To Love, To Need, To Desire - part 1b
By D.virtue

“ No it’s not and you know it?”

“ Okay, your right, but I want to see what has happened since they have been

“ No, put them down and let’s just .....”

“ Our Lord Approaches Your Majesty!!” The Guards called into the tent.

Both Diana and Gabrielle ran to the tent flap and peeked out to see their
Lords ride into the camp.

“ Wow....look at them!” Diana said breathless at the site of her warrior on
the massive warhorse, riding tall and just as commanding and powerful as she
was the first time Diana saw Xena.

“ I! Their incredible looking.”

The soldiers smiled at the gushing of the two women, and then said in a
serious voice.

“ You two better get back, judging from their faces they look like they have a
lot on their minds, and it’s not love at the moment, if you’ll pardon my
bluntness your majesty?”

“ Don’t worry about it, your right. Come on Gabrielle, no need for them to see
us this soon, plus it’ll give us some distance just in case we have to run.”
Diana said seriously.

Gabrielle looked at her and she didn’t know whether to laugh or run now. But
they backed away from the flap and towards the back of the tent, but not so
far that they would not be seen. Xena and Questra rode up to the tent along
with the captains, and advisors, and dismounting Diana heard Xena’s commanding

“ Have the scout leaders report to me, at once!! I want to know why! We didn’t
know about Callisto’s new abilities!” Xena raged with her eyes flashing
despite the fact that she was covered in blood, her and Questra.

“ Okay Gabrielle, I think this is not the best time to be here, maybe we
should leave now and come back later?”

“ You think so?” Gabrielle asked with flushed cheeks from the fear and
excitement that was still racing through her.

“ Yes, let’s g......” Diana started to say when she heard Xena again.

“ What’s wrong with you two? Why are you looking so terrified?! We know what
we look like, but that never bother you before, why now?” Xena asked

One of the soldiers was so overwhelmed by the fire in both of the warriors
eyes he literally fainted. Both of the Warriors looked at the fallen man, and
then looked at the other man who didn’t look like he was much further behind.

Questra grabbed the man that was still standing and held him up in the air as
she had no patients left for foolishness.

“ Spill it!” She commanded, while Xena simply cocked her head at the soldier.

“ They’re in the tent My Lords!” The man gushed.

“ Who... are they?” Xena asked while Questra still held him in the air.

“ My Lords please, I think it is better if you see for yourselves?”

Questra looked hard at the soldier and then she looked at Xena. Xena nodded
her head and the soldier was dropped to his feet.

“ Open it!” Xena commanded and the soldier pulled back the flap and Xena
looked at the down man and said before she went inside. “ When he wakes up,
have him report to the waste disposal commander.”

“ Yes My Lord.” The soldier replied as he bowed low.

Xena followed Questra inside the tent, followed by the advisors and captains,
and stopped just in time to prevent bumping into the growling woman.

“ What is it?” Xena asked as she quickly scanned the tent and her eyes lit
with fire when she saw what Questra was looking at.

Xena cursed out loud and then stormed towards the backing women, and Questra
was right next to her.

“ We had to come....I mean I had to come....I needed you.....I.....well you
know what I’m saying Xena, but maybe this isn’t such a good time right now?”
Diana tried to explain, but found herself completely captured by Xena’s
piercing eyes.

Xena ripped off her weapons belt and threw it to the side as she stormed
towards Diana, cloaks flying behind her. Diana was moving faster towards the
rear of the large tent, but Xena’s voice ended that.

“ STOP!” Diana immediately stopped backing up as Xena came upon her and
without saying another word she pushed a chair to the side of Diana without
losing a step and then she grabbed Diana by her arm and swung her around,
Diana landed across Xena’s bloodied thighs, and Xena wasted no time she
whipped Diana’s skirt up and laid fifty quick swats to Diana’s behind.

Questra had delivered twenty to Gabrielle’s and both the girls screamed with
each strike. The advisors and the Captains all stood speechless as they
watched the warriors disciple their respective Consorts.

Finally Xena finished and then standing Diana up she then came to her feet and
cupping Diana’s tearing face with her hand, she looked hard at her and said in
a low, yet extremely calm voice which was very disturbing to Diana in itself.

“ Don’t move, don’t speak until I tell you it’s okay Consort.” Xena then left
Diana standing with her back to everyone and she went to the table where
Questra had moved to where she sent Gabrielle to the bed on the other side of
the open dividing wall, obviously where Questra slept, and Xena had the other

Diana was concerned about Gabrielle so she used her mind to speak to her.

“ Gabrielle? Are you okay?”

“ Yes. I’ll be fine, my behind hurts worse than I thought it would, but I’ll
be fine.” came the returned thought.

“ I’m sorry.”

“ No need to be, I told you I went into this with my eyes wide open, and
despite how much my behind hurts, I have to was still

Diana chuckled to herself, despite trying not to, and then she stiffened
hoping Xena hadn’t heard, but Xena’s and Questra’s ears were tuned, and when
they heard the chuckle, Xena’s eyes narrowed and she stopped in mid sentence,
which told Diana that she had been heard.

