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Last Updated:  11/4/2005

Black's Magic - with Cephalgia   ebook version available

British secret agent Addison Black is assigned to rescue the kidnapped daughter of an American research scientist, but the straightforward mission is soon complicated by old enemies, the threat of global bio-terrorism and possibly a traitor from within. It's not just a simple case as Addison finds she is increasingly attracted to her objective, the intriguing Skyler Tidwell.

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Addison Black And The Eye Of Bastet   ebook version available

Top British Agent Addison Black is back and this time M.I.5's latest recruit Dr Skyler Tidwell accompanies her on an assignment that takes them from the undiscovered tombs of Egypt to the deepest jungle of Sierra Leone. On an undercover mission to assist investigating into the murder of a team of archaeologists, Addison and Skyler discover not only the resting place of Egypt's most legendary architect, but also priceless artefacts, precious gems, deadly retribution and a plot to bring down and hold the world at ransom.

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Snap Shots   ebook version available

A brilliant yet introverted photographer, Tess Alexander's life takes a dramatic turn when she undertakes a shoot for the cities Lord Mayor. There she meets his daughter Nikki, a young woman whose visual disability has forced her into a world of over protectiveness. Instantly drawn to each other, neither of them are aware of the lengths one person will go, to try and keep them apart.

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Snap Shots II

Three months later, Tess and Nikki are ready to move into Riverside Farm. They both soon realize the trials and tribulations of moving home are if nothing else, an extremely hectic and at times a comical occurrence. However, it is Nikki who is first to sense that when they moved, a face from their past followed.

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Connecting Hearts - with Cephalgia   ebook version available

The devastating illness of a loved one prompts an online meeting between British poet Denise Jennings and American nurse Randa Martin. The professional relationship that begins continents apart changes to one of trust, friendship and more as they deal with some of life's most difficult circumstances.

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Family Connections - with Cephalgia   ebook version available

In the sequel to Connecting Hearts, Randa and Denise cope with new problems in their lives as well as unexpected problems from out of the past.

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Summer Heat   ebook version available

PWP... An intriguing stranger turns Cody's day of escaping from the toils of University life into more than she could have ever imagined.

Summer Heat 2

Sequel to the PWP Summer Heat.

Unlimited Sexual Favors - with Cephalgia   ebook version available

Good friends Wilder McNeil and Darcy Gardner make a bet and the heated competition teaches them it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.

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More Unlimited Sexual Favours - with Cephalgia   ebook version available

This is the sequel to Unlimited Sexual Favors. It follows Darcy and Wilder as they further explore their new relationship and reinforces the idea that to the victor, goes the spoils.

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The Return of  Unlimited Sexual Favours - with MJ   

Darcy and Wilder are back and taking their unlimited sexual favors north of the border.

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