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Gabby's Hope

Last Updated:  9/17/2005


A dark surreal tale of the deep space vessel Eclipse and a young woman's introduction to a secretive crew whose captain holds responsibility for the most controversial stage in terraforming science, the creation of sentient life. Written as a television series. (ROC as Dr. Evelynne Simms; LL as Arenya)

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Dark Prophesy   ebook version available

Fulfilled In the distant future, Dahak has ruled the known world for thousands of years. Hope, known as the Grand Empress, controls the mortals according to her father's wishes. When she discovers a plan to alter her own history, she must travel back in time to stop a warning of dark future of mankind.

Dreams Of Fire And Ice

Set during 'Forget Me Not', Hope awakes from a dream with thoughts of Ares and her mother in an ice cavern.

Fallen Demon

As Hope reflects on her days as a child she sends a loyal demon into the eternal wars against Heaven to learn of this new warrior demon who has recently led the forces of Hell into war.

The Quiet Survivor

Days after 'Sacrifice II', Hope returns to start her father's new following in Poteidaia. Along the way she meets with two unlucky thieves, Discord, Hades, Amazons, followers, Gabrielle's family, her child and eventually... Xena.