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Last Updated:  11/4/2005

2006 Hall of Fame
Story - And Playing the Role of Herself

And Playing The Role Of Herself...

Caid Harris is an ex beer commercial actress who's made it to the big time and can't believe her luck. A plum role on a hot new cop show has Caid sharing her once private life with a horde of press and media, sharing the screen with a temperamental southern belle who she calls friend, and sharing her trailer with a leggy brunette who leaves her tongue-tied, slightly off-center, and just a little breathless. And the roller coaster ride that took Caid from a beer hawking 'Balentine Babe' to the role of tough cop Rita Stone gets even more interesting when the show's creator wants to push the envelope and decides Caid is just the woman to do it.

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Coin Toss

Three women, two conferences, one flip of a coin.a PWP of chance.

Lederhosen, French Toast And Telemarketing   ebook version available

On a ski trip in the mountains of Colorado, a chance encounter with the Scott family changes Darcy Max's life forever, despite unpleasantness between Darcy and Kim Scott. Five years later find Darcy and the Scotts together again, with Darcy and Kim working to make amends for past misunderstandings.

Phone Numbers, Lies And Octopi   ebook version available

Sequel to Lederhosen, French Toast And Telemarketing; the day after is idyllic for Darcy and Kim but the evening after brings something, and someone, Darcy isn't expecting...


Noel, Noel   [Academy Christmas 2003]

An aunt whose "what do you want for Christmas" question of her nephew leads to an encounter with the sister of a volleyball teammate whom she had a crush on and finds and finds her interesting.

Regolith    [Academy Hslloween 2005]