
to help her. “ Anyway, my point is that when you go into a relationship, you
should at least try to see beyond just the immediate days, but try to picture
what your life would be like everyday with the same person. You have a tender
soul Gabrielle, but
I know for a fact that you would be bored silly with someone who was a goody
goody. Your mind is attracted to one type of person, but your heart and soul
is attracted to another type. I won’t say what that type is, because you have
to discover that for yourself.”

“ Wow. Ok, I’ll think more about Ephiny later, what do you two think about

“ I like her.”

“ I don’t.”

“ Why?”

“ Because I can see her hurting you just because of who your related to. I
believe she would use that to try to punish you the way I punish Diana, not
realizing the difference between you and Diana and Diana and any other woman
other than myself. She seems to be the type who tries to prove herself to
others, and with that type of need, it can only lead to pain for whoever is in
her life, and I’ll tell you now Gabrielle, I would have to hurt her....badly
because of it. So, I suggest for her sake you eliminate her completely?” Xena
stated with tightness to her voice.

“ You feel the same way Di?”

“ I do like her, but I think Xena is right on the dinar with her assessment of
her. I’ve learned that Xena’s instincts are usually right, sometimes to my
dismay.” Diana stated as she gave Xena a sidelong glance.

Xena smirked and then took a sip of wine.

“ O.kay......” Gabrielle said somewhat unsure of asking about the final one. “
So, what do you two think about Shatara?”

Diana and Xena looked at each other and both smiled and said in unison.

“ Well, she’ll definitely keep you excited.”

“ So you think I should choose her?”

“ Gabrielle, we’re not saying who you should choose, we’ll just giving you the
benefit of our judge of character from decades of experience. You can choose
whomever you want, but know that we won’t allow you to go into something if we
know better, and even then even if Diana thinks it’s ok, but I don’t, then you
will do as I say is that clear?”

“ Yes.”

“ Good, now about Shatara.” Xena said as she gave her opinion of the last

A knock came on the door and it was one of the Sentries announcing Advisor

“ What is it Draco?”

“ There’s two women here who say they would like an audience with you. They
say it’s important.”

“ Where are they?”

“They’re waiting for you out by the Fountain of the Hawk.”

“Fine, I’ll be there in a moment.”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Hmm...I wonder what they want?” Gabrielle asked as they headed to the
courtyard to meet with the women.

“ We’ll soon find out.” Diana said as they came around the corner and entered
into the courtyard.

Xena walked over to the women and when they turned around she heard Diana and
Gabrielle gasp, but she just studied the woman standing in front of her
looking back at her with the same Sapphire eyes.

Xena raised a brow at the woman and then turned her attention to the other
woman with her. After a few moments of studying her she then strided over and
sat down, and motioned for the two women to also sit across from her. Diana
and Gabrielle still stood with their mouths open.

“ Consort, come over here and sit next to me, bring your sister with you.”
Xena ordered in a business like tone.

Diana clamped her mouth shut and grabbing Gabrielle’s hand she pulled her
slightly over and sat where she was told. Diana looked at Xena and then back
at the woman and was about to say something when Xena’s hand went up to tell
her to keep silent.

Diana closed her mouth again and looking back at the women, Diana waited.

“ So, what is it that you thought it important to me?”

“ Lord Xena, we have come to offer an alliance with you and your Realm. “ The
shorter blonde woman stated.

“ Really, where are you from?”

“ Well I was born in Greece, but my homeland was destroyed and I left and went
to live in another land, where I conquerored it.”

“ And where is this new home of yours Callisto?”

“ know who I am Lord Xena? I am surprised, I would have thought you
would not have known, or thought about any of the people’s who’s lives you’ve
touched during your Destroyer years.”

“ I remember every village and town my army touched at my order. Now, why
would you want to ally with me?”

“ Because I know eventually you will make your way around to my Kingdom, grant
it this was not my idea, I would just as well deal with you when the time
came, but she asked me to do this.” Callisto said gesturing towards the other

“ Oh, I see. So tell me who are you and why you would want her to ally with

The woman sat regally looking casually around and admiring the decor of the
courtyard, as well as catching Gabrielle staring at her and then blushing when
she rendered a smile at her. Xena saw it, but said nothing.

“ I am Questra, I have my friend to do this as a favor to me, I believe by
allying with you now, will save pain and suffering later on both sides.”

“ Ahh....” Gabrielle moaned at hearing the woman’s musical deep voice, and
Diana’s own mouth coming open.

Xena cut her eyes over to Gabrielle as did the other woman and Gabrielle
blushed intensely. Xena raised a brow at Diana and casually closed her mouth
for her. Diana looked at Xena and blushed and then an embarrassed look came
over Diana’s face as she lowered her eyes. Xena turned her attention back to
the woman.

“ Sorry.” Gabrielle said shyly.

Questra smiled at Gabrielle.

“ It’s alright little one, I’m flattered you find my voice pleasing.”

“ I do, it’s as beautiful as My Lo....” I mean, your welcome.” Gabrielle said
as she stopped herself from finishing the rest of her sentence.

