To Love, To Need, To Desire Part 2b
By D.virtue

Diana found herself staring at the woman, who for all intent, looked and acted
like her Xena, the same power and strength and self assurance radiating like
the sun off of her.

“ Careful Diana, you’ll end up tight?” Xena said reading Diana’s thoughts, and
feeling her eyes boring into her.

Diana blushed fiercely and then she abashly looked straight ahead, out at the
filling chairs. Her breathing giving away the blush that now covered her. Once
all of the kids were in their seats, Xena spared a glance at Diana, who was
trying to avoid looking at her, but was unable to do it, and she glanced up at
Xena, and a smirk came to Xena’s mouth as her brow raised knowingly.

Then Xena turned her attention to the class.

“ Good morning.”

“ Good morning Lady Xena.” Came the unified greeting from the children, along
with the other aid who had followed the last child inside the classroom and
closed the door.

“ Children, I would like to introduce you to someone special, I expect for you
all to be on your best behavior, is that clear?”

“ Yes Lady Xena.”

Diana smiled to herself at the respect the children had for their stoic

“ Very good children. Children, this is Queen Diana, she is the Consort to The
Conqueror. Queen Diana, this is one of the class of children I instruct.”

“ Hello children, I’m very pleased to be here with you today, I hope we will
have lots of fun together, at least that’s what Lady Xena told me we were
going to do.” Diana said as she glanced at Xena and saw the mask trying to
give way to a smile.

But Xena being Xena, even a clone, was able to maintain her composure, and

“ Yes, well, first things first, Children?” Xena said instructing the children
to return the greeting.

“ Welcome Your Majesty, we shall try to meet with your approval, so as to
please Lady Xena.”

Diana gave a gentle bow of her head and the children either giggled or blushed
at the gentle respect rendered to them. Diana then glanced up at Xena and
tried to maintain her own smile, but she had to bite the inside of her cheek
to do it, and Xena saw it and sent a thought to her.

“ You’ll break before the day is over with, I promise.”

“ Is that a challenge Lady Xena?” Diana sent back the same way as they both
looked out at the students.

“ Take it as you like, but whichever way you choose, just realize I will be
the winner in the end.”

“ I will concede no such thing, your on.” Diana said defiantly with her mind,
as her brow raised in challenge.

“ Very well, but with a challenge, there has to be a wager?”

“ Okay. What?”

“ Children please open your folders and take out your reading tablets, and
read the first fifteen pages, when your finished raise your hand and one of us
will come around and test you on what you have just read, then after we’re
satisfied with your progress with that, then you will take out your
mathematics, and do the next twenty problems, and again, once you have
finished, raise your hands, is that clear children?”

“ Yes Lady Xena.”

“ Begin.”

The children then opened their folders quietly and took out what they were
told to and begun reading the required material.

Diana glanced over at Xena and said with her mind.

“ Very impressive.”

“ Hmm....what can I say?”

“ I know what you better not say.” Diana said with a tease to her tone.

Once again Xena found herself resisting the temptation to grin.

“ Your going down....Lady Xena.” Diana taunted as she stepped around Xena and
went to meet the other aid. “ Hello, My name is Diana, and yours is?”

“ Kasi. It’s a pleasure to meet you your Majesty, Lady Xena has told us so
much about The Conqueror, and especially about you, she thinks your one of the
stars that fell to the earth and formed into a human being. I can see why? I
am so humbled by your beauty.” Kasi said bowing her head.

“I’m humbled by her’s and your words. Thank you.”

“ Okay you two, we have students to tend to, shall we get to work?” Xena

“ Oh, of course Lady Xena.” The aid said as she went to tend to one of the
children who had raised her hand.

Diana looked at Xena with a raised brow and then said, “ I see.”

Xena almost lost her mask again at Diana’s knowing, yet moving words. Diana
saw it and said, “ Almost got you that time.” Then she moved to help another
child who had raised his hand, and soon the three of them were moving from
child to child testing each and aiding those that needed it, and receiving
hugs from the elated children. After almost 5 candlemarks of straight work,
with only brief breaks, and noon meal, and back to work, on the next part of
the outline, Diana decided to test Xena’s rigidness when it came to her

“ Okay Children, may I have your attention please?” Diana said as she stood in
the front of the class, while Xena and the aid were right in the middle of
finishing up with the last two children with their assignment.