“ Uh-oh.” Diana said with her mind to Gabrielle, who turned herself so that
she could see what was about to happen.

Both Xena and Questra left the table and went to stand around Diana. Diana
swallowed hard and her breathing was rapid despite having not been touched by
either. Xena saw the tremble, and her predatory state kicked in.

“ So....My Consort thinks it’s funny to disobey me?” Xena stated to Questra.

“ Obviously.” Questra agreed as the two of them walked around to look Diana in
the eyes.

Xena brought her hand up to lift Diana’s chin up so that she was looking her
in the eyes. But rather than receiving the reaction she was expecting from the
still tearing young girl, she was truly surprised.

“ GODS YOUR BEAUTIFUL!” Diana gasped as her eyes suddenly lit to Identify

Xena’s brows knitted at the reaction, and then she saw the blushing of Diana’s
cheeks as she held her chin. Questra’s brows were just as deeply knitted as
Xena's. The two women looked at each other and then back at Diana.

“ Gabrielle! Get over here!” Xena’s voice rang throughout the tent.

Gabrielle immediately began to move to make her way over to where Xena told
her to come to, although she was moving stiffly.

“ Yes?”

Questra took hold of Gabrielle’s chin and Gabrielle’s cheeks redden from the
excitement that was searing through her as both the warriors leveled their
gaze on her.

“ What’s going on with you two?”

“ GODS You are Beautiful!!” Gabrielle answered with the wrong question in her
mind as she shivered with the excitement of everything.

Both Xena and Questra tried to maintain their angry composures, but it was
hard considering how utterly adorable the two highly turned on girls were.

“ Don’t move from here, and I don’t want to hear another sound from either of
you!” Xena stated firmly as she and Questra once again left the two girls,this
time standing next to each other and shivering.

Questra then sent a thought to Xena.

“ So, what do you want to do with the two impassioned Consorts?”

“ Quench their fire...of course, but I want Diana to be made to feel my
disappointment in her, I have to think of something that will really make her
wish she didn’t disobey me, it has to be something that really bugs her.”
Xena said with her mind.

“ Hmmm....I think whatever you come up with will work on Gabrielle, plus the
fact that Gabrielle can be the one to tell Diana that they shouldn’t have
come, I mean I love Gabrielle, but when she gets into that nagging mode, I
have to admit, I had to find a creative way to stop her, and it
good.” Questra smirked at the finished thought she sent back to Xena.

Xena returned the expression, but then both women let their expressions return
to that of business. While they were discussing things with the advisors and
the captains, and punishing the scout leaders for their lack of updated
information, Diana and Gabrielle remained standing, talking to one another
with their minds as Xena and Questra winded down the meeting.

Finally the meeting ended, and once it did, Xena called for the servants to
draw a bath for her and Lord Questra, and to clean the tent back up. While the
servants were attending to their ordered duties, Xena called for Kalissa.

Both Diana and Gabrielle wondered who Kalissa was, especially considering they
had never heard the name before. Xena felt Diana’s emotional confusion, and a
wicked grin came to her face.

“ My Lord Xena, My Lord Questra, you sent for me?”

“ Yes Kalissa, we want you to do what you do best?”

“ Really? With who?”

Xena cut her eyes to the two girls with their backs to them, trembling.

“ But they don’t look as though they need my help at all, especially the
caramel one?”

“ trust me, while they may look like they don’t need it, they do. I want them,
especially the caramel one to be like the one I saw you teaching when my army
came through. You have my permission to use whatever resources you need, and
if they get out of line, let us know, and we will deal with them. There are
many available people to help you in this task, if I’m pleased with the
results I will give you a position in my Royal household, in the position of
being their chaperone.”

“ My Lords I will not let you down. When would you like me to begin?”

“ Whenever your ready, and you have my permission to change whatever you need
to in this tent to succeed in your task.”

“ thank you. I will need a few servants?”

“ Use more than a few, use as many as you want and need to, I want the epitome
of your abilities to shine.”

“ Yes MY Lord. I’ll start with them first and then make the changes to the
tent as we go.”

Xena then wrote what she wanted from the woman so that there was no mistake.
The woman’s breath caught and she blushed as a result.

“ It’ll be done to your specifications My Lords.”

“ Great, we’ll just tell the two of them something and then we’ll let you get
to work, if the Caramel one gives you any guff....let me know.” Xena stated
loud enough for Diana to hear.

“ What are they talking about?” Diana asked with her mind to Gabrielle.

“ I don’t know, but I don’t think we’re going to like it...especially you.”
Gabrielle added, seeing how Xena seemed to be emphasize that specifically.

“ Diana, Gabrielle turn around.” Xena Commanded.

Both girls turned to once again exhale at the sight of their two lovers. Xena
simply raised a brow.

“ Okay Diana, Gabrielle, I can see you both are sorry for disobeying us, YET

Both girls nodded their heads.

“ And you both want to make it up to us, right?”

Again nods.

“ Okay, well let me ask you this, why did you come here?”

“ Because we thought we could help you relax?” Diana said hoping Xena was
buying it, but knowing she probably wasn’t.