“ I understand.” Questra said as she leveled her gaze on Gabrielle and ran an
appreciative gaze over Gabrielle’s whole blushing body, or at least what she
could see.

“ So, how shall we go about forming this alliance? I mean, there obviously
isn’t a lot of trust from your friend.”

“ It is true Lord Xena that Callisto does not trust you, but she no longer
hates you, she has found peace within herself to get past that, with my help.
But none the less, I believe such a wise woman as yourself will know how to
get past that problem of trust and build a trusting relationship. I have heard
many wondrous things about you and your magnificent Consort, as well as her
sister and the stories she tells, as well as being one of the youngest Amazon
Princesses to ever lead the Amazons when Queen Ephiny is not around, or when
the Princess feels it is necessary for her to lead. I am quite impressed with
all of you and I would find it an honor to get to know all of you and call you
friends, especially you little one.” Questra said directing the last of her
statement to the fiercely blushing Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle, I think you should try to be a little more discreet about your
feelings.” Diana whispered into Gabrielle’s ear.

“ Don’t tease me Diana, I can’t help it, She’s.....By The Gods.....” Gabrielle
gasped as she continued to try to avoid looking at the woman, but found she
couldn’t help it.

Diana chuckled to herself and then looked back over at the woman who was now
carrying on a conversation with Xena and Callisto.

“ Fine, you are welcome to stay here as my guest, while we continue our

“ Thank you Lord Xena, we will be honored to stay in your home as your a

Xena snapped her fingers and a few of her royal guards appeared.

“ Show the two women to one of the guest chambers with an attached chamber.”

“ Yes My Lord. Ladies If you will come with us we will show you to your

“ Very well.” Questra said as she stood and bowed her head at Xena, and also
at Diana, and winked at Gabrielle. “ I hope I will see you later little one?”

Gabrielle could only nod her head, seeing how her throat was blocked by the
large lump in it.

“ I am pleased, see you soon then. Callisto, after you.” Questra stated as she
and Callisto followed the guards to their chamber.

After they were gone, Gabrielle jumped up and immediately exclaimed.

“ WOW, can you believe it? She’s breathtaking.”

“ Literally.” Diana interjected at the gushing of her sister.

“ Well I can’t help it, she seems perfect, I mean she’s beautiful, she’s wise,
she smart, she seems to know things about war, that you yourself Xena was
impressed by, and she has a soul that seems to be dual in it’s character. Gods
I’m so turned on. I’m dizzy.” Gabrielle admitted.

“ hahahahaha, Gabrielle, you need to calm down, you don’t know anything about
this woman, despite what she looks like. I mean she is a magnificent creature,
I’ve only seen one other woman....”

“ You better say...MORE... Consort. “ Xena stated with a warning in her tone.

“ Of course love, no one could come close to how magnificent you are. You have
that dark power that just thrills me to my very being. Diana stated as she
moved to sit astride Xena’s lap.

Xena smirked and then ran her hand through Diana’s hair and then she suddenly
grabbed it and held Diana back away from her.

“ Gabrielle, will you excuse us, I need to talk with my Consort about
something, we’ll meet you for evening meal and our guest will be joining us.”

“ Certainly. That’s wonderful. I’ll see you both later.”

Xena watched Gabrielle go and once she did, Diana said, “ Xena, your hurting
my head, please let go?”

“ No, not until you answer a question.”

“ What?”

“What was that all about?”

“ I beg your pardon?” Diana said as she tried to lean back in, but Xena’s grip
held her at bay.

“ Xena....I.....ok, ok, let go of my hair and I’ll tell you.”

“ Are you asking me? Or telling me?”

“ Always asking Xena.” Diana said quietly.

Xena let go of Diana’s hair and Diana instantly went to rubbing her scalp.

“ I was just surprised to hear her voice, it’s so much like...well you know?”

“ I see. So, did my kitten feel something for this woman?” Xena asked raising
a brow at Diana.

“ No, I only FEEL for one woman, and that’s you My dear sweet jealous love.”
Diana said with a tease to her tone, as she leaned forward and place a sweet
kiss to Xena’s lips.

Xena grabbed Diana’s hair once again and pulled her back away from her and
stated in no uncertain terms.

“ My sure it stays that way Consort.”

“ You have my word. Besides, it’s obvious Gabrielle likes her, and I couldn’t
take someone from her no matter how beautiful they were.”

“ What?”

“ I’m kidding Xena.” Diana said quickly when she saw Xena’s eyes narrowing.

“ Don’t kid about things like that kitten, it’ll only lead to a tender behind
for you.” Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ okay.” Diana said demurely as she waited for Xena.

“ Good girl.” Xena said as she pulled Diana back in to her for another kiss,
only this one was deeper and full of intentions.

Later after Xena allowed Diana a reprieve from her voracious appetite, the two
women met up with Gabrielle and headed to meet the two women. The whole way to
the Royal dining hall Gabrielle could not talk about anything else.

When Xena and Diana and Gabrielle walked into the hall everyone stood and
bowed, then after they had taken their seat and Xena told them to enjoy their
meal, they went on gaping at the woman sitting next to Gabrielle.

“ So Gabrielle, tell me about how you came to be here with Lord Xena?”

