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RJ Nolan
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Last Updated:  3/10/2010

Double Trouble - [removed, now published]

Little did Kris know that the traditional first baseball game of the season played each April between the San Diego Padres and Los Angeles Dodgers would change her life. Tripping in front of the dark-haired Erin and caught ogling to boot, was only the preamble for the tall blonde, as both ended up splashed with beer in the stands and laughing good naturedly about the accident and clean-up. So begins what will be bound to open old wounds and make both women stronger as they find in each other a connection, and love, lust, trust, kids and trouble times two and more will decidedly make their relationship a rocky one but ultimately worth pursuing.

ER Series - removed at author's request

LA Metropolitan   ebook version available

Bowing to pressure from her family Dr. Kimberly Donovan returns to Detroit after completing her residency. Her life quickly goes down in flames. Falsely accused of molesting a patient and betrayed by her closeted lover, Kim flees to California hoping for a fresh start at a new hospital. She finds more than she bargained for at LA Metropolitan.

In A Heartbeat   ebook version available

In the companion piece to LA Metropolitan Officer Sam McKenna and her rookie partner receive an urgent radio call. There's a man with a gun in a local Emergency Room. As they race toward the hospital little does Sam know she is racing toward her destiny. When she confronts the gunman her life is forever changed...

Entwined Lives

This is a sequel to In A Heartbeat. It's the continuing story of Sam and Riley and Kim and Jess. Find out how their lives become entwined as Jess and Kim enjoy their new family and Sam and Riley go about starting theirs...