Xena looked back at Diana and then stood up with her brows knitted. looking at
Diana in wonder.

Diana pretended she did not see the look Xena was casting on her.

“ Alright Children, I am very pleased with all the hard work I have seen all
of you perform today, and because of that, I know Lady Xena will have no
problem in taking the rest of the day and spending it outside playing and
learning new games, right Lady Xena?’ Diana said now putting Xena on the

Xena’s mask returned instantly as she closed her mouth an instant before any
of the people saw it open.

“ Well... we really still have a few candlemarks of work to do....”

“ Right, but you promised me more fun, I’m just calling you on it, so do we go
outside and continue with our fun, or do I tell King Jensen, and Lord Xena you
misled me?” Diana said with a challenging brow.

“ I’ll get you back for this one Diana.” Xena said with her mind. “ Your
right, I did say that and I am a woman of my word, right Diana?”

“ Yes.”

“ Alright, children I want you to put all of your work inside your folders, in
the order in which you took it out, and then pass them to the front. Her
Majesty will collect them and place them neatly on my desk. Then you will all
stand in an orderly fashion and exit out to the play area, in the same way you
entered. Now move.”

The children passed their folders and Diana collected them and placed them
neatly on Xena’s desk and then she turned to see the children exiting in the
same straight line they had entered. A thought crossed Diana’s mind as to a
similarity she noticed in the way the children behaved in Xena’s classroom,
and the way children from her time behaved in private schools.

When Xena came over to her, she stopped in front of Diana and lifting her
chin, she said your lucky they were here as your witness.” She teased as she
let got of Diana’s chin and headed for the door.

“ Xena?” Diana called after her.

“ Yes?”

“ Can I ask you something?”

“ Sure, but can you ask me outside, I don’t want the children to get the idea
that they can leave or anything?”

“ Would they do that?” Diana asked really wondering if the children would dare
leave without Xena dismissing them.

“ No, but it made you wonder didn’t it?”

“ funny, hahahaha.” Diana said with a comical raise of her brow. “ But yes, I
can ask you outside.”

The two walked out and Xena watched Diana and felt the young girls comfort
around her, despite the tightness that they both carried. She smiled to
herself and nodded her head in satisfaction once again.

Diana watched Xena the clone play with the kids, letting them at times get the
best of her when it come to games of skills, although she only did it with
the younger of the children, the older one’s she didn’t let them off the hook
so easily, although in the end she let them win.

Diana watched as the children would run to Xena and ask with excitement in
their voices for her to lift them up into the air. Diana watched child after
child stand in awe at how high each of their school mates went into the air
and how gently they were caught by Xena and put back on the ground. each child
giddy from the excitement of being thrown into the air.

One older girl came over to Diana and she asked if she had any abilities like
that, and how she wished she could do just of the flips that Xena did at an
exhibition show.

“ Oh, it takes a lot of practice to get anywhere near some of those things
that Lady Xena does.”

“ Oh, I realize that, but me and some of the other older kids thought it would
be fun to see if there was anyone who could challenge her in those things?”

“ Challenge?”

“ Yes, everytime someone new comes to the school to visit, we make a game out
of having them compete against Lady Xena. Some of the men are able to do a few
of the simple flips, but even I could do those if I practiced, I mean I can do
one or two flips, but I have to practice all the time to master it, at least
that’s what Lady Xena tells me.”

“ She’s right. So has Kasi competed against Lady Xena?”

“ Yes, but she was only able to do a few more than some of the men, we have
yet to have a visitor who can even come close.”

“ What happens if the visitor is able to keep up? Or win even?”

“ Lady Xena will ask the king to host a party, with games and swimming and
dancing and all sorts of things. She said it would be so much fun, but we’d
have to find someone who could compete with her.”

“ Really? And how did this challenge thing come about in the first place?”