“ Well, I....I...I came with my sister, Lord Xena made a challenge to my
sister, and my sister being ever the competitive person she is, especially
where Lord Xena is concerned, answered the challenge, and I was welcomed to
stay by My Lord.”

“ How interesting. Do you go everywhere your sister goes?”

“ No, not really, but I like going where she goes, I have learned and
discovered so many things since.”

Questra smiled at Gabrielle and then turned and looked at Diana.

“ It is quite an honor to have a sister who admires and looks up to a sibling
as your sister obviously looks up to you.”

“ Well, she is not alone in her admiration, I too admire and look up to her as
a light in my soul, and I would do anything necessary to protect her.” Diana
stated with honesty.

Questra gave a slight nod of her head in acknowledgement of Diana’s warning,
and then followed it up.

“ Then I shall ask you now for your permission to get to know your sister?”

“ You have it, but you don’t have to ask me if you can keep company with my
sister, you should ask her. But you must also gain the approval of My Lord as
far as if you have any deeper intentions towards my sister.”

“ I understand, right now I am only interested in learning more about your
sister. Plus the fact I find her to be a very attractive young lady.” Questra
said as she turned her gaze on Gabrielle who was blushing once again.

The rest of the evening was pleasant enough with Xena doing her usual studying
of everything, especially the two women. The next few days Gabrielle spent a
lot of time with Questra, along with Diana joining them at times.

One day the three women were out by the lake and Gabrielle suggested the three
of them go swimming.

“ I think that is a wonderful Idea Gabrielle, what do you think Diana?”

“ Oh, that’s fine, I’ll send the servants to get us some suits.”

“ Suits for what? I don’t swim with a suit.”

“ Well usually I don’t either, but that’s only when My Lord, or just myself
and Gabrielle are here.”

“ Are you shy around me?”

“ No, it’s just I don’t think Xena would appreciate it. But don’t let me hold
you two up, go and enjoy, I’ll go and get some food brought down for us.”

“ Ok, if your sure?”

“ I am.” Diana said as she turned and headed for the palace.

Meanwhile Questra turned her attention back to Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle? Are you going to join me in the water?”

“ Okay.” Gabrielle said as she begun to undo her snaps on her clothing.
Questra moved behind Gabrielle and she brought her hands up to Gabrielle’s
hand and lifting a handful of it she brought it to her nose and smelled the
scent of Gabrielle’s hair.

Gabrielle blushed by the gesture, but stood completely still not knowing what
to do next. Questra let Gabrielle’s hair fall between her fingers and then she
slowly begun removing Gabrielle’s top. Sliding the silk material down off of
Gabrielle’s shoulders along with the provocative way Questra’s fingers
lingered after the sliding material, made Gabrielle’s skin erupt in

Gabrielle’s breathing was increasing with every touch. Finally the blouse was
off and Questra unfastened Gabrielle’s skirt, but this time she wrapped an arm
around Gabrielle’s waist and with her free hand she slid the skirt off of her
letting it puddle around Gabrielle’s feet.

Gabrielle now stood with only her underpants on and Questra slid her fingers
into the waistband of them and slid them down and once again let them fall
around Gabrielle’s feet.

Questra then whispered in Gabrielle’s ear.

“ My bard, can I have you?” Questra asked as she kissed the temple area of
Gabrielle’s head.

“ I.....I have never been with anyone, I mean other than being brought out.”
Gabrielle said breathlessly.

“ That’s ok, I’ll only go as far as you want me to, alright my Bard?”

“ O....okay.” Gabrielle said with some effort.

“ Will you help me take off my clothes?”

“ Oh...okay.” Gabrielle stuttered as she turned around and shyly begun to undo
Questra’s clothes.

Once Gabrielle had finished removing Questra’s clothing she stood up and
Questra took her hand and guided her over one of the trees that was large
enough to keep them from being seen by anyone just passing by the lake.

Questra had Gabrielle between herself and the tree with her arms on either
side of Gabrielle’s head.

“ Your so beautiful My Bard, your skin is a soft as a newborn birds feathers.
Your eyes are the colors of jewel that shine light the sun in the sky. I am a
little surprised that you don’t already have someone in your life, although I
am pleased for me that you don’t.”

“ I...I, haven’t really found anyone that I would want to be with for a long

“ But now you have?”

“ I....I don’t know, I mean that would depend on what you want from me?”

“ You.” Questra answered without a hesitation.

“ Ah..! I ....I see.”

“ Do you My Bard?”

“ I think so.” Gabrielle said as she felt ever the child in this woman’s
steady gaze. But yet she was so turned on, she wanted to feel the woman’s
touch again, but at the moment she had to wait, while Questra asked her

Questra saw the desire in Gabrielle’s eyes and called her on it.

“ Do you want me to touch you Gabrielle?”

Gabrielle blushed and lowered her eyes out of embarrassment that she was so

Questra lifted Gabrielle’s chin so that she was once again looking at her. She
then leaned forward and placed a tender kiss to Gabrielle’s lips. Gabrielle
moaned and gripped the tree as she felt herself melting.

