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B. Soiree

Last Updated:  8/14/2009

2009 Hall of Fame
Story - Fetchin' Cousin Minnie

The One

When Kendal, a NW police detective, has an unusual meeting at a convention with Savannah, a DA from the South, the question becomes, "Is Kendal 'The One' for Savannah?"

Third Time's The Charm  [Incomplete]

Sequel to The One. Sometimes finding The One is only the beginning of a dangerous journey. Especially when the Fates take two intangible superstitions and weave them into their garment, leaving Time and Death to toy with the strings.

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Fetchin' Cousin Minnie   ebook version available

On her way to retrieve her saucy Cousin Minnie in Sacramento and bring her back to her ranch, Gaine Sargos, Sheriff of Barden's Corner, meets a green-eyed stranger on the stagecoach who completely changes her life.

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The Renegade Lady Sherriff  [Incomplete]

She was good with a gun, she was a woman, and she was a sheriff. And she already had a reputation as a fast draw. Very fast. Why, she was even willing to be called a renegade. But if they thought they had a chance to control her, thought they had a chance to run roughshod over her, they'd better think again. This is a sequel to Fetchin' Cousin Minnie.

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Willy's Present  [Academy Solstice 2004]

Peril From the Past  [Academy Personals 2008]

When We Met

Sometimes when a day starts out poorly, the results can be surprising.

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Evin And Elizabeth Series   ebook
 version available

A Million Dollar Lady

Evin's Revenge

A fiercely competive attorney, Evin seeks revenge on her partners for hiring petite Elizabeth Montagieu, her rival. The two men have fled town for the Christmas holiday, whisking away their families in the hope of avoiding Evin's wrath. But can they avoid detection? And what about this new hire with the soft Southern drawl and iron will who now has set her sites on the tall beauty? This is a sequel to A Million Dollar Lady.

Little EM  [Academy Valentines 2004]

Lady Litigators  [Incomplete]

Life evolves as two competing female litigators at the same law firm test both the depth and character of their personal and professional rivalry. This is a sequel to Evin's Revenge and follows Little EM.

Part 1