“ We had all gone to the exhibition of the new soldiers, and the introduction
of the new leader of the Kings Army, The King has all the new soldiers show
their skills and it was while she was sparring with the old soldiers that she
showed how easily she could take them, but it was the acrobatics that really
caught us kids attention, and then when we found out that she was our teacher,
we all got together and was talking about it, and she overheard us, and it was
then that she made the deal with us, and we have been trying ever since.”

“ I see. Well where is this challenge done at?”

“ Right here in the yard of the school, as you see it is very spacious, and it
doesn’t have a lot of obstructions, she gets this incredible look in her eyes
when she’s challenged, especially when there is a real possibility that the
person may give her a little competition.?”

“ Yes, I see that, well, go make the challenge to her, I’ll pretend I don’t
know anything about it okay?”

“ Really?!” The girl said excitedly, and then she went and whispered to the
other older kids what Diana had told her, and the little girl walked over to
Diana where Xena was playing a game of catch with some of the other kids.

“ Lady Xena?”

“ yes.”

“ I have a challenger for you?”

“ Do you now? Who is it?”

“ Queen Diana?”

“ What? Did you ask her about this challenge?”

“ Well no, but she looks like she has your respect in class, so I thought
maybe she maybe able to give you some challenge?”

“ Well I think you should ask her first?”

“ No, I think she will, she’s very nice.”

“ Your right she is, okay, if she agrees to it, then you have my approval?”

“ Great!” The girl exclaimed and Xena sent her over to ask Diana.

“ She said I had to ask you?”

“ Well consider me asked. “ Diana said as she walked back over to where Xena
stood, her gaze taking on that familiar gleam that her Xena also had whenever

“ So.....I take it you have agreed?”

“ Yes, it sounds like more fun. I understand the deal is for you to get the
king to throw a party for the kids?”

“ Yes, he’s already agreed, he’s just waiting for me to tell him when?”

“ Well tell him tomorrow, because you have just met your challenge Lady Xena.”
Diana said confident that the kids would have their party.

“ We’ll see.” Xena said as she strolled a distant away.

“ Yes we will, lucky for you, you have pants on.” Diana called after her, and
then she went in the opposite direction.

The aid moved the children out of the way and they all sat on the side lines

“ Okay Lady Xena, you first?” Diana called.

“ Alright.” Xena then went from a standstill and launched into a series of
flips and then with the last one she went high into the air and then came down
gently on her feet.

Diana smiled and the kids laughed and clapped at the performance.

“ Your up Your Majesty.”

Diana smirked and then bowed her head, she then repeated Xena’s display, flip
for flip but instead of the final flip being the same one Xena had done, Diana
changed her direction in mid air and came back to where she had started prior
to the final flip. Landing just as softly as Xena had.

The kids erupted in applause and came to their feet they all surround Diana
and hugged her and chanted her status and name.

Xena smirked at Diana’s victory, and then Diana said, “ I guess I won?”

“ Won, no, met the challenge, yes.” Xena corrected.

“ Oh, can’t admit you lost huh?”

“ I would if I did, but I didn’t so I won’t.” Xena said with a smirk.

“ Hmm...can’t admit it, but that’s okay? The kids still get to have their
party, courtesy of you, and the king?”

“ Yes, it’s true, okay, come tomorrow, the kids will have their party.”

“ YEAH!!!!!” Came all the cheers from the kids.

While the kids were cheering Xena arrived and heard them out in the back area
and so she walked around to see what was going on. She was stunned to see
Diana and Xena the clone laughing together as the kids encircled them and the

Xena walked into the back area and strolled over to where the three were.

“ A-hem.” Xena said clearing her throat.

Diana looked up and eased out of the kids holds and went to greet Xena.

“ Xena?! You made it?”

“ I said I would try, but it doesn’t look like you need any help?”

“ Earlier it was a little scary, but now, it’s fine, we had a little talk
before the kids came in.”

“ Really? And just what was that conversation about that would make you forget
about her past, and your experience in that past?”

“ Well actually it was you who made me even consider listening to her, and I’m
glad you did, I feel so much better about things, thanks to you.” Diana said
as she lifted herself up to kiss Xena.