Questra brought her hand around Gabrielle’s waist and pulled her to her.
Gabrielle’s body shook from the contact against Questra’s hot body. Once again
Gabrielle moaned into her mouth, as Questra deepen the kiss and was now
driving her tongue deep into Gabrielle’s receptive mouth.

Gabrielle hungrily feasted on it and it was Questra’s turn to moan her

“ Gabrielle? Questra? We’re back, I brought Xena with me.”

Questra held her fingers up to her mouth and pulled Gabrielle with her into
the water, then popping up in the middle of the lake with Gabrielle with her,
they swam over to the shore and Questra helped Gabrielle out and they walked
over to where Diana once again stood with her mouth open.

“ Close your mouth Consort, and then next time your mouth comes open because
of her, I’ll redden your backside, just to give you a reason to open your
mouth.” Xena stated with agitation in her voice.

“ Sorry, it’s just that.... Well never mind, it won’t happen again.” Diana
said assuring Xena it was not anything that was turning her on, just the
surprise of things.

“ Lord Xena, I’m pleased to see you could join us, Gabrielle is quite a
wonderful delight, I shall enjoy many wonderful times with her, I hope?”
Questra said as she directed her question to Gabrielle.

“ Of course, anytime.” Gabrielle answered with an adoring gaze lighting her

Xena’s eyes narrowed slightly, as she watched the interaction, but then in
order not to make anyone uncomfortable she let it past as if she had not

“ Lord Xena, Where is Callisto?”

“ She’s being shown around the land by on of staff members.”

“ Oh, who?”

“ Seer Shatara, you met her a few days ago.”

“ Aha yes I remember, have they been gone long?”

“ No they just left after Callisto and I finished our meeting.”

“ How are things going?”

“ Alright, there are still many things left to be worked out before anything
is finalized, but progress is being made.”

“ I’m pleased to hear that. Although, I hope I don’t sound selfish, but I hope
it takes quite a while for things to be worked out.”

“ Why is that?” Xena asked suspiciously.

“ Because, it would mean I would have to say goodbye to My Bard.” Questra
answered as she ran a caressing hand over Gabrielle’s cheek. And then looked
back at Xena.

Xena nodded her head slightly in understanding, and then she glanced back at
Gabrielle who stood shyly slightly hidden by Questra’s body.

“ Gabrielle, why don’t you go and help your sister with the food and put your
clothes on so you don’t get a chill?”

“ Okay. “ Gabrielle said as she turned and went to do as Xena told her.

Meanwhile Questra put her clothes on and she and Xena stepped away from where
Diana and Gabrielle were preparing the food and drinks , with Gabrielle
giggling at times, and Diana taunting her.

“ Questra I know you and Gabrielle have been spending a lot of time together,
but I have to ask if you realize how naive Gabrielle is, as well as

“ Yes I realize that and more, But my only intention towards Gabrielle is to
have her in my life, I have fallen hard for her, and I want to take advantage
of the fact that there is no one else in her life right now.”

“ Well, you need to slow things down a bit. Let me be blunt. I don’t want you
to bed her for at least one year.”

“ A year? Lord Xena you have to realize how unreasonable that is?”

“ Normally I would agree with you if it were anyone else, but because of who
it is, and me knowing what your bedding would do to her, especially if you
decided to leave her for whatever reason, I don’t want her hurt.”

“ But a year? I have needs Lord Xena, just like I’m sure you do.”

“ I realize that, but there are other ways to handle those needs without
deflowering her.”

“ But she said she was no longer a virgin?”

“ Technically she's telling you the truth. You will not be the first to have
her. But you will be the first to have her with the same desire. She also does
not know that when she was taken, she was gifted with the ability to become a
virgin in the literal form again.”

“ You mean she has her Maiden Head back?”

“ Yes. But she does not know that.”

“ How is that possible?”

“ It doesn’t matter how, it just matters that it is true.”

“ Why was it given back?”

“ Because it was not right to take such a gift from her just because of a
ritual custom.”

“ It was you who brought her out?”

“ Yes.”

“ Now I understand her feelings towards me.” Questra said with some sadness in
her voice.

“ No you don’t if you think that is why she feels the way she does for you. I
know it was the initial spark, but it is not what she has fallen in love with.
It’s you, it’s your own strength, your own personality, and the light she sees
in your eyes when you look at her.” Xena said allaying any doubts about why
Gabrielle felt for her the way she did.

“ When I look at her, she lights my eyes, and my soul.” Questra said with
affection sounding.

“ So, give me your oath that you will not bed her, no matter what, for one

“ Can it be for six months?”

“ One year.”

“ If gave you my word, you wouldn’t have a problem with me just going far
enough to touch, but not break the Maiden Head?” Questra asked looking Xena
straight in the eyes.

Xena pinched her lips then after a moment of studying the woman and looking
over at Gabrielle and Diana she finally answered her.

“ No I won’t.”

“ I’m pleased to hear that, you have my word Lord Xena.” Questra said with an
anticipation ringing loudly in her tone.

The two women then nodded at each other and then turned and strided back over
to where Gabrielle and Diana sat teasing each other.

Xena took a seat behind Diana and Questra sat next to Gabrielle and with a
mischievous gleam coming into her eyes she decided to test Xena’s resolve,
just to make sure.