“ Hmmm....really? “

“ Yes.” Gabrielle chimed in.

“ So what your both saying is that your here for our comfort?” Xena said with
a knowing gaze at the two girls.

“ Ye...yes, that’s it, we’re here to be of comfort to both of you.” Diana

“ aha....well, that’s very thoughtful of the two of you.”

“ We try.” Gabrielle said with a small smile.

Xena cut her eyes to her and then her eyes narrowed, and her tone became hard
once again.

“ Okay then! Diana, Gabrielle from this point on until either I or Questra say
differently, you will be exactly that, Our total and complete comfort! You
will not be allowed out of this tent, matter of fact there will be a
designated area of this tent that the two of you will not be allowed outside
of. Your only job here will be to provide total comfort to us. Diana this is
especially for you, Lord Questra will tell Gabrielle specifically what she
expects, but as far as your concerned, you will not speak, unless I say it’s
okay, you will not argue with me, you will not disobey me in this, your feet
will not be allowed to touch the ground of this tent unless you have slippers
on.” Xena then moved and took Diana’s chin in her hand and bending down she
told Diana exactly what it all boiled down to. “ You will be as soft as a
kitten by the time Kalissa gets through with you, and any rough edges that may
be left, I will smooth out myself if necessary. So be a good Consort, and do
exactly as your told.” Xena then lifted Diana off of her feet and planted a
kiss on her that Diana had to grab hold of Xena’s arm to steady herself,
although Xena was steady, it was just the surge of energy that was racing
through her. Xena then lowered Diana to her feet and Diana swayed, but kept
herself from falling.

Xena then turned and gestured to Kalissa to begin, now that there was a room
full of servants all standing at attention. Diana’s eyes focused on the troop
of servants and then she caught on.

“ Xena!! You can’t do this to me?!” Diana called after Xena before she left
out of the tent.

“ You should have thought about that before you disobey, now be good.” Xena
called over her shoulder and she and Questra disappeared out of the tent.

Diana and Gabrielle were left with the servants and the Kalissa woman, whom
Diana had to admit was very lovely.

“ Who are you and how do you know Lord Xena and Lord Questra?”

“ My name is Kalissa, I am a trainer of sorts. I was taken prisoner by your
Lords, but I was granted freedom to walk freely around the camp if I swore to
tend to those soldiers and their high battle lust, along with the women who
worked with me.”

“ Oh, I see, so what is it that you teach?”

“ I teach women how to be soft.”

“ Ha! Well then, I think you told our Lord correctly when you said you thought
I didn’t need any teaching.” Diana said with some sarcasm in her tone.

“ That! Is not soft.” Kalissa pointed out.

“ What?” Diana asked knitting her brows as she glanced around her.

“ What you just did with your tone of voice, that is not soft. I’m sure your
Lords don’t like it either.”

“ Listen, I know you were given your orders and things, but I really am not
interested in you or anyone else trying to teach me something I already know
how to do.”

“ Then it shouldn’t be too hard for you to do it then?” Kalissa answered back
with a soft yet unflinching voice.

Diana felt the hairs on her neck start to rise from the woman’s boldness.
Gabrielle stood with her hand covering her mouth trying not to laugh at
Diana’s discomfort. And the ironicness of the whole situation.

“ You don’t know who your dealing with, I am THE ultimate woman for anyone,
that’s why The Conqueror is My Lord.” Diana affirmed.

“ Yes, I can see that you are quite a specular woman, in beauty, both physical
and spiritual, but there is a definite hardness to you, that your LORD
obviously would prefer not to see?” The woman reasoned as she stood toe to toe
with Diana, looking her straight in the eyes.

Diana went to open her mouth, and then closed it, and then tried again, and
once again closed it.

“ I see you know it too?” The woman picked up instantly. Gabrielle then could
not contain her laughter, and she burst out laughing.

Diana shot Gabrielle a look , and Gabrielle tried to contain herself, but it
was not working and she just laughed, until tears rolled. Diana placed her
hands on her hips and leaned back on her heels and glared at Gabrielle, while
the woman glanced at both of them and then she said quietly.

“ Shall we begin?”

Diana’s mouth twitched and the woman once again gently scolded her for it.

“ Again, that is not something that a battled fatigued warrior wants to see
when they come to be comforted, by their companion, in this case when Your
Lords come to be comforted by their mates, you are their Consorts, and their
property, whether you admit it or not. I can tell that the two of you truly
are deeply in love with them.”

“ Really, and how can you tell that?’ Diana again spoke with sarcasm.

The woman shot Diana a look and Diana looked away for a moment and then back
at the woman.

“ Well I’m not a child and I don’t like this, Xena knows I’m not comfortable
with people catering to me, it just doesn’t feel right to me.”

“ She knows that, she has said she knows it, but you have no say so about
this, I, and all of them, are here because we were told what is expected of
us, we will do as Your Lords has commanded of us. So while they’re out
fighting trying to protect all of us, you two will be here, learning how to be
soft as the kitten your Lord mentioned, light as the wisp of a hair.”

“ Light?” Gabrielle asked somewhat lost as to the meaning.

“ I...”