Xena felt Diana’s tightness and it bothered her, but she would deal with the
question later.

“ Lord Xena, welcome. Children say hello to The Conqueror.

“ Hello Lord Xena!!” The kids said excitedly, then one of the girls walked up
to Xena and said in a proud voice.

“ Lord Xena, thank you for letting Her Majesty come to visit us today, if you
hadn’t then we wouldn’t have had so much fun, nor would we have won our party
at the palace.”

“ Party?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well congratulations, I’m glad my Diana could feel comfortable enough to
help.” Xena said with a knowing glance at Diana.

“ Lord Xena, will you be joining us for a while?” Xena the clone asked.

“ Well actually, I need to steal Her Majesty away for a while, if it’s okay
with you?”

“ Oh, it’s fine, we’ve had a wonderful time, you will still come to evening
meal won’t you?”

“ Oh, yes, we’ll be there.”

“ Great. Well I’ll see you both later then. Your Majesty, it has been
wonderful for me AND the kids, to have you for the day, I know they will be
talking about this day for a while. Thank you.” Xena the clone said as she
placed her hand on Diana’s shoulder and gave a slight squeeze to it.

Diana covered it with her own, and then seeing the look in her Xena’s eyes she
patted it and then brought her hand down and Xena the Clone followed.

“ Well then, I’ll see you both later?”

“ Yes. Let’s go Diana. Bye children.”

“ Bye Lord Xena!!! Bye Your Majesty, Thank you!!!!” The kids called after the
departing couple.

“ Bye kids.” Diana called and then she was pulled out the back and into the
main street of the town, where they got into the waiting chariot. Then they
headed for the Kings castle, where once they arrived they went to the chamber
that was theirs while they were visiting.

Closing the door behind them, Xena then turned and crossed her arms and waited
for Diana to notice she had stopped.

“ You know Xena, I had a great time with the kids and Kasi, and Xena, you know
she actually is very intriguing?” Diana said as she removed her cloak and
tossed it on a chair, then she whirled around and sat on the bed, and at that
moment she noticed Xena’s stance and the expression on her face. “ What?”

“ What? You have the nerve to ask me what?” Xena asked with a raised brow.

“ What? What did I do?”

“ Tell me this Consort? Why are you so tight?” Xena asked raising an
inquisitive brow.

“ Oh, that. Well it’s really a very simple reason.”

“ Really?” Xena asked doubtfully.

“ Yes, you see, when we first arrived at the school I was scared and nervous
about being there with her by myself, and in the building with her all alone,
dark outside, she kept the windows closed until the kids begun to arrive, but
up until then, it was just her and I. anyway to make a long story short, she
wanted to talk to me about things, and after we talked for a bit, she was
telling me about how I had changed her life because of my love for her, of
course I became uncomfortable, and she of course having your senses caught
onto it.” Diana said again remembering the fear that overcame her.

“ You didn’t tell her did you?” Xena asked worried about the Xena’s reaction.

“ No, but it was close, she almost figured it out herself, but then I just let
myself remember the feelings I had for her when I thought she was you, and I
was able to tell her truthfully that I did love her.”

“ And..?”

“ And she went for it, she went and sat back down, but told me not to do that
again, then she went on to tell me what my feelings for her made her decide to
do. She was honest with me about having a need for me, but she would never do
anything to scare me, or anything like that, or something to that effect,
anyway, I saw in her eyes that she was being sincere, but I also saw in her
eyes a sadness, but being a Xena, she quickly covered that, but it was enough
to help me relax.”

“ Okay, so when does my answer to my question come?”

“ I’m getting there, be patient.” Diana suggested.

“ Your about to FEEL my patients if you don’t get to it soon.” Xena warned.

Diana took the warning seriously.

“ Okay, anyway, once I felt more comfortable around her, she started teasing
me, joking with me, and at first I wasn’t sure how to take her, but then I saw
and felt that she was being sincere, so I threw a tease back at her, and
she....laughed. I mean she laughed the way you do when I say something that
tickles you, at that moment I was completely relaxed, and I think she realized
the moment herself, because I could tell she was looking at me from the
corners of her eyes, and there was a sincere smile on her face. Xena, it was
when she heard the children coming that she told me to come and stand by the
chair she had been sitting in, and she stood up and stood behind the chair,
her arms folded over her chest....” Diana said her brows slowly knitting with
every word she was now saying as she looked at Xena.