So she looked at Gabrielle who was nervously gripping a Goblet.

“ May I have some of what your drinking My Bard?” Questra asked as she
caressed Gabrielle’s bare thigh.

“ Uh....of course, I’ll pour you some.” Gabrielle said as she started to put
her down and pick up a Goblet for Questra.

“ No, I’ll just drinking some from your cup, if you don’t mind?”

“ Mind?, here you go.” Gabrielle said holding the cup out for
Questra to take it.

Questra wrapped her larger hand around Gabrielle’s and the cup and brought it
to her mouth and drank from it. Afterwards Questra let go of Gabrielle’s hand
and placing her fingers under Gabrielle’s chin she turned her head and
bringing Gabrielle close to her she said in a sultry voice.

“ Thank you My Bard, it was very good. “ Questra then leaned in further and
placed a tender kiss on Gabrielle.

Questra then broke it and leaned to Gabrielle’s ear and whispered, “ I hope we
will be able to finish where we left off?”

Gabrielle blushed her response as she glanced at Questra and then lowered her
eyes and then raised them to glance at Diana and Xena. Diana had a look of
surprise somewhat, while Xena simply had a brow raised as if studying
Gabrielle’s reaction to the kiss.

“ So....anyone hungry?” Diana asked somewhat offhandedly.

“ I am kitten.” Xena said trying to soothe the raised hairs on Diana’s back.

Diana handed Xena her plate and Gabrielle hers and she offered one to Questra
who raised her hand to stop her.

“ Thank you anyway, but I will take of Gabrielle’s plate, I think it’s enough
for the both of us? Don’t you?”

“ Yes.” Gabrielle answered as Questra fed her a piece of meat, and then let
her fingers caress Gabrielle’s lip as she chewed it.

Diana watched the two of them, and when Gabrielle would look up at Diana,
Diana would make sure she was looking at something else. But Xena saw Diana’s
action and decided she would talk to her about it later, but for now she
needed to distract Diana.

“ Kitten, I’m a little tight right now in my shoulders, do you mind?”

“ Not at all.” Diana said as she removed herself from between Xena’s legs and
went to her knees behind Xena after Xena moved forward.

Diana proceeded to massage Xena’s neck and shoulders and upper back as she
discreetly watched Gabrielle and Questra. At times she would tighten her grip
on some part of Xena’s muscle and Xena would subtly pinch her to get her to
let go.

“ Stop doing that Xena?’ Diana said sending Xena her thoughts.

“ Then start paying attention to what your doing.” Xena sent back.

“ Sorry. I’m just surprised to see where this has gone to.” Diana said talking
to Xena with her mind now.

“ I know you are, that’s why your back there, so you can concentrate on
something else rather than the two of them.”

“ But Xena?”

“ We’ll talk about this later kitten, right now just go with it.”

“ I don’t want to go with it.” Diana said with a pout sounding in the words.

“ Ok now? come around and sit in front of me again, I think you need to have
some of your own tightness relieved.”

Diana scooted back around in front of Xena and sat down where she was before,
Xena pulled her back so that she was reclining on her chest. Then to Diana’s
surprise Xena slipped her hands inside of her blouse and begun kneading her

“ Xena?” Diana whispered.

“ What kitten?”

“ What are you doing?”

“ What doe it feel like I’m doing?”

“ It feels like your about to make me tighter?”

“ Well don’t worry I can fix that if it happens.” Xena whispered back in
Diana’s ear as she continued to massage the sweet flesh.

Then she pitched the squeezed the tightening peaks and Diana came off of the

“ Uh... I.....I have to go and take care of something, I will see everyone
later.” Diana abruptly said as she turned and strided away from the lake quite

Xena sat smirking and then she picked up a grape and popped it into her mouth.

“ What was that all about?”

She has some things that need to be seen to, I think I will go and help her.
Will you two be ok?”

“ We’ll be fine Lord Xena. Go and see to your Consorts needs.” Questra said
reading Diana’s behavior without any problems.

“ Alright, I’ll see you two later, possibly tomorrow?”

“ Yes Lord Xena.”

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ Good, until then, behave yourselves.” Xena said directing the statement to

“ We shall Lord Xena, you have my word.” Questra said reminding Xena that she
would not break her oath.

“ Fine.” Xena then turned and strided back to the palace to find Diana.

Meanwhile Questra proceeded to take advantage of the time alone she and
Gabrielle had. She brought Gabrielle’s lips to hers and she once again kissed
them, first tenderly, and then more erotically.

Questra pushed Gabrielle back onto her back as she brought her own body over
top of her without breaking their kiss. Questra’s hands begun unfastening
Gabrielle’s top once again and Gabrielle trembled as a result.

“ Haaa! Your so passionate My Little Bard.” Questra stated somewhat surprised
by Gabrielle’s passion.

Gabrielle couldn’t speak at the moment her mind was too focused on what
Questra’s hands were doing to her breast.

“ Your so flushed, is that for me?”

“ Yes. “ Gabrielle panted, as Questra kept her eyes locked on Gabrielle’s.

“ Gabrielle, you know how I feel about you right?”

