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Brigit M. Morgan

Last Updated:  9/26/2005

Artemis Complex - with JLynn   [Incomplete]

While on the way to the Amazon village for the sacred festival of Brauronia, Xena and Gabrielle encounter several bizarre (and seemingly unrelated) occurrences drawing them into a series of events and comedies of error that may spell the doom of the Amazon Nation and possibly the world. The goddess Artemis has had the source of her divine powers stolen and, without it, the laws of Nature are spiraling out of control. To make matters worse, the thief is nowhere to be found and time is running out. As they struggle to solve the deepening mystery, Gabrielle and Xena must face armies of slavers, in-fighting Amazons, crazed animals, and most importantly their own divisive struggle when deepening passions and suspicions threaten to tear their friendship apart. Set in the second season between The Execution and Blind Faith, the story is both a comedic and dramatic race against time, as Gabrielle and Xena struggle to discover the identity of the thief and restore Artemis' belt before the Nation and its goddess are destroyed.

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To Rest   ebook version available

'To Rest' takes place about a year after FIN and follows the aftermath of a decision that Gabrielle and Xena have made regarding the Warrior Princess' remains. A decision that while putting one soul to rest, threatens to destroy the other.