“ Her stance tall, and and regal, her eyes watchful, yet strong and tender
all at the same time.....” Diana now stood up and slowly walked towards Xena
as she described the woman, and Xena’s brows begun to knit at Diana’s
approach. “ I stood there and stared at her, and I found myself feeling all of
this incredible power radiating from her, the mask firmly in place, the
beautiful cut of her face, the self assurance and confidence pouring from her,
I found myself getting tight as I thought about that moment and.....”

“ So.....your telling me....that your....A.T.T.R.A.C.T.E.D.!!! To her?!!”

“ No, no that’s not it at all. Xena, at that moment, the way she was standing,
the look on her face, that set focus look, you always get when you don’t want
anyone to fool around. She was standing the same......” Diana stopped and
moved back away from Xena, and Xena again knitted her brows.

“ What are you doing?”

“ I think it’s better if i stand here?”

“ Why?”

“ Because of what I’m about to say?”

“ Which is....?”

“ Well she was standing the same......No, I don’t think it would be a good
idea for me to say it?”

“ Say it, and say it now, otherwise I will pull you over my lap?”

“ Okay, she was standing and looking the same way that....your standing now!!”
Diana said in a rush as she moved onto the bed trying to get further away from

“ What?”

“ That’s when I got tight, the moment I saw you standing there, everything
that I love about you, your strength, the power, your passionate eyes, your
regal demeanor, your confidence, Gods Xena, I really want you....right now.”
Diana said somewhat breathless as her eyes sparkled their need.

When Diana went back over to Xena, and placed her hands on Xena’s cheeks, but
Xena caught hold of Diana’s caressing hands, and despite her own passions
being lit, she was not satisfied yet.

“ No.”

“ No?” Diana echo.

“ Yes, no. How do I know your not turned on because of her?”

“ I’M NOT! I promise you, I was only thinking about you when I went tight, she
was just a handy image, I want you My Love, please don’t deny me? I’m only
tight because of you, the thought of you. You are the only one I love and
desire, want, need, or long for. Please make love to me?” Diana asked now
playing to Xena’s ego, and her love of Xena.

Xena stood assessing Diana, and debating whether or not to take her or punish
her and let her remain tight, Xena didn’t want to admit that she felt a
jealousy over the fact that Diana was now friendly with the same woman who
deceived her, but she had to admit it was her fault, she was the one telling
Diana to stop looking at the past and look at the woman that the clone has
become all because of her love for Diana.

Xena cupped Diana’s chin in her hand and lifted Diana’s head, and looking into
Diana’s sparkling eyes she said with a soften tone of voice, “ Are you sure
kitten? There is nothing in you that wants her?”

“ You can be sure, there is NOTHING. I Promise.” Diana said with conviction.

Xena smiled and then pulled Diana to her and kissed her tenderly, and then
before long Diana was pulling at Xena’s clothes and Xena ripped Diana’s
clothes off of her, until she stood nude before Xena’s loving eyes, which was
also fill with lust. Xena then let Diana finish undressing her and once they
both were stripped they fell into their passion.

“ Ahhh.....kitten, you are amazing.” Xena purred into the sleeping woman’s

Diana was pulled closer to Xena as she wrapped her arms around Diana and the
two of them slept contently, for a few candlemarks, then when they woke up
they cleaned up and dressed and then had the Castle coachmen drive them over
to Xena the Clones resident.

“ Hmmm....nice, very nice.” Diana said as she climbed out of the carriage.

Xena helped Diana out and looking over her shoulder to assess the resident,
she shrugged her shoulder and simply said, “Hm, It’s okay.”

Diana gave Xena a look and then she said, “ Okay Xena, behave yourself,
remember, your the one who agreed to this, so be nice, she’s trying. Okay?”

