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L.M. Townsend

Last Updated:  11/11/2011

Atomostoktenos   [Academy Halloween 2007]

The Birthday Gift   [Academy Halloween 2003]

A lonely little girl who gets a strange doll for her birthday that 'speaks' to her.

Blessed Solitude

This started out as a writing challenge whose subject was "Solitude". I liked the idea of the story of a god/dess seeking solitude. In a household of eight people, half of whom are children, Solitude is a rare and elusive thing.

Gaian - with Crow  [Academy Halloween 2009]

Ghost Writer - with Crow   ebook version available

For Celine, the terror begins with "Girls' Night Out". She arrives home, hoping for an intimate chat with her lover via the computer, but the conversation is interrupted by an unknown entity - the "Ghost Writer" - who is it and what does it want with Celine?

Soul Retriever - with Crow   ebook version available

The sequel to Ghost Writer.Celine and Lisa must travel to Land of the Dead to rescue the soul of a young man taken before his time - the problem? Where is he and can they find him before it's too late?

Hit and Run - with Crow  [Academy Halloween 2008]

The Museia

Sappho asks Xena and Gabrielle to escort one of her students to compete in the Museia, but Xena thinks there is more to her simple request than she is revealing— and as usual, Xena is correct.

The Newest God Of Olympus   ebook version available

Ares asks the other gods to allow the actor who portrayed him to join them on Olympus. The gods discuss the TV series which has brought them back to the attention of mortals and try to decide if this is reason enough to reward the mortals who portrayed the characters in the show with a place in the sacred residence of the gods.

Sleeping Xena   ebook version available

A fairy tale, starring Xena and Gabrielle who set out to rescue a princess with surprising results.

Trouble with the Truth   [Academy Halloween 2011]

The Witch of Greyfriare

Xena Come Back

Gabrielle sets off on a journey down the Nile to find the secrets of bringing Xena back from the dead. Along the way, the Bard meets with opposition - and assistance from unexpected sources. Meanwhile, Xena has her own trials to face in that land between the living and the dead.

The Amazon Queen Series   ebook version available

Part I : A God-Thing

Ares asks Xena to help his Amazon daughter.

Part II : The Rite Of Caste

Ares' Amazon daughter helps Xena realize that letting Gabrielle follow her heart will not disturb the fact that they are soulmates.

Part III : Family Matters

Ares goes after his sister's daughter to make her into Xena's 'Successor'.

Part IV : Battle Cry

Old enemies are out to destroy the Amazons and with the help of Xena, Gabrielle, and Ares, Melysë must face the darkness of her own past to defeat them.

Part V : The Unveild Truth

Xena takes Queen Melysë to Amphipolis to visit her son, and receives a surprising revelation about Cyrene's past.

Part VI : Destiny's Children

Xena receives an even more startling revelation in Themiscyreia, capital city of the Amazon Nation, where Melysë fights to get her cousin on the Throne, despite heavy opposition.

Part VII : The Dragon's Curse

Gabrielle does the "bard thing" to help Melysë get her cousin on the throne, while Xena's bid to add "Dragonslayer" to her list of many skills is thwarted by Melysë's desire to save the Dargons.

Part VIII : Amulet Of Persephone

Gabrielle fends off Romans in Ephesus, while Xena and Melysë meet with Persephone in Eleusis to obtain an Amulet which will protect the Amazons from Rome.

Part IX : The Centaurs' Tale

Ephiny and Selen fight Dahak's evil in the Amazon Village while their mothers face him in Rome.

Part X : The Solstice Tale

The story takes place between "Battle Cry" and "The Unveiled Truth". Xena and Gabrielle are back on the road to try to save Amazons from being sold as slaves, while good news awaits Xena back at the Amazon village.

Part XI : Malatyra

Selen' is kidnapped and the three queens travel to Britannia and the Land of Faërie to rescue her, encountering new adversaries - and at least one old friend. (Explicit maintext) (Co-authored with Becky Love)

Part XII : Malatyra (2)

"Non-Explicit" version of previously posted Part XI.

Part XIII : The Totem

After 'Ryn and Tecmessa's Joining, Melysë's Totem spirit takes her on a soul searching journey, while a worried Xena and Gabrielle go searching for her.

Part XIV : Warriors And Mothers

While Aryn adjusts to being Joined, the Three Queen's find themselves having to make adjustments of their own.

Part XV : Legacies

While visiting her father, Tecmessa is held hostage by Pharoah, and Arynë finds out just what she inherited from her mothers. Meanwhile, Ares may be up to his old tricks and it's up to his sister to get him back on track.

Part XVI : Warrior...Bard... Priestess

With the babies' impending birth, Melysë is troubled by some unfinished business in Britannia - and even more troubled by secrets from her own mother's past.

Part XVII : Warrior... Goddess Of War?

Part XVIII : Cyrene's Tale

Part XIX : Source Of Darkness

The Amazons are dying of a horrible plague which Melysë discovers is caused by a curse. Only by releasing the soul of an ancient warrior can this Darkness be lifted - but the Amazons¹ most ancient enemy is afoot - can the Three Queens lift the curse before the Nation is destroyed?

Part XX: Daughters Of Ares

This is the longest story yet - and it still isn't finished - so I have decided to "serialise" it. In other words, I will send a part of this story as I finish it. So far, Joxer has returned from the dead with a message for Xena and gabrielle - The Destroyer isn't dead! A mysterious message to Xena and Gabrielle sends Melysë into the spirit realm where Hekate has devastating news for the three queens. In this part, two mysterious visitors come to the Amazon Village - one of whom looks exactly like Xena - and for good reason; she's Eve's daughter and she's pregnant - but that's not all she's carrying. According to her daughter, Lucina, Eve has been "embellishing" on Eli's message.

Daughter Of Artemis Series

Sword Of Artemis

The Amazon Nation, once strong and proud is now on the verge of destruction. They have powerful enemies - not only Rome's own Caesar, but Ares, the God of War himself. We also meet an age old foe, the misogynist Gantrians. Through Ares's treachery in stealing his sister's sword, Artemis was made powerless to help her daughters against their enemies. With Ares giving the sword (power) to the Gantrians, they couldn't lose.What Ares hadn't counted on was the Gantrians' involvement with Rome and the "selling" of the Amazon Queen as a slave to the Gladiator arena. This unexpected development has gained the attention of an ancient pre-Roman goddess - who wants to be THE Goddess of War, usurping Ares "prime position" as God of War. With Artemis' support, this goddess would have the Amazons for powerful allies, as well. However, first the Sword must be retrieved so the Goddess Artemis can help the Amazons re-build their nation. Ares will use every trick in his arsenal to prevent this - from causing a thirst for vengeance so great as to nearly destroy the Amazon Queen's protegée to creating "civil war" within the Amazon ranks by choosing a "new champion" from among the warrior women - or from one among one of their sister Tribes - who were instrumental in betraying the Amazons to the Gantrians. In a bizarre turn of events, even after retrieving Her Sacred Sword, Artemis, pledged benefactor to the Amazons, is cleverly prevented from attacking the renegade Tribe because of this relationship. Now, as always, it is up to the Amazons themselves to battle their once-sisters for their very survival.

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