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Last Updated:  2/17/2015

Both Hands

Set in Athens during the Dyonisian Festival, this story has Xena becoming amused when Gabrielle reacts with some shock to the wild going- ons . Determined to make the experience unforgettable for the young bard, Xena decides to get a little "wild" herself.

Breaking Bread

Gabrielle is being a little naughty and then getting more than she bargained for.

Chicago 5 AM

A no-nonsense private eye, Tina Amphipoli , pairs up with a new FBI forensic scientist, Mariel Potidean , to investigate a series of puzzling disappearances. Along the way, an enemy from Tina's past plays a deadly game of cat and mouse. Set in the shadows of Chicago's underground leather scene, the two must go undercover to solve the case, making a number of surprising discoveries along the way.

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Entire   [Incomplete]

This is a sequel to the story Chicago 5am and is an UberXena novel set in present day Chicago. A no-nonsense private eye, Tina Amphipoli , and an FBI forensic scientist, Mariel Potidean , once again find themselves in the middle of a case with more questions than answers. Politics, religious zealotry, and a threat to the city and country get tangled together in a web of mystery. This time around though, personal business between our two gals makes things a bit difficult. .

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From Hair to Eternity - with Vivian Darkbloom

The Gala

Gabrielle is being a little naughty and then getting more than she bargained for.

A Good Day Too

In a departure for this veteran bard, LN revisits the conclusion of the episode A GOOD DAY showing things from Temecula's perspective as he tries to come to grips with the life he took and to understand the words of solace another who's been there tries to share with him. Poignant look at a coming of age in a violent, unforgiving world.


A frustrated bard trying time and time again to distract her warrior from some extremely dull proceedings. Xena can be rather dense when it comes to non-battle "emergencies" but let it never be said that a bard "in need" gives up easily!

The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Dolls In Love - with Danae

Thus is born the tragic but hopeful tale of a little warrior doll who (literally) falls head over heels in love with a beautiful, posable blond bard doll. The little warrior must then struggle against her own rigidity and the many dangers in the life of an action figure as she tries to win the heart of her...oh-so-flexible love.

More Incredibly True Adventures of Two Dolls In Love - with Danae

Those two crazy dolls are at it again in this sequel to THE INCREDIBLY TRUE ADVENTURES OF TWO DOLLS IN LOVE which finds the boastful Warrior Princess certain that she can seduce any straight doll much faster than her slow sidekick can. Accepting the challenge, posable Gabrielle decides to teach the warrior a lesson. It's a situation that ends up giving the ex-warlord doll nightmares but does manage to help her get in touch with that oh-so-rigid inner self .

Complete with the excitement of a costume gala.

Magnetic North

The warrior and bard are weathering a storm in a cave, when they decide to start a little storm of their own.

Midnight Letter

A beautiful, melancholic little piece about facing the sometimes harsh realities of life while longing for those simpler times that will never be again.


Set in Kansas City in 1871, it looks at the relationship between two very different women - one a wanted outlaw, beautiful and deadly - the other a talented storyteller, loving and sweet. Amidst the danger and roughness of the world they live in, these two have forged a union of passion and trust and love - a solace the outlaw now treasures and the storyteller is determined to nurture into something even greater.


A certain bard, in the mood to play, bets Xena 5 dinars that she can fool people into believing the warrior is in fact...her slave. Amused but doubting anyone would believe the formidable Warrior Princess enslaved by a little bard, Xena agrees, never considering the depths to which her heart has already been conquered...nor suspecting the ingenious plan of attack her VERY determined partner is capable off.

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The warrior and bard are traveling through the fabled Valley of Azure where people's most hidden thoughts and desires can be revealed in the form of dreams.

Swan Song

A short vignette that has Gabrielle telling Xena the legend of the swan song - a song heard only by those who share the purest of loves.

Welcome Home

Xena and Gabrielle return to Amphipolis to help the warrior's mother move from the house Xena grew up in. It is an opportunity for the Warrior Princess to share some of her childhood memories with Gabrielle, to remember a time of innocence before the darkness that engulfed her for so many years, but it is that darkness that still plagues her and that will challenge the love between warrior and bard as nothing has before.