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Last Updated:  11/13/2005

The Partner Trap   [Academy Summer Lovin' contest]   ebook version available

This story brings together on a vacation in Provincetown two popular sets of characters Dar/Kerry and Harper/Kelsey.

A Christmas Karroll   [Holiday Havoc Challenge]

In an uber take-off of the classic, this one finds Alexandra Blackstone, the owner of a well-known architectural firm being visited by three guides to help her realize the 'full' potential of a young architect, KC.

Fantasy Island   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

Juliana is a lawyer down on her luck visiting Fantasy Island. Her mood doesn't brighten when her driver shows up with a Hummer, a who-cares attitude and a tropical rainstorm. But Rachel, the driver, might find a way past Juliana's sour mood.