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S. Lee

Last Updated:  9/26/2005

The Facts Of Life - with DS Bauden   [Academy Must-Xe TV Challenge 2003]   **  honorable mention  **

Interview With A Slayer   [Academy Halloween 2003]

Harley is a journalist who interviews Jules, a woman who claims to be a 'real' vampire slayer and tells her about those she hunts.

A Letter To My Lover   ebook version available

Musings on a rainy night wishing my lover were with me. Is it written for anyone in particular or just a general lover? I'll let you make that conclusion.

Ms O'Connor Goes To Washington   ebook version available

Follow Jordan O'Connor on the campaign trail to the U.S. Senate and to love with her ex-partner and publicist. Can she survive scandal, a new relationship, and get elected as an open lesbian candidate from Texas?

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The Proposal

At the beginning of their relationship, both Sarah and Neal argued over who would propose to whom. To solve the playful disagreement, Sarah agreed to wait five years to pop the question. During that time, if Neal did not propose, then it was Sarah's turn. Watch what happens on the day the five years is up.

Summer Love   [Academy Summer Lovin' Contest]

Quinn O'Brien goes to the beach for a summer job before going off to college. She finds more than just work when she runs into the woman she has been in love with for four years, her former high school swimming coach. The two women spend the summer in love, but it comes to an end with the arrival of Fall. Ten years later, they meet up again at Quinn's high school reunion ten years later. Can the two women rediscover the love they once shared?

That Friend Of Mine   ebook version available

Kat makes up her mind to win back the love of her Beth and reunite her family in this romantic conclusion to the Kat and Beth series.

Kat And Beth Series

She Is

In the prequel to Three Days, Kat and Beth meet for a Valentine's rendezvous in the Colorado mountains. Enjoy another look into the lives of this loving couple.

Three Days   ebook version available

In the romantic first story of a trilogy, Kat Green is a singer/songwriter on the verge of super-stardom.She is away for weeks at a time, missing her pregnant partner, Beth desperately. Kat comes home from being away on the road for a visit and the couple have three glorious days to reclaim and reconnect their love.

Love Has No Pride   ebook version available

The sequel to Three Days and the second in the Kat and Beth trilogy. The story picks up thirteen years later and Kat has become a mega-superstar. She and Beth have two daughters. Kat succumbs to the temptations of extreme success. Can the couple's marriage survive as Kat deals with her demons?