“ She means spiritually, she’s saying that there should not be any weight on
our souls that would weight us down.” Diana said looking at the woman as she
explained her meaning to her sister.

“ Right, I see you have some knowledge of the ways of serenity?”

“ You would be surprised just how much knowledge I have.”

“ But yet you haven’t tapped into it?”

Diana gave the woman an exasperated look and crossed her arms.

“ No.” The woman said as she uncrossed Diana’s arms.

Diana crossed them again even more irritatedly, and again the woman uncrossed

“ To cross your arms in such a fashion is your telling your Lord that you
don’t want to let her in, to be near you, to touch you, is that the message
you want to relay to the woman you love?”

“ I’m not standing in front of My Lord, I’m standing in front of you,
therefore, not about her, but you, you catch the hint?” Diana
again said sarcastically.

The woman uncrossed Diana’s arm once again as she shook her head from side to

“ You will be a challenge, but I will win, with the help of your Lords,
especially yours.” The woman stated boldly.

“ So what..... your going to tell on me?”

“ Yes, if I have to, and I know Your Lord will not be pleased with your
behavior, especially when this is for her in the first place, she’ll probably
be a little disappointed?”

“ OKAY! Fine, let’s just get on with this!” Diana said through her teeth.

“ She’s good isn’t she?” Gabrielle said to Diana.

“ She’s a pain in my....”

“ Ah, ah, ah....” The woman said as she stopped Diana from finishing her

Diana sighed deeply.

Xena and Questra both stood outside the tent lending against it with their
arms crossed, listening to the conversation inside. Xena thought it would be
amusing, and she was amused.

“ This will be so much fun.” Xena purred to Questra as the two women, raised
up off of the tent and headed to where they had told the servants to draw a
new bath for them at.

The Kalissa motioned for both to strip, and get into the bath to be bathe.

“ I can bathe myself.” Diana said expecting the woman to leave.

“ I’m sure you can, but you cannot bathe yourself the way I, will have you
bathe. Now if you don’t mind?”

“ Well I do mind.” Diana said refusing to give in to the woman.

“ Gabrielle?” The woman asked, wanting to see what Gabrielle’s decision was.

Gabrielle looked at the woman, and then looked at Diana, and then with a look
of amusement, she shrugged her shoulders and followed the servants that were
assigned to her to the bath over on the other side of the tent.

The woman then looked back at Diana. Diana just raised an unconcerned brow at
her. The woman then bowed her head and turned and walked to the tent flap and
lifting it out of the way, she stepped through and told the guard to go and
get Lord Xena, because she was having a problem with her Consort.

The woman then walked back inside and Diana stood defiantly glaring at the
woman. The woman walked back over to her and simply said, “ I will deal with
Gabrielle for the moment, while you think about what Your Lord will have to
say about this attitude of yours.”

The woman then bowed again and then turned and walked over to where Gabrielle
was being bathe, raw, which did not help her painful behind any.

Diana listened to Gabrielle’s cries of pain everytime her behind was touched,
yet alone scrubbed by the efficient servants. Kalissa did not look back at
Diana, but instead pointed out areas on Gabrielle’s body that she didn’t feel
was up to her standard.

Suddenly Diana heard Xena cursing outside of the tent as she commanded for the
guard to open it. Diana’s breathing once again increased as her heart beat
wildly in her chest now as she looked upon the now radiate woman, who was
dressed in a clean pair of her leathers, her eyes blazing.

“ What’s going on Consort?!”

“ Xena, I don’t want them bathing me, for obvious reasons?” Diana said
glancing down at her breast.

Xena’s eyes followed Diana’s gaze and then she looked back up at Diana and
with a steady gaze she asked, “ Are you ashamed of them?”

“ NO! It’s not that.”

“ Then what is it?”

“ I.....I just thought you wouldn’t appreciate some stranger....”

“ Well if I had had a problem with her or any of them, I would not have left
you here with them. Do you understand?”

“ Yes.”

“ Good, now I don’t want to hear that your being a problem again, clear?”

“ Yes.”

“ Good girl, now Questra and I will be spending the next few days and nights
going over plans, we won’t call for you two until Kalissa informs us that you
and Gabrielle are ready for us.”

“ But Xena I don’t want to stay here without you?”

“ Then learn quickly Consort, and you won’t be here by yourselves, we’ll be
here in meetings and things. ” Xena stated seriously.

Diana bowed her head, and then looked back up at Xena with contrite eyes. Xena
leaned down and and again whispered.

“ Don’t make her call for me again.”

“ Xena...?”

Xena raised a warning brow and then turned and nodded at Kalissa, and then
went out, leaving Diana standing with her arms at her side. Kalissa sent the
servants over and Diana glared at the woman.

“ I can not believe you told, so childish.” Diana mocked.

“ No your the one being childish, I simply asked you to strip.”

Diana glared at the woman some more and then she begun stripping out of her
clothes, and the gasped that were heard were exactly what Diana expected to
hear. Diana stepped into the bath and rather than sitting the servants begun
bathing her vigorously while she stood, and she yelped everytime they scrubbed
over her behind.

“ Take it easy will you?” Diana scolded.