“ Okay! “ Xena said impatiently at Diana’s constant praising of the woman.

Diana smirked and then said, “ Alright, I love you.”

Xena looked at Diana and then she smiled and returned the sentiment.

“ I love you kitten.”

Then the two turned and walked up the stairs to the door of the resident and
Xena knocked and a servant came and opened the door.

“ We’re here to see your mistress.” Xena stated formally.

“ Oh, yes Lord Xena, Your Majesty, My Lady is expecting you, please follow

Xena nodded her head in her regal way, that indicated for a person to
continue, so the servant lead Diana and Xena into a sitting chamber, and
offered them something to drink.

“ I will inform My Lady that you have arrived.”

Again Xena gave a nod and the servant bowed and then left the chamber to go
and tell her they had arrived. Meanwhile Diana walked around the chamber and
tentatively touched some of the bric-a-brac that Xena had neatly placed on
wall mounts. She also admired the beautiful paints and tapestries.

“ You know Xena?” Diana started, but was stopped by a raise of Xena’s hand.

“ Don’t even say it.” Xena warned as she leveled a warning gaze on Diana.

“ long as you realize and know, there is no reason for me to say
it.” Diana said trying to conceal a smile.

Xena just raised her brow at Diana, daring her to smile.

“ Well it’s true.” Diana said as she turned back around to continue her
appreciative perusing.

“Lord Xena, Your Majesty, welcome to my home, I am pleased that you could make
it.” Xena the clone said in greeting as she came into the chamber.

“ Well I did say we would come.” Xena said as she had come to her feet a few
minutes before Xena the clone came into the room, she had heard her

“ Hello Lady Xena.” Diana said somewhat formally.

both Xena’s raised their brows at her, and she blushed and then said, “ Okay,
I wasn’t sure.” Diana then turned away and went back to looking at the
decorations of the chamber.

“ That’s okay Diana, it is sort of formal, how about I make it less so,

Both Xena and Diana shrugged their shoulders and Xena smirked and then
straightening the apron she had on, Diana then said, in an astonished tone of

“ YOUR COOKING?!! This I have got to see!!!”

“ You sound surprised?” Xena the clone answered back.

“ I am.” Then Diana saw the look on Xena’s face and she tried to save herself.
“ I mean, I thought you didn’t like to cook? I mean when you were Xena, I

“ Save it!” Xena ordered.

Diana bit the inside of her cheeks and Xena the clone smiled at her, and then
said, ” follow me, you can help me?”

Xena the clone then turned and headed back for her kitchen, Diana went to
follow her, but just as she went to walk past Xena her arm was caught, and she
was pulled back to Xena.

“ What did that mean?” Xena demanded.

“ Nothing, I just......”

“ Diana stop comparing her to me, I don’t like it at all.”

“ Xena I give you my word, I truly am not doing that, I would never compare
you two. Really.” Diana said turning to face Xena.

“ We’ll talk about this later, let’s just get through this evening, okay?”

“ Alright.” Diana said wrapping her arm inside of Xena’s and hugging herself
close to Xena.

“ If I hadn’t promised King Jensen that we would come here, you can be sure we
would not have.” Xena stated as she then headed in the direction her clone had
gone in.

When they arrived in the kitchen they saw Xena at work grinding seasonings,
and then sprinkling them on the meat that she had already cut and cleaned.
Diana looked at Xena, and then back at the clone and then Xena the clone spoke
to them.

“ Come on in, pull up a stool, I just got home about a half of candlemark ago,
and I had to get cleaned up, so that’s why I’m running a little behind in
dinner, but it will be ready in a short while, especially if I can get some
help?” She said looking up over her brows at Diana and Xena.

Diana glanced over at Xena, and waited for her to decide.

“ Fine, seeing how MY Consort, doesn’t think I can cook.” Xena said standing
up and walking around and taking another apron off the wall she then covered
her clothes and taking a look at what all Xena the clone had sitting out for
the meal, she then decided to tackle the bread making first, but before she
did, she took another apron off the wall and threw it to Diana. “ You can
handle the dessert.”

