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Grit Jahning

Last Updated:  9/20/2005

...A Beginning...   ebook version available

Just as the title says... this is a beginning. Taking a day off Xena and Gabrielle use this opportunity to enjoy some quiet time together... and sometimes all it takes is a kiss...


A young Amazon Queen who can't remember her past. A former warlord trying desperately to leave her past behind. And a secret that can destroy them - or save them

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Sent on an errand for her mother a fifteen year old Xena comes to Potedeia. And meets a small, blonde girl. Feeling herself pulled towards her in way she can't quite explain. Not knowing the pain Gabrielle has to go through at home she leaves again after a couple of days. But sometimes we're meant to meet and be together. A lesson Xena is about to learn herself. ... But will she accept her destiny? - The story covers nearly fifteen years in the lives of Xena and Gabrielle but I promise it will be finished and it won't be as long as it may sound.

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Silence   [Incomplete]

She almost lost her soul once. But this time she was going to make sure that it would never happen again. And if that meant conquering Greece and half the world to do it - so be it. This one could be considered an alternative ending to Falling. It isn't, really, but it does pick up an idea from that story.

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Fragments   ebook version available

Rayne, a tall British, who owns a bar in Lubeck a town in the north of Germany and Liv, a young Swede, who is a student at the University of Lubeck, meet for the first time as Liv is on her way to apply for a part time job as a waitress in Rayne's bar. And they both know pretty much from the beginning that there is something special between them - something that feels a lot like coming home... The story covers five years in their lives and the love they share. A love that's gonna survive the difficulties they have to face.

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When The Night

Being mortal makes you vulnerable. Physically... and emotionally. A lesson Ares is about to learn himself.

Post FIN Series

Never   ebook version available

Takes place right where 'Friend In Need' ended. It is something that was running around in my head ever since I saw the episode...and that's what I came up with. Gabrielle is on a ship heading west but she is she really alone?

Always   ebook version available

Taking place after Never. Gabrielle is still on the ship that is headed to new shores... new beginnings. But sometimes waking up alone is the hardest part...

Ever   ebook version available

The third part in a post FIN series.