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Last Updated:  11/13/2005

Forget The Moment And Reflect   ebook version available

An early brisk morning walk leads a young woman to meet a little old lady with quite a tale just waiting to be told. Annie has a story of ancient times and talks of legends. More important is that she has a story of love to share and an ending that will surprise you. Sarah's life will be forever changed from her morning walk and taking time to hear this story.

Houston - We Identified The UFO

Xena gets a little restless and with some time on her hands, she decides that she can launch more than a fish into the heavens. EEEeek! She launches herself and Gabrielle into the constellations for a close look. The groups of stars called a Greek warrior, Argo. big and little bear and milky way are all confirmations of their journey.

Life's Twists And Turns   ebook version available

This Uber story is about a producer and his actress wife who's final season of a successful TV series is a major concern as season five concludes. It shows a compromise of how family pulls together and it show that three women on a mission, save the day (or capture their faces for all time). The story defines where the pictures of Xena and Gabrielle come from and they match up nicely with Gabrielle's scrolls by a story-arc of a new character named Portraya.

Plight Of The Amazons

Ephiny's former tribe is in trouble when Xena and Gabrielle travel to the Amazon camp for a visit. What they find is not good news and there is a warrior present that is mysterious and interesting. Something from Xena's past always adds suspense, surprise and danger. Gabrielle faces a challenge of her own and questions a feeling of jealousy. Wonder what happened to Ephiny's child? Wonder no more!

Sheriff Aris And Deputy Boxer

A spoof of the old TV show Mayberry RFD and the future descendents Aris and Boxer from Xena, Warrior Princess' characters, Ares and Joxer. Aris can still poof out of sight in a flash and Boxer cannot hold on to his ticket book but Lefty, the mailman is ever relentless to get the mail delivered, as always. The mystery of Old Miss Crumpet and Widow Purdy remains a curiosity. *Warning* - Speakun suthurn will hep ye read dis story.

Sons Of A Bacchae

More than twenty-five years later, Xena & Gabrielle learn the music from Orpheus has ceased again in the forest. Apparently there were Sons of a Bacchae which survived after Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer's last visited the Bacchae cave. Despite the story having danger, action and peril for the heroines, there is love in the night air. OOOoooooh..., prepare yourself and enter at your own risk. [general/finished]

The Warrior's Journey

A story which takes place after the final episode of season five, Motherhood. Xena leaves Eve with the Baptist and Gabrielle with Aphrodite as she begins a journey to find out what has happened to their families.Xena's journey takes place on land but the story's journey takes place in Xena's mind. [general/finished]


Love Of A Season

Season Of Time, Muse Of Rhyme

Lyre, Lyre - Relight The Fire

Poem based on fans reaction to the missing relationship of Xena and Gabrielle during season five and inspired by the episode, Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire.