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Last Updated:  11/29/2006

Cheers!   [Academy Must-Xe TV Challenge 2003]


The Cruise - with Idyrth   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

A Love Boat Reunion cruise overcomes a fear and brings a reward.


The Joke   [Academy April Fool's 2002]   ebook version available

A short story about... well... a practical joke.

Love, Amazon Style - with Idyrth   [Academy Summer Lovin']   ebook version available

An entry in the Summer Lovin' contest about X& G trying to go on vacation.

Love, Honor, Duty   ebook version available

A police dispatcher takes care of her favorite officer.

Love, Honor, Duty Part II   [Academy Valentine 2005]

Part 1   Part 2  

One For the Team   [Academy Valentine 2006]

Jess And Andy series

Make A Wish   [Academy Halloween 2001]   ebook version available

Jess, an animal control officer, and her best friend, Andi, find themselves on a rather unusual assignment. All is not what it seems when the women attend a 'mass' at a local church. On Halloween, no less. They soon discover, however, that this is not your usual garden variety church service. Jess and Andi make a hasty escape only to realize that they've lost Andi's treasured locket, an heirloom, and , must return to the scene of the....of the what?

The Hitchhiker   [Academy Halloween 2002]   ebook version available

This time Jess and Andi decide to take a vacation on Halloween.  Only their plans hit a bump in the road.

Movietime   [Academy Halloween 2003]

Jess and Andi are enjoying a scary movie when a knock on the door reveals a mysterious man.

Trick Or Trick   [Academy Halloween 2004]

The Note  [Academy Halloween 2005]

California Dreaming   [Academy Halloween 2006]