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Last Updated:  9/14/2005

Deja Vue   ebook version available

Once Sarah met her, there was no denying the spark of passion and undeniable attraction that changed everything so unexpectedly. Her world was suddenly filled with love and happiness, having found someone so special. There is only one problem with Sarah's perfect life, her perfect lover, her dream come true... But you will have to read this romance to find out the whole story.

The Fenced Fields   ebook version available

The tale of two long time friends driven apart, only to rediscover so much more to their relationship in the small Virginia town where they grew up.

Forever   ebook version available

Anna was a young writer living near the coast of Maine, who met a dark beauty on a windy cold night while walking home late. What she discovered about the woman and herself changed her forever. The story is told in first person narrative style.

Isabelle   ebook version available

This is a hurt/comfort story about two remarkable women, whose lives inspired the author to retell what has been learned about them for a broader audience.It does deal with a difficult issue, breast cancer, but also of a transcending love.

The Road Trip   ebook version available

A story of a young woman traveling on her own across the US, and a troubled soul with whom she is entangled, in an adventure filled with violence, rescue and love.

The Summer Between   ebook version available

This is a story of an college student working for the summer as a waitress in a small resort coastal town. There she meets new friends and makes the acquaintance of a famous although reclusive artist. The events that transpire are those of personal growth and discovery. It is however primarily a romance between two people, and the fateful circumstances that pulled them together.