“ Okay, great.” Diana said somewhat excitedly as she went to get all of the
ingredients for her part of the meal.

Diana took her things to the table where she could have room as well as give
the two women at the preparation table room to prepare. Diana watched as her
Xena mixed the bread mix, and set it off to the side to rise she then flipped
a knife in her hands and begun chopping up vegetables, while at the same time
watching Diana with one raised brow.

Diana bowed her head to Xena and then smiled at her.

“ I knew you could cook, I just wanted to see if I could get you to volunteer
to help.” Diana said with her mind as a smirk showed itself.

“ I know.” Xena said simply, with her own smirk.

Diana blushed and then chuckled to herself, and went back to preparing the
dessert she was assigned to. Xena the clone then started the conversation, at
first it was mainly about the day and how much fun the children had had and
also her enjoyment of the day.

When they had finally sat down to eat the conversation was now about to take
on a very serious aspect.

“ Lord Xena?”

“ Yes?”

“ How do you like the meal?” Xena the clone asked not sure if she really
should bring up her idea to Xena, or Diana.

“ It’s very good, if I must say so my myself.” Xena answered knowing that the
clone had wanted to ask another question other than how the food was.

“ Well you don’t have to say it yourself, it’s wonderful.” Diana added.

Both Xena smiled at her and then Xena heard the clone inhale, supposedly
quietly, but not to Xena.

“ Is there something you want to ask me?” Xena asked pointedly.

“ Yes. I was just wondering how to ask it, and not cause either of you to feel
uncomfortable in any way, I really don’t want you to feel like that, I have
really enjoyed this day more than I have any other.”

“ Well the best way to ask anything is straight out with it, but I know you
know that, considering all things?” Xena said making reference to their mutual
way of thinking about certain things.

Diana smiled at the meaning, and squeezed Xena’s thigh under the table.

“ Well, it involves a decision that the two of you would have to agree on.”

“ Okay.” Xena said as she took a drink of her wine.

“ Xena I know you can feel my emotions, because of the same reason you
mentioned a moment ago?”

“ Yes.”

“ So I know you can tell how....well for lack of a better way of saying it,
tight I am?”

Diana choked on the meat that she was just in the middle of swallowing, both
Xena’s turned their attention to Diana, and the real Xena put her hand on
Diana’s belly and pushed slightly, and the meat reappeared in Diana’s mouth
where she made it go down the right pipe.

“ Sorry, just went the wrong way.” Diana said meekly.

Xena then handed Diana a goblet of water and told her to drink it. After Xena
was sure Diana was okay, she then turned her attention back to the clone.

“ To answer your question, yes I can tell. Why?”

“ Because what I want to ask you has to do with that.”

“ R.e.a.l.l.y?” Xena said with a drawl to her voice. Her eyes narrowing as

“ I know you have all kinds of reservations about me?”

“ Not as many anymore, but still some.” Xena stated honestly.

The clone smiled at the response and then got serious again.

“ Well thank you for that Lord Xena, it means a lot. Anyway, because of the
special connection we all have in that regard, I was wondering.....” Xena the
clone then pushed her hair back out of her face, as she sat up straighter to
face Xena The Conqueror.

“ What?” Xena asked already having her suspicious as to where the
conversation was going.

“ Do you think it would be possible for Diana to.....”

“ I’m sitting here hoping you don’t ask me what I’m thinking your about to?”
Xena said pointedly once again.

Xena the clone knitted her brows, and then after a moment of thinking about
what Xena meant, she immediately informed her she was wrong.

“ No, not that, well not the way your thinking about it at least?”

“ What other way is there to think about THAT?”

“ Well because of the connection, you know there is no one else who would be
able to ever satisfy, my needs, and I don’t have the patiences or the desire
to take on many lovers, just for one meager release if that.”

“ So what are you asking me?”

“ Well you already know my feelings for Diana, and I know that neither of you
would go for a threesome.”

Diana again choked but this time it was on the water. Xena chuckled but not
out of amusement and Diana heard the undertone to the unpleasant chuckle.

“ You can pretty much wager the farm on that one.” Xena said factually.

“ Yes, well, my idea is a simple one.”