“ Their doing what I told them to do.” Kalissa said as she came over to check
on Diana, now that Gabrielle was being oiled down and massaged.

“ Well my backside is somewhat tender right now, and I don’t appreciate it
being touched, yet alone scrubbed raw.” Diana argued back.

“ I told you, you have never been bathe the way I bathe, besides, you’ll
appreciate it when it’s over, your behind won’t hurt as much because of the
new sensation.”

“ Whatever!” Diana sneered.

“ No. That is not an appropriate response, it’s shows disrespect and a lack of
care, or appreciation of others ideas.

“ What are you, some type of philosopher?”

“ I am who I appear to be, and you your Majesty has to learn that you must
control your tongue, Your Lord has a lot on her plate and does not need to
retire at the end of the day to a sharp tongue lover, your words should always
be filled with respect and softness. You and Gabrielle are Your Lords
strength, it is you two who keep them strong, and although you have done okay
up until now, you still have also been siphons of that strength. It is my job
to teach you how to strength without weakening.”

Diana now stood up listening to the woman as the servants busied drying her.
Her eyes looking thoughtfully at the woman, as she listened. The servants
asked Diana to step out of the bath and lay on a padded table that Xena used
for her massages whenever she had the time.

“ Is all of this really necessary?”

“ Yes. You are VERY desirable, and to make you soft will draw your Lord even
closer than you ever thought possible.”

Diana turned her head to look over at Gabrielle who was now having her hair
combed and brushed, quite vigorously as well. She had tears in her eyes from
the firm combing and brushing, but she still smiled at Diana and sent her a

“ This hurts, but I am really excited by it all, I’m especially curious to see
how she tames you, hahahahaha.”

“ Hahahaha, very funny.” Diana sent back.

After Diana and Gabrielle had both been cleaned, and the linen on the bed
changed to colorful and plush pillows and covers, the back area of both sides
of the tent was transformed before Diana’s and Gabrielle’s eyes. The servants
had left the two to go and take care of the sleeping area.

Both sides now had a vanity, with mirror and different perfumes, made from
flowers, the vanities were filled with things any woman would dream of having
as a means of pampering themselves, in this case it would be the servants who
would attend to any and all needs of the two royals .

The floor areas were covered with furs, that would allow the two to walk
around without their feet touching the ground, there were slippers for the two
to wear, that was made of a soft material that felt more like their feet were
surrounded by a silk covered pillow, rather than a shoe, although the bottom
of the slipper was sturdy to give support to their feet, it was everything
else that made for true comfort.

The clothing that was selected for Gabrielle was pastel colors, light and
flowing, colors that brought out the colors in her hair and eyes, she was then
told to sit on the the bed until Diana was dressed.

Diana was dressed in clothing that accentuated her body, and the colors
brought out the sparkle in her eyes and her hair fell over the outfit in a
soft waving pattern. After Diana was dressed, the servants and the Kalissa all
stood back and looked at the two women.

“ I am overwhelm at how stunningly beautiful the two of you are.”

Gabrielle showed her appreciation of the compliment, Diana simply smirked and
looked restless.

“ But, my goal is to have people look at you and the first thing they want to
say is, lovely.”

“ It means the same thing.” Diana sneered.

“ Yes it does, but it is felt within the person saying it quite differently,
beautiful leaves the connotation of just the outside appearance, although it
may be meant to include the soul of a person, it does not leave that
impression.” The woman explained to both Diana and Gabrielle.

“ Well let me ask you this...old wise one....Diana said derisively.

“ Why are you upset with me, I have done nothing but what your Lord has
instructed me to do, and I have show you nothing but respect?”

“ Because your here telling me that My Lord is not satisfied with the way I
am.” Diana stated sharply.

“ Aha, but your wrong, that is not what I’m telling you at all, in fact the
truth is your lords are quite happy with the way you are.”

“ Then what is all of this about then?” Diana asked now confused by

“ It’s about something that YOUR Lord in particular, saw in you, something
that she obviously longs to see in you again, but she did not want you to think,
exactly what you thought. She saw something in you that touched her deeper
than you realize, but either she does not see it that often, or she’s too
mentally tired to bring it up to you, due to your sharp tongue, and yet you
have a very tender heart, a giving heart, maybe she believes..... to ask this
of you after all you have done would be too much?”

“ I would do anything for her, and she knows that.”

“ She knows, but you yourself said you are not comfortable with having others
do for you, and yet, you do for others all of the time, have you ever thought
that maybe they feel the same way, or that maybe they feel like your doing for
them, but not allowing them to do what they want to do for you in their hearts
because you are too willful, and impulsive?”

Again Diana leveled a thoughtful look on the woman, and lowering her eyes she
sat and thought. Kalissa then turned her attention to Gabrielle.

“ You Gabrielle, are closer to the softness that your Lord seeks of you, and
maybe it’s because you have not been a warrior as long as Diana has been, but
you still have a few things to learn.”

