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Last Updated:  9/28/2005

Terreis' Lover   ebook version available

A visit to the Amazons reveals the mystery of Terreis's lover: a woman who hasn't been seen since the day Terreis died. Why did she leave? Where is she now? And why did Terreis give her Right of Caste to a sweet, untested bard? Old choices have long-reaching repercussion in this 'Gabrielle's-mask-gets-challenged-and-Xena-can't-possibly-save-her'story with a twist.

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What Dreams May Come Series   ebook version available

What Dreams May Come

Janice gets the treasure, defeats the villain and saves the girl. Now how is she going to explain that to Mel? Very Short.

The Wrath Of The Khan

Melinda Pappas wakes up in a strange place, with no idea how she got there. This light-hearted romp through Melinda's subconscious combines obscure literature and gratuitous nudity.

Return Of The Red-Eye

Well, let's see... there's a trap, and a craving... some gratuitous pop culture references, a torch song, and LOTS of whiskey. Mel/Janice Alt, and the last of the What Dreams series.