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2013 Author Hall of Fame
Story - The New Adventures of X: WP series



In the wake of a global biological war, the Foundation for Law and Morality has seized control of the United States government. Having sprung from other historical and crusading organizations, such as the Moral Majority and the Traditional Values Coalition, the Communist-hunters of HUAC, the witch-hunters of Salem, and the power-hungry Church of the Spanish Inquisition, the Foundation is yet another generation of fundamentalist religious organizations which aspires to impose their narrow-minded and ecclesiastical beliefs on the rest of the country through force of law and arms. And in this spirit of "preserving traditional and moral values," they are seeking to capture and execute a psychically gifted young woman whom they have branded as an enemy of the State, having charged her with sedition, murder and witchcraft.

"ALLIES" is not only a story of a modern-day witch-hunt; it is also a plausible story of how yet another theocratic government could come to power. Ultimately, it is a story of how a young Wiccan priestess defies those who would deny not only her rights as a free citizen, but all of ours as well

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Outlaws And Allies

For the last seven years, Valerie Ryan has lived a peaceful life in the woods of Allied Territory in northern California, enjoying the freedom and purity of Nature with her partner Jasmine Tanaka and their seven-year-old daughter Sierra. Unknown to them, there is a sinister plan afoot; the Foundation for Law and Morality, the fundamentalist religious organization that now controls the United States government, is seeking to re-open the Betatron Nuclear Power station - an unstable nuclear reactor that Valerie closed down years ago through the use of black magic. The Foundation has even gone so far as to ally themselves with a Satanist - one of their own worst enemies - in an effort to bring Betatron back on line. After failing to remove her curse through his own efforts, the Satanist quickly seizes upon a new plan - to kidnap her daughter and hold her hostage. His demand is simple: "Remove your curse from Betatron, or I'll kill your little girl."

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Memorial Day

Steele Your Heart Away

You've heard of the great detective Angela Steele, haven't you? The reclusive millionaire philanthropist, private investigator, and former Navy SEAL? The only two people who really know her are her two associates-the young, blonde-haired and green-eyed Samantha Kincaid, of Austin, Texas, and her bespectacled, slightly bungling partner, Jackson P. Monroe, of Detroit, Michigan.

And then one day Samantha meets Cassandra St. Charles, special agent for Interpol. Much to her surprise and delight, the detective finds that her assignment coincides with the special agent's current case: the protection of a rare and valuable artifact from Greece's ancient history; an artifact that is reputed to have been owned by the legendary Warrior Princess. Gradually, the young detective finds herself becoming more and more intrigued by the mysterious Interpol agent . . . an intrigue which eventually leads her to a shocking discovery.

With Apologies To Bram Stoker   ebook version available

A Xena and Gabrielle story.

Writer's Block   [Academy Halloween 2007]

55-Word Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction

Another Boring Day

The New Adeventures Of Xena: Warrior Princess

A New Day   [revised] ebook
 version available

"In a time of modern technology, politicians, and terrorists, a world on the brink of nuclear Armageddon cried out for a hero. She was Gina Ryan, United States Marine Corps..." Brought together with Gabriella Duncan, United States Navy, by mysterious and compelling forces behind a shared and recurring dream of the days of ancient Greece, they find themselves embroiled in a mission of utmost urgency--the prevention of all-out nuclear war. Their only weapons are their own hearts and souls...and a supersonic stealth helicopter code-named Ares .

Return Of The Warrior Princess   ebook version available

First, they prevented World War III by blowing up an Iraqi breeder reactor that was producing plutonium for their nuclear missiles. Then they stole a top-secret combat helicopter code-named Ares and went AWOL. Next, they flew it to Greece and found the ancient Hall of Ambrosia. So what did they do after that?

Just Like Old Times   ebook version available

Plot? What plot? Gina Ryan and Brie Duncan simply take advantage of some down-time between missions for a little shared quality time, and some very much needed emotional healing. And then there's the reintroduction of an old ally.

What Friends Are For   ebook version available

Meet The In-Laws   ebook version available

Family Business

Reversal Of Fortune

Have you ever wondered what might have happened to you if the coin toss had come up heads instead of tails? Or if you had turned right or left at that intersection instead of continuing straight ahead, or if you had missed your flight home and that nervously sweating man in the bulging overcoat had been given your seat? What if Brie hadn't been able to find the Fates when she had gone to seek their help in saving Gina?

The Simple Pleasures Of Life

After having been confined in a psychiatric hospital for post-traumatic stress disorder, partial amnesia, migraines and night terrors, Colonel Gina Ryan, USMC, is finally reassigned to limited duty, which gives her and Dr. Gabriella Duncan, USN, a little more free time together. This is just a little bit of what they do with that free time.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Forced to face the possibility of early retirement, Colonel Gina Ryan, USMC, and Captain Gabriella Duncan, MD, USN, want nothing more than to fit in with the rest of their new community. The question is, will an ass-kicking warrior and a mouthy Navy doctor find acceptance?

A Quiet Evening at Home

When heroes aren't saving schools full of children from jihad terrorist bombers or pulling SEAL teams out of hostile territory, or saving the world from either nuclear or biological annihilation or rescuing stranded skiers with a fully armed and state-of-the-art military aircraft, they're really just like everyone else as they wind down and try to spend a little quality time together without interruption, and engage in the nearly lost art form known as conversation. If only it weren’t for those pesky telemarketers, and a couple of acquaintances from long, long ago . . .

Family Ties

Evelyn Duncan -- the new deputy federal district attorney -- has been abducted by a leader in the Russian Mob. And it's up to Colonel Gina Ryan, USMC, and Captain Gabriella Duncan, MD, USN -- to get her back in . . .

The Uninvited   [Academy Halloween 2006]


This is just a short little story whose idea struck me while I was watching the California International Marathon. It got me wondering what might happen if poor Gina had made a really, really bad bet...

Home Alone

Colonel Gina Ryan, USMC, is called away from home for a lecture tour back east, while Captain Gabriella Duncan, MD, USN, has to stay behind to recuperate from a battle with influenza. What does the bored and cantankerous doctor do to keep herself occupied?

Valentine Surprise   [Academy Valentine 2008]

The Howling   [Academy Halloween 2008]

It’s Halloween Night. With the party over, Gina Ryan and Brie Duncan finally get to kick back and relax, and watch classic old horror movies. But their movie-watching keeps getting interrupted by some unusual trick-or-treaters, and something out in the darkness of the forest…

Celebratio Interruptus   [Academy Halloween 2009]

With their Halloween preparations only partially completed, a sudden medical scare compels Captain Gabriella Duncan, MD, USN, to accompany Colonel Gina Ryan, USMC, as she goes to the base hospital down in Coronado…which results in a life-changing event.

Home Alone 2 - Gina's Turn

Captain Gabriella Duncan, MD, USN, has to fly back east to the Bethesda Medical Center, Maryland, to face the Board of Examiners in order to obtain her psychiatrist's certification, while Colonel Gina Ryan, USMC Force Recon (almost retired) stays home to look after Sam and their house. What could possibly go wrong? Well, since you asked...

Dr. Duncan Goes to Washington

Dr. Gabriella Duncan flies to Washington DC to testify before a Congressional Committee. Naturally, the potty-mouthed Navy doctor winds up getting herself into trouble by stirring up a political hornet's nest of controversy.