“ And that is?”

“ If you could allow me to have a......”

“ A what?” Xena asked impatiently.

Xena the clone glanced over at Diana, and then back at Xena, and finally came
out with what she wanted.

“ A...clone of Diana?”

“ Ah...” Was all that managed to escape from Diana’s mouth, but Xena had no
problems expressing herself.

“ No. I don’t even know how you can even begin to think that I , we would even
agree to something like that, especially after what happen in the past? And
even if I were to even think about it, the answer would still be the same, for
you to possess someone like Diana, is definitely out of the question.”

“ Lord Xena, I understand your shock over my request, but I have to tell you,
I am not much different from you, if at all. My needs of Diana are just as
strong as your own, I have not slept in months without a day of tightness not
being with me, therefore I don’t sleep well at all.”

“ You took Diana at least once since, that I know of for a fact.” Xena hissed
at the woman.

“ Yes, and I was wrong, but I needed her, I needed to get comfortable, so that
I could start my new life of abstinence, although, as long as I didn’t think
about Diana, I was fine. That lasted about a moment. Lord Xena I know I am
asking the world, but I not only have need of Diana, I am in love with her, I
swear to you if you do this for me, I will show you just how much love I have
for her, she will never want for anything, I will be so good to her, the same
way I would be to your Diana, please Lord Xena, Please?”

“ We have to go, thank you for the meal, it was nice. Diana let’s go.” Xena
said rising from her chair and looking at Diana to get moving.

Diana stood up and moved to Xena’s side, completely in shock. As Xena moved to
the door to leave her and Diana, Xena the clone followed after her and
continued to beg her case.

“ Lord Xena Please, please consider my request?”

Xena acted as though she did not hear the woman, as she walked out the door,
and headed for the stairs with Diana following her, her fingers idly
scratching at her forehead as she tried to think of what the conversation was
about. Although she knew a moment ago.

Suddenly Xena the clone caught her arm. Diana looked at her with wide eyes and
fear in them not sure of why she had been grabbed.

“ Diana, please consider it?please talk to her? please?”

“ Xena....I.....I don’t, I can’t, I’m sorry.” Diana said as she pulled her arm
from Xena’s grasp and ran to catch up with Xena.

After they got in the carriage, Diana looked out at the regal woman standing
with tears in her eyes. Diana then looked at her Xena, and Xena saw the fear,
and she pulled Diana to her and held the now shaking young girl.

They arrived back at the castle and headed straight to their chambers. Xena
went to packing their things, so that they could leave that night.

“ What are you doing?”

“ What does it look like I’m doing?”

“ Packing.”

“ Yes. We’re leaving, tonight.”

“ What? Why?”

“ What do you mean why? You know why?”

“ Xena, we can’t leave.”

“ Oh, and why can’t we?”

“ Because of the party tomorrow? For the kids?”

“ We won’t be attending.”

“ But Xena, I gave my word to them that I would be there?”

“ Well this will be the one time you will have to break it.” Xena said

“ Why?”

“ Why? Diana that woman wants you in the worst way, and she now knows she
can’t have you, what do you think her next move will be? Do you think she will
just accept her future?”

“ Xena, I’m not thrilled about the idea of being clone either, but aren’t you
the one who said she’s changed, allowed me to go with her by ourselves to the
school, while it was still dark, none the less, and agreed to have dinner with
her, the three of us, alone? Didn’t you do all of those things for one reason
and one reason only? To prove to me that she had changed? I honestly don’t
believe you would have agreed to any of that if you had any reservations about
me being safe with her alone?”

“ Well I was wrong.” Xena said curtly.

“ Xena?! Are you telling me you didn’t trust her when you allowed me to go
with her?”

Xena looked up at Diana’s steady gaze and then she stood to her full height.

“ No, I didn’t worry about her hurting you, my concern was just that you would
be so scared of her, you might say something that would cause you to get

“ I almost did. But anyway Xena, after the party, we can leave, and we will
either say goodbye to Xena, or we won’t depending on how she acts, I mean if
you sense any danger from her, then we’ll be on our way home, without an
argument from me.”


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