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Last Updated: 2/20/2009

The Amazons Of Fletalin Valley   ebook version available

A Bliss Of Another Kind - with Ellis Acton Bell

Petra just loves to hang out with the new couple she met at the Whole Foods store, her wife Jules would rather them do their own thing. The unlikely quartet meets for dinner, a Floridian lesbian power couple, and our heroines of a questionable proffesion who argue all the way. A short dark story with a surprise ending.


Shavonne Nash cannot get over the guilt of what happened to her wife, Tisha during their seperation a year ago. Vonne thinks if she had never cheated, Tisha would not have been brutally attacked and raped. Trapped in their small town during a flood the two of them must face the horrors of what the rains have drudged from the swollen bayou that winds through their small town, Coolwood.

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A Conqueror's Winter    [Incomplete]

In this version of the conqueror plot, Gabrielle is an Amazon Princess daughter of Melosa, a traveling bard and a muckraker. Xena is Lord Conqueror she's is a little bit quirky and a lot evil and is enraged by scrolls that rouse the people to rebellion. A light conqueror story.

Cruel Summer  Removed at Author's Request

Cruel Summer is an original action drama set in the distant future in Photon City a fictional metropolitan area. Six very different women; a war hero turned police chief, the ruthless mayor, an idealistic politician, a billion dollar heiress, a young pregnant criminal, and an android find love among the politics and civil strife of the city..

Dying Woman's Lust   ebook version available

A young cowgirl falls in love with a dying woman in 1976.

A Fate Of Fire  Removed at Author's Request

Part One: Scarred in a fiery tragedy as a teenager, Ann Bailey Williamson has spent her adult like exiled in a hopeless little Texas town on her family's defunct ranch. To keep the demons of her past away Bailey bow-hunts, drinks beer, and thumbs through her Daddy's old Hustler magazines. She is the last of her family line and is sure that the dark legacy that has been passed down through the generations will end with herself. Then she meets Felice an older woman, a hip artist, and they start a love affair more consuming and just as unpredictable as a raging fire.


Tales Of A Librarian   Removed at Author's Request

Brynn Dobhale lives the mundane life of a lonely librarian until a very interesting patron catches her eyes, a silent stranger who comes into Brynn's branch with beautiful bruises and scabbed knuckles. The stranger is Hart Gonzalez a medium/fighter who invokes the spirit of an Aztec warrior when she fights in Bloodsport an underground boxing ring. When the two share anxious words and a kiss they begin an epic journey together that will end with the heroines standing among the carnage of their ruined city.

When Pianos Try To Be Guitars   ebook version available

Brynn learns about Bloodsport that hard way, then her favorite singer/songwriter turns up murdered and Brynn is not sure if she herself is the killer.