“ I accept that, but I have not been through what my sister has been through
either, I did not have to suffer any of the horrible things she had to, she
has that SHARP tongue, as you call it, because of the need to express her
herself, she’s willful because she had to survive, she had to use her will too
survive, and without it, she may have not been able to, so I will accept that
I am closer to this softness, and or serenity than Diana, but if you or any of
us had been through what she had then you wouldn't be standing here putting
her down, I won’t tolerate it, so if you want my cooperation, then I suggest
you recognize the woman to whom your dealing with?” Gabrielle said fiercely
standing up for Diana.

“ I understand your feelings Princess, believe it or not, I know what her
Highness has been through, Your Lords told me things as I cared for them after
a few battles that were extremely hard. They told me that they missed both of
you fiercely, Your lord in particular your Highness, mentioned how much she
wanted to do for you, how much she loved those times of softness she saw in
you, and yet still balance the fire within, she complimented me on how very
lovely she found me to be, so calming, quiet. It’s time to let go of the past,
and focus on now and the future with your Lords.”

Diana looked up at the woman and sighed deeply, and then moving a stray strand
of hair from her face, she gave a nod of her head in understanding.

“ Alright, we’ll now move on to attitude.”

Over the next few days, while Xena and Questra and the army were busy with
meetings and strategies, and the things of the war that was raging, Diana and
Gabrielle were going through the training.

Xena and Questra had enjoyed the comments made by Diana, and the correcting
made by Kalissa. Xena found it amusing, knowing Diana was capable of being as
soft as a kitten, but yet fighting against it, because of having to be catered
too relentlessly. At times Kalissa would step out from behind the outlining
screen that showed Diana’s and Gabrielle’s bodies outline, but not any of the
colors, except for the fact that Diana’s nipples were glowing, casting a
glowing light in the dimly lit tent.

Xena smiled brightly at the thought of the cause of the light, despite the
conversation her captains and advisors were engaged in with Questra.
Xena also amused herself with Diana’s whining about how she didn’t want
something done, or how she was going to tell Xena something if Kalissa didn’t
tell the servants to stop doing something.

Finally after over a week, Xena and Questra were greeted upon their return
from an extremely ferocious battle, Xena had a slash down her arm, and Questra
had one to her thigh, but despite being covered in blood once again, theirs as
well as that of the enemies, Xena and Questra rode in talking to each other,
and didn’t even seem to notice the cuts to their bodies. Their voices sharp,
and stern, especially when they spoke to the Captains or advisor who happen to
need their attention for a moment.

When they arrived at the command tent where Diana and Gabrielle were now
housed until the war was over, Kalissa met them outside the tent.

“ My Lords Welcome back.”

“ It’ll be a welcome if you tell me that I can see my Consort.” Xena stated
through her teeth.

“ Then it is indeed a welcome, for they are prepared for the both of you,
although, My Lord Xena, I think Her Highness still has a few edges, but I know
you can smooth those yourself, besides I think you prefer to do some of it

“ Your right, and I knew I would have too.”

“ Well I can have the servants come to one of your captains tent to bathe and
clean you two up?”

“ Fine.” Xena hissed and then turned to those whom they were about to meet
with to continue the ongoing planning about the battles. “ We’ll meet for a
bit in advisor Draco's tent, and then Kalissa send the servants to attend to
me and Lord Questra in three candlemarks.”

“ Yes Lord Xena.”

Xena then turned and she and Questra strided towards Draco's tent followed by
all of their commanders. Xena and Questra held their meeting for a while and
then Xena stood to her full height and stretched her muscles.

“ I think we will call it a night, we’ll meet at noon tomorrow, unless
something comes up. Have the guards double, especially along the outer

“ Yes My Lord.” The group bowed and was dismissed with a wave of Questra’s
hands, the servants then came in and proceeded to attend to cleaning the two
warriors thoroughly.

Meanwhile Kalissa went back inside of the command tent to tell the two royals
that their Lords would arrive soon.

“ Your Majesty, I am pleased with how quickly you are at picking things up,
but you still have a slight edge, which I know your Lord will be able to
handle quite thoroughly.”

“ And that edge is?”

“ Your whining.”

“ I don’t whine!” Diana stated with conviction.

“ You do when you don’t want to do something.”

“ Well some things I thought were pushing it.”

Kalissa smiled and then turned to Gabrielle.

“ And you Gabrielle, have no edges, except for the fact that you tend to feel
the need to write first, and then comfort your Lord, your first priority is to
be there for your mate, and then everything else.”

“ But she knows that sometimes things come to me suddenly.”

“ Yes I’m sure she does, and she would not do anything to hinder that creative
soul of yours, but it is something she desires. Now, they have had a hard
fought day, and they will need you to be here for them mind, body and soul,
thinking of no one but them. I will leave you but I am going to have the
sliding wall pulled back to separate the two of you and provide the privacy
for all of you, plus it will allow for the two of you to stop thinking about
each other, and focus completely on your Lords.

“ So, is this the last time we’ll see you?’ Diana asked.

“ No, didn’t I tell you? If your Lords are pleased with the two of you, then I
will become your chaperones.”

“ EXCUSE ME?!!” Diana shouted.

“ Yes, I will be your personal attendant, where you go, I will also.”

“ You can’t be serious, why would I need you to go anywhere with me?”

