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C. Paradee

Last Updated:  9/28/2005

Murder Most Foul - with Lois Cloarec Hart   ebook version available

This story opens in the summer of 1961, a time of intolerance and danger for women who dared to fall in love with other women. The events of that fateful summer dramatically alter the lives of two such lovers, Delia and Patricia, and will change the lives of two other women, Jaye and Lindsay, forty years later. Both mystery and romance, the story tells of the undying devotion between one pair of lovers, and the nascent love between much younger women brought together by a gruesome murder that is only the end result of a long-ago tragedy.

Shadows In The Night   [Academy Halloween 2002]   ebook version available

Two kittens, one dark the other light, befriend each other and face the rigors of the wild.