“ I think so.”

“ You think so? You should know by now Gabrielle. I’m a little disappointed
that you don’t know, maybe you don’t want me to have you?” Questra said
somewhat irritated.

“ No, I do.” Gabrielle said as she noticed Questra’s hands were no longer
kneading her breast.

“ How can I be sure Gabrielle? I mean your not even sure of how I feel about
you. I can tell you exactly how you feel about me. Your in love with me, and
you can’t believe such a person like me is even interested in you, but your
ecstatic that I am. Right?”

“ Yes. I’m sorry.” Gabrielle said contritely.

“ I forgive you Gabrielle, I love you. But until your sure of how I feel about
you I will not completely take you.” Questra said laying out the plan for
Gabrielle so that she knew why she wasn’t going to take her, although it was
more than that.

“ I understand.” Gabrielle said quietly as she chewed her lip.

Questra saw the remorse in Gabrielle’s eyes, and she then leaned down and
begun kissing her again,while renewing her caressing. Questra kissed her way
down Gabrielle’s neck and when she made it to Gabrielle’s breast she covered
one of the peaks with her mouth and at first she sucked gently on the
tightening peak, but as Gabrielle moaned more and more, Questra’s passions lit
more and more, she begun sucking harder on the peak as she pinched and rolled
the other in her fingers.

“ By The Gods...” Gabrielle exclaimed again and again as Questra made love to
her the way only woman had before. Only Questra did not enter into Gabrielle’s
maidenly gate.

Questra took Gabrielle to the brim and Gabrielle was breathing rapidly and
then just before she was about to peak, Questra lifted up her head from
Gabrielle’s breast and stated, “ this is how I will make you feel every day if
your faithful to me and me alone My Bard.”

Questra then took Gabrielle over.

“ HAAA.......” was the last sounds Gabrielle made before her body tightened
and then tremored as her ecstasy shook her to her being.

After a few minutes Gabrielle collapsed back to the grass covered ground, and
breathing hard while Questra held her in her arms caressing her until she
quieted from the unexpected emotions that poured from her.

“ It’s okay Gabrielle, just relax, I’m here?” Questra said as she sooth the
dazed young girl.

After a while Questra and Gabrielle walked back to the Palace and Gabrielle
was escorted back to her room by Questra.

“ Good night My Bard, I’ll see you in the morning for morning meal.” Questra
stated as fact.

“ Of course. But why don’t you stay here with me tonight?” Gabrielle asked.

“ I would love to, but I don’t think that would be appropriate right now.”

“ Oh, I understand, your right.” Gabrielle said accepting Questra’s

“ Good, I’ll see you tomorrow then Gabrielle my sweet bard. And I do mean
sweet.” Questra stated as she leaned down and kissed Gabrielle once more
before heading to her chamber.

Gabrielle practically floated to her bed that night as she drifted off to
sleep after many candlemarks of just thinking about Questra and how happy she
was. She even blushed at the thought of her orgasms as a result of Questra.

Meanwhile Xena and Diana were having words.

“ Xena I don’t like the idea of Gabrielle falling for such a woman.”

“ Why not? Gabrielle obviously has already, and Questra feels the same way,
why do you have such a problem with it?”

“ Because it’s my sister we’re talking about. I mean what do we know about her
or her friend? What if their lovers?”

“ Their not.”

“ Xena how do you know that?”

“ Because I know people. They are purely business partners of sorts.”

“ Ok, fine what do we know about her?”

“ I know everything I need to know to be satisfied with this relationship.”

“ Well...what you told me is not enough, I think we need to know more.” Diana
stated unsure of her stance any longer.

Xena heard it and smirked.

“ Xena don’t laugh, it’s not funny.” Diana chided Xena before Xena could

“ Kitten why don’t you just admit it?”

“ What?”

“ Your just being an overprotective sister, no one is good enough for your

“ Look who’s talking about over protectiveness? The queen herself.” Diana
stated somewhat sarcastically.

“ I’ll let that slide this time kitten, but don’t do it again.” Xena warned.

“ Well Xena damnit, stop acting like I don’t have a right to be concerned?”

“ For one thing Consort .” Xena said as she rose up out of the chair she was
sitting in to go and stand in front of Diana by the window. “ You know how I
feel about you cursing, I don’t want to hear it again. The other thing is, YOU
DON'T, you have no reason to be concerned, at all, I told you I trust her,
that should be enough for you?”

“ Well it’s not.” Diana said as she crossed her arms over her chest and turned
away and started pouting.


Xena laid a firm hand to Diana’s behind over top of her robe. Diana nearly
jumped out of her skin from the pain.

“ Why did you do that?!” Diana said with tears in her eyes from the throbbing.

“ Get over it. Now! I don’t want to have to deal with you pouting the next few
days, especially when I haven’t had you in the last 6 candlemarks. I’m a
little restless right now and I don’t want to do anything but get in bed and
make love to My Consort. So get over it! “

Diana stood listening to Xena as she kept her eyes lowered. She felt Xena’s
steady gaze on her and she nervously shifted from foot to foot.

“ Get in bed.” Xena commanded.