“ To make sure that you don’t get into anything, and if you do, then I can go
for whatever help is needed, plus I’ll be a constant reminder to the two of
you to continue to be soft.”

“ Well....well, well...” Gabrielle stammered trying to come up with something.

“ Yes, like she said....we’ll see about this?” Diana said finishing what
Gabrielle couldn’t, due to her shock.

Kalissa smiled and then said with a tender voice.

“ I’m very proud of both of you, I hope we can become more than just servant
and masters, hopefully we can become friends?”

“ Well....we’ll have to see about that.” Diana said honestly, not sure of how
she felt about the woman.

“ Alright, well....say goodbye to each other, you probably won’t see each
other for a while.”

“ Talk to you later Gabrielle.”

“ Definitely.”

Kalissa then pulled the divider and Diana and Gabrielle both sat on their beds
looking as soft as the bed they were on. A short while later, Xena and Questra
made it back to the tent, and once again they were met by Kalissa.

“ My Lords, I hope you will be pleased with your Consorts, they are wonderful
people. My Lord Questra, you will need to enter through the entrance on that
side, I have pulled the divider closed, to allow the two of you privacy.”

“ Well if you soften them the way we’ve seen your capable of, then I’m sure
we’ll be pleased.”

“ Then enter and judge for yourselves.” Kalissa then bowed low and Xena and
Questra both looked down at the bowed woman and then back up at each other,
they then turned their attention to the guards and with a gesture to open the
flaps, the guards pulled them back and both women stepped into the divided

Xena walked towards the sheer curtain that separated the front from the back
of the tent. Diana felt Xena come into the tent, and her body and face
flushed, as her breathing began to increase. Xena came to stop outside the
curtain and she stood there for a moment just letting the smell of the area
amuse her senses.

Diana was holding on to the plush covers as her body hummed with both
excitement and fear. Xena suddenly pulled back the curtain, and both gasped
for different reasons.

Diana gasped because of the sight of Xena’s piercing blue eyes, fixed on her,
and the stunning powerful beauty that stood before her. Xena gasped at the
sight of Diana, sitting on the bed with her legs curled under her, and her
head slightly lowered in honor of Xena, but her eyes looking up at her, her
hands holding onto the covers as if she would fall off the bed if she were to
let go, her body covered just enough to provide the mystery, but not enough to
keep a bird warm.

Xena’s eyes narrowed slightly as she walked around to the side of the bed, and
was surprised to see Diana float around to continue to sit facing Xena. A
curious expression came to her face, and rather than standing there, she
walked slowly around to the other side of the bed, and again Diana made her
body turn in that direction, her head still lowered slightly, but her eyes
still watching Xena.

“ Come here kitten.” Xena ordered.

Diana glided to her knees and then floated over to the edge of the bed in
front of Xena. Xena’s eyes danced with both excitement from the raging battle
lust in her, and from the love she felt for the woman who was on her knees
before her giving herself to her in a way she had done before, but this time
it was different, or at least it would be in the end.

“ Remove my robe kitten, and then move to the center of the bed.”

Diana’s hands came up and begun unfastening the robe from around Xena, and
then she slid it gently off of her shoulders and down her back, and then she
brought it around off of Xena and quickly folded, and laid the robe to the
side, and then moved back to the center of the bed, her heart was beating
wildly in her chest, and her eyes sparkled with want and desire of Xena to
touch her, especially after touching Xena’s electric skin.

Xena then moved onto the bed and the pillows had already been positioned for
her, so all she had to do was lean back on them.

“ Come and lay on your back.... here kitten.” Xena ordered.

Diana moved to where Xena wanted her and she laid on her back looking up at
Xena. Xena raised a brow at Diana, and Diana blushed further than she already
was. Xena knew Diana was waiting for her to touch her, to take her, but Xena
was feeling so at peace at the moment with Diana, she didn’t want the moment
to end, so instead of Xena touching Diana, she changed their positions.

Now it was she who was on her back, but her head was in Diana’s lap.

“ Comfort me kitten.” Xena said with a sigh.

Diana smiled down at her and Xena smiled up at her, and the love the two saw
in each others eyes was enough for the two of them to both exhale. Diana
brought her hands up to Xena’s temples, and she begun a gentle massage of
them, applying just enough pressure at times to release tension, she massaged
and caressed Xena’s whole head in gentle yet firm touches where needed.

Xena sighed again and Diana’s heart leaped as a result of seeing the tension
melt from Xena’s brows. The long lashes shading the chiselled cheeks of the
beautiful face.

Diana lightly traced Xena’s features with somewhat shaky hands, her body was
screaming for Xena, and yet Xena seemed as though she could just drift off to
sleep with Diana just holding her the way she was.

Lightly caressing over Xena’s brows with her fingers, and massaging lightly to
the brows, and then around the eyes, and nose, and then the cheeks and out to
the ears, Diana’s fingers then made there way back to the main part of Xena’s
face, and seeing the soft sweet lips slightly part whenever Xena sighed from
the caresses.

