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Katherine E. Standell aka Archangel

Last Updated:  9/6/2005

Desert Hawk   ebook version available

Dylan Hawke is a young Military Police Officer with deadly fighting skills. But nothing could have prepared her for the mission she was about to face. Death is all around her, will her training be enough?
Lura Grant was young writer, trying to prove herself.  Brought up a gentile Southern Belle with a backbone of pure steel, she was out of her element.
When these two women meet in the midst of desert turmoil will they be strong enough to survive? Will the love they discovered survive as well?   [revised]

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Return Of The Warrior

In the sequel to Desert Hawk, Dylan Hawk has returned from the desert to a hero's welcome. Lura Grant has returned with her warrior. All seems right with their world, but new dangers await. The dreams have returned with visions of death. Will the warrior succeed or succumb, how much can her shoulders bear? New threats have risen that guns can't fight.  Lura is faced with her own challenges, her entire world has changed. Her warrior can't help her here. When Dylan disappears she finds herself alone. Can two soul find each other and draw on thier love to survive or is love alone not enough.   [revised]

Part 1 Part 2

Welcome To Magnolia Manor - with Sam Ruskin

Second place winner in Halloween Challenge 2002 Bards Village.