Diana looked up at her and saw the authority in Xena’s eyes. Diana licked her
lips and easing by Xena she walked over to the bed and removed her robe and
got under the covers. Xena followed after Diana and sliding in next to her
from the other side she opened her arms for Diana to come over to her.

Diana moved into Xena’s arms and Xena begun caressing Diana’s arms. She rolled
over onto her side and saw Diana pouting.

“ Are you still pouting Consort?”

“ No.” Diana said quickly, as she saw Xena’s eyes starting to narrow.

“ Good, now give me a kiss.” Xena commanded.

Diana lifted up and brought her lips to Xena’s, soon they were into the rhythm
Xena had set. Xena soon had Diana screaming her name to the skies as she
ravished her. Then Xena had Diana begging for time to catch her breath.

“ Please....Xena.....Gods....just a few moments, that’s all I’m asking for

“ You can rest later kitten.” Xena said breathlessly as she continued in her

Finally after candlemarks of lovemaking Xena allowed Diana to rest.

The next morning was interesting for everyone. Diana had awoken when Xena had
and the two of them were down in the Hall of Masters working out, when Shatara
and Ephiny and Atalanta and Nebula all showed up for the day they had planned
to spend together, discussing nothing in particular, just enjoying friends
company. Ephiny, Atalanta and Shatara all were looking forward to seeing
Gabrielle, without the others knowing the reason why.

When Diana heard them come in she spared a glance over and forgetting about
who she was sparring with, she was caught across the cheek with the butt of
Xena’s sword.

“ GODS!! XENA?!” Diana yelled as she laid holding her cheek.

“ Consort what were you doing not paying attention?!” Xena scolded as she went
to her knees to check Diana’s cheek. “Your lucky I didn’t break any of your
teeth. “

Xena then helped Diana up off of the floor and again asked her what was she
thinking about.

“ I was thinking about the three of them.” Diana said as she gestured towards
the women standing in the door.

“ What about them?”

“ They’re here to spend the day with all of us, you, me, and Gabrielle?”

“ What’s wrong with that?’

Diana gave Xena a certain type of look and after a few moments Xena's. brow
raised and a smirk came to her face.

“ I see. Well let’s not ask for any trouble, maybe their feelings for her
aren’t that strong? Although Ephiny’s might be. Well we’ll just have to see
how things go.”

Xena and Diana went to clean up and then went to meet Gabrielle in the dining
hall for breakfast. Gabrielle was already there by herself at the moment just
talking to the servants about some last minute thing she wanted done.

After she had finished she went to sit down and was surprised to see everyone.

Diana gave her a supportive type smile, and then they headed over to where
Gabrielle stood.

Gabrielle, it’s good to see you.” Ephiny said as she gave her a big hug and a
kiss to her forehead, Atalanta’s eyes narrowed slightly but she let it go and
greeted Gabrielle as well.

“ Gabrielle, always wonderful to see you.” And she gave a hug to her and then
kissed her on the forehead.

Ephiny stood looking at Atalanta, but she said nothing, she didn’t think she
had a reason to be jealous of her seeing how she recently just came back into
Gabrielle’s and Diana’s life. Then Nebula greeted Gabrielle with a hug and
then let her go, and Shatara greeted Gabrielle as she had always with a kiss
and a hug.

Gabrielle said hello to all of them and then told everyone to have a seat and
then called the servant over to take their drink orders.

‘ I’ll be right back, I just need to talk to my sister for a moment. Xena do
you mind keeping everyone engaged?”

“ Not at all Gabrielle.” Xena said as she sat down in her chair and the others
sat down and ordered what they wanted to drink for breakfast.

“ Diana, what are they doing here?”

“ Gabrielle we had this day plan for the last 2 months.”

“ Arrghh! That’s right, I forgot.” Gabrielle said distressed.

“ Gabrielle it’s alright, you haven’t told any of them how you feel about
them, right?”

“ I told them that I care about them, and that maybe there was a chance for
things to work out for us one day soon, but I didn’t tell them any thing more
than that.”

“ Gabrielle? Ok, that’s ok, we’ll think of something. Let’s just go back
inside and try to get through this. “

“ Okay.”

“ Oh, by the way Gabrielle, I need to know how you feel about Questra?”

“ I’ve never felt like this before.” Gabrielle gushed.

“ So your in love with her?”

“ I think so?” Gabrielle stated honestly.

“ Okay....your not making this easy. You know that right?”

“ sorry.”

“ Okay, let’s go.” Diana said as she and Gabrielle headed back into the dining

Diana went to sit by Xena, but Xena motioned for her to sit in front of her.
Diana sat between Xena’s legs and Xena wrapped her long legs around Diana’s
legs and whispered into Diana’ s ear as Gabrielle took a seat by Ephiny.

“ So is everything ok?”

“ I think it will be if there are no more surprises? Lucky for us Callisto and
Questra decided to sleep in or something?”

“ No, Callisto is not in the palace, she went to stay in town for a while, she
needed some company.”

“ So where is Questra?”

“ She’s at the door.”

“ What?” Diana asked confused by Xena’s statement.

“ She’s at the door.” Xena said pointing in the direction of the entrance.

Questra stood looking around the now filling Dining hall.