Diana slowly lowered her head down over the resting woman’s face and holding
her hair back so that it did not fall into the woman’s face, Diana brought
their lips together and she kissed the resting woman, assuming that Xena had
fallen asleep. Xena returned the kiss, without moving any other part of her
body, she also let Diana determine how long she wanted the kiss to go on.

Finally Diana lifted her lips from the sweet lips of Xena, and Xena opened
her eyes slightly to look up at the woman. Diana licked her lips and a small
smile threaten to break through, but she was able to control it, even though
Xena gazed at her in such a way that made Diana shiver.

Xena then smirked and then closed her eyes once again and went back to

Diana returned her hands to Xena’s temple and once again she begun to massage
them. This time Xena did drift off to sleep with Diana just holding her and
caressing her in such a quiet, calm inducing way.

Meanwhile Questra had entered on the other side of the divider to go and be
with Gabrielle. She pulled back the curtain and gasped at the sight of a
slightly blushing young woman blending gently into the soft colors of the bed,
and her hair shining like the sun itself.

Questra licked her lips and moved around to the other side of the bed.
Gabrielle remained where she was, with her head lowered.

“ Assist me with my robe Blossom?” Questra asked firmly.

Gabrielle raised her head and looked up into the beautiful woman’s eyes, and
then moved to do as she was told to. Gabrielle slipped the robe off of
Questra, and folding it neatly, she laid it off to the side.

Questra then told Gabrielle to move over and she then settled herself on the
bed balancing on her side. She ran her hands up over Gabrielle’s arm, and then
pulled lightly, and Gabrielle knew what she wanted, she lowered herself so
that Questra could claim her lips. Which Questra did hungrily. Then caressing
along Gabrielle’s cheekbones, she then brought her hand around to cup
Gabrielle’s chin, she then moved Gabrielle’s lips away from her’s and
whispered in a loving yet husky voice.

“ Your so lovely blossom, I love you. I needed you here, even though I was and
am still upset with you for going against my orders, but this will help me to
forgive you.” Questra said with a steady gaze into Gabrielle’s uncertain eyes.

Questra then rolled over top of Gabrielle, after removing her clothing, and
she begun a slow exploration of Gabrielle's hot body. Questra made love to
Gabrielle long into the night, and when she finally allowed Gabrielle to rest,
Gabrielle slept deeply. Questra held Gabrielle like she was a fragile doll
that would break if she held her to tightly.

The next morning Xena woke up still lying in Diana’s lap, and Diana laying
back against the pillows that were behind her back, every now and then Diana’s
hands would move, lightly over Xena’s temples, caressing them whenever Xena
moved. A bright smile broke out across Xena’s face and she eased out of
Diana’s hands and levitating Diana with her mind, she lowered her to the bed
so that she was lying on her back. Xena straighten Diana out on the bed and
then she leaned down and kissed her tenderly at first, but then when Diana
aroused and begun returning the kiss, it became more passionate.

“ Good morning my Oh, so soft Kitten.”

“ Good morning My Lord, My Love, My Heart.”

“ You are soooo....very.....lovely like this, I feel so completely relaxed,
and at peace, you were and are beyond words wonderful.” Xena praised as she
kissed Diana again.

“ But I didn’t do anything?”

“ You did exactly what I wanted you to do, the sight of you like this, your
willingness to be for me, the quiet strength you bestowed on me through your
hands, and soul, I am more sated than I thought I could ever think possible.
Just to feel your quietness, I knew you wanted me to take you, I felt it, I
craved to do it, but I realized, I needed to just be still with you, to absorb
you, to melt into you, the last time you were like this, I couldn’t get enough
of you, and then it was gone. I didn’t realize how much I need you like this,
at least not until now and Kalissa, reminded me of the way you were at your
most submissive times. pampering and catering to me in a way that filled me
with the power of a thousand warriors.”

“ So she spoke the truth to me, I do siphon your strength with my sarcasm and
sharp tongue and sometimes disrespectful behavior?”

“ But I love everything about you, and I can afford to not be at my full
strength at times, if it allows you to express your feelings and keep you from
feeling like you have no right to express yourself.”

“ But I have no right to disrespect you ever My Lord, I have no right to speak
with sarcasm or disrespect to you either, I mean as my mate for life, I know
you sometimes allow me to get away with things, but I see now, that you would
have had the right to punish me each and everytime I spoke disrespectfully to
you. Because besides being my mate, you are and will always be The Conqueror,
and if for no other reason My Lord I should never be allowed to disrespect
you. From now on I will try to remember my place.”

“ Which is?”

“ Your Consort and friend first, everything else second. I am here for your
comfort My Lord.”

“ And I am here for yours, I will protect and die for you Diana.”

“ As I would for you My Lord.”

“ No. You have done enough protecting for a life time and more, let me be the
warrior I am for you, as you are the comfort for me.”

“ So be it My Lord, I will look to other ways of helping people, without
risking myself.”

“ Without risking what belongs to me, I never have liked any of your
sacrifices, but I understood them, and I knew they were as natural to you as
water is to fish, but it’s time to put that behind us and move on. Diana your
not going to like what I’m about to say, but I hoped I’ve explained to you
enough to where you understand why I’m going to do it?”


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