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Dana L'Wood

Last Updated:  9/26/2005

Caitlin's Rescue   ebook version available

Characters in this story are of the X&G genre and are friends of the famous pair though they are not mentioned. Killian has found a home in a mountain village of women after waking one morning three years previous to an empty bedroll beside her. Caitlin, her lover was gone. She searched but never found the beautiful warrior/fur trader. During the three years among the mountain women, Killian began to develop psychic abilities she didn't know she had until Nessa, a Celtic warrior and Druid saw, accepted and helped her develop her gift.

Killian wakes one morning having had a vision of Caitlin through a psychic passage. She runs to Nessa for help. Together they embark on a journey (with a few other friends) across the sea to a land they are unfamiliar with. There is plenty of drama and feeling with a love triangle and adventure.

Leave It To Chance   ebook version available

Chance is a leader of a motorcycle gang in San Diego known as the Road Wolves. They are a vigilante group that intervenes in much of the crime that is overlooked when it concerns women and children. This is actually the third story of a series I started about Chance and her lover, Tracy. The first two are pwp. This involves Chance in pursuit of a group of white slavers picking women off from bus routes in Southern CA. It is unusual for her to stray from the city limits but this time, Tracy's cousin is missing. Chance and her gang go through some rough spots but they prevail in the end.