“ Oh for Gaia sake.” Diana whispered to Xena just as Questra saw them.

Diana tapped Gabrielle’s foot with her foot and gestured towards the door.

“ By the Gods?” Gabrielle said to herself as she saw Questra heading to the

Gabrielle pretended to not see her coming and would wait until Questra spoke
to her.

“ Hello everyone. I hope I’m not disturbing you?” Questra said pleasantly.

“ Hello Questra, how did you sleep? Xena asked making small talk for the
moment before she introduced everyone.

“ Quite well, although it could have been better if I had some company, but
such as it was I did sleep peacefully.”

“ I’m pleased to hear that. Let me introduce you to everyone?”

“ Questra, this is Queen Ephiny, Atalanta, Princess Nebula, who also is an
ex pirate, and you know Shatara?”

“ Yes. Hello to all of you.”

“ Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“ That’s what they think. “ Diana said sending the thought to Xena.

“ Stop it.” Xena scolded.

“ Will you be joining us?” Ephiny asked.

“ I don’t know, will I be joining you Gabrielle?” Questra asked point blankly
of the nervous young girl, noticing she had not even greeted her yet.

“ Hm? Oh, yes, please do?” Gabrielle said as she tried to avoid looking
Questra in the eyes.

“ Hm.....I don’t know, you don’t sound like you really want my company?”
Questra said pushing Gabrielle to admit she did.

“ Ques.....” Diana started to say, but Xena poked her in the side and sent a
thought to her suddenly.

“ Not another word Consort. Gabrielle has to handle this.”

“ But Xena?”

Xena raised a brow at Diana and Diana went silent.

“ I do want your company, I mean we do...right?”

“ Yes, please, you may sit here.” Nebula offered the seat next to her and
across from Gabrielle.

Questra looked at the offered seat without really looking at it, and then with
her hand on it she looked back up to Gabrielle and decided to find out what
was going on.

“ Gabrielle, come here.” Questra said as she removed her hand from the chair.

Gabrielle looked up at Questra and seeing the steady gaze she got out of her
chair and glancing Ephiny and the others she walked around to where Questra

“ Yes Questra?” Gabrielle said diffidently.

“ What’s going on?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ NO! Don’t do that. Tell me what’s going on.” Questra scolded.

“ Nothing.” Gabrielle said trying to sound convincing.

Questra leaned back on one of her heels and crossing her arms she cocked her
head at Gabrielle and giving a studying gaze she waited for Gabrielle to tell
her. Gabrielle was now blushing and didn’t know quite what to do. Questra then
decided to handle it another way.

“ Gabrielle what did you tell me yesterday, when we were out in the garden?”

“ I...I....” Gabrielle started to say and then went to look over at the table
but Questra caught her chin and kept her from looking over.

“ Look at me. Now answer me Gabrielle.”

Gabrielle swallowed hard but then tried to speak again.

“ I....I, said I would be....“ Gabrielle said pausing as she once again
started to look over at the table. But once again her chin was caught and this
time held. “ That I would be .......yours.”

“ And?” Questra asked.

“ What?!” Ephiny exclaimed.

Gabrielle started to look over at the Ephiny, but Questra didn’t even flinch
she just asked her question as if she did not hear the exclamation.

“ And what else did you tell me bard?”

“ Questra?” Gabrielle whimpered as she now felt everyone at the table looking
at her.

“ Answer me.”

“ I said I would be faithful and honest to you.” Gabrielle finally managed.

“ And are you being....faithful and honest with me?”

“ No.” Gabrielle admitted.

“ So, what are we going to do about it?”

Gabrielle now had tears in her eyes, and they rolled when she heard Ephiny
leave the table in a huff.

“ I......” Gabrielle started.

“ Diana was now about to come to her feet to help Gabrielle, but just as she
made the move Xena caught her by her hair and covered her mouth with her own
as she kissed Diana, while at the same time sending her thoughts to her.

“ Consort you will stay seated, you will not say one word, you will not
involve yourself in this. This is for Gabrielle to handle at the moment, so
far Questra has been within her rights and she has been very gentle with

“ Gentle?! She’s confronting her in front of a room full of people, making her
say things that only hurts her!”

“ No, she’s making Gabrielle be honest with her and indirectly with the
others. She’s only making Gabrielle say what was told to her, plus the fact
she could be more direct and really cause Gabrielle embarrassment.”

“ How?” Diana asked.

“ Questra could make her admit what they did yesterday.” Xena said as she
broke their kiss.

“ What did they do?”

“ They were together out in the garden after we left, I heard Gabrielle’s
moans of pleasures, and then I heard her sobbing afterwards.”

“ So Gabrielle was regretful of having been with her?”

“ No. Gabrielle was touched to her heart at having been with her.” Xena said
correcting Diana’s perception.

“ I...I....don’t know?” Gabrielle admitted.

“ Gabrielle it hasn’t even been a full day yet and you’ve already been
dishonest with me, how am I to trust you won’t be unfaithful or dishonest

“ I won’t.” Gabrielle said looking up at Questra’s hurt eyes.

“ Those are just words Gabrielle.” Questra stated still unconvinced.


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