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Last Updated:  9/26/2005

The Sacrament Series

Absolution: The First Sacrament   ebook version available

Magali Guerrerro rules a world pulsing with corruption, greed, and violence. A place where life is fleeting, survival tenuous and choices limited. Through the darkness, the light of innocence beckons her, and she finds what she can not give herself in a pair of emerald eyes - Absolution. Be forewarned this is what you should consider a conqueror uber, and is the first in a series. I cut my teeth on this one, and I'm still recovering.

Penitentia: The Second Sacrament   ebook version available

Everyone has a cross to bear, a sin to contend with, a penance to serveœsome sacrifice it all for another, while others betray. When innocence is shattered and faith torn asunder, who will stand and make amends? Magali's life is a countless toll of mortal sins, and Casey, her Saint, will offer up her own sacrifice in this sequel to Absolution.

Confession: The Third Sacrament   ebook version available