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Last Updated:  9/16/2005

Agoraphobia   ebook version available

Deirdre is a newcomer to the Xenaverse. Phoebe is an ardent fan. What can they learn from the Warrior Princess?

Gabrielle And The Scholar   ebook version available

While staying in Athens without Xena, Gabrielle spends an extended stay at the Athenian Academy, and becomes involved with a scholar/inventor with a mysterious past. This story occurs sometime before "Destiny".

The Land Of Song

Five years after Xena's death, Gabrielle returns to Greece. She meets a new friend, who invites her on a journey to the farthest end of the known world, to a land where bards rule and ancient demons threaten a way of life.

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A Moment Of Peace, A Moment Of War   ebook version available

Queen Gabrielle and her general Xena reach a new level in their relationship as they help the Amazon Nation prepare for war with Rome, and their conflicting roles and duties test the strength of their commitment to each other.

Push Pause

A Xena and Gabrielle tale.

Stagecraft   [Academy Solstice 2004]

Two Scrolls In One

Two very short stories that look at events "between the scrolls" in our heroine's early life together. In the first, set after the events of "Destiny/The Quest/A Necessary Evil", our heroes/heroines meet for a celebratory dinner and some revealing interaction with an old friend of Hercules. In the second, after the incidents in "Crusader", our heroines explore their relationship while they discuss the nature of the universe.