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Siel Le Dain

Last Updated:  3/24/2007

Borrowed Reality   ebook version available

Somethings are just not meant to be. No matter how hard you fight, sometimes fate would sneak out its horrible hand and slap you over and over... that was Grace's story. Some other times, when you don't seem to find the answer to something, you choose to consciously forget it, to erase it from your memory..., but the imprint is always there. That was my story. And this is the story of how both Grace and I faced our demons together, as it should have been from the beginning. But, as I said, somethings are just not meant to be.

Living in the Shadows

The Story   ebook version available

Out is best, of course it is. But what happens when you fall for a straight person so badly, you don't even care she might be totally confused and will, for sure, realize she never wanted to have a romantic relationship with you? Renée didn't want this to happen, so she hid her feelings for almost two years, waiting for them to disappear. They didn't and everything came out in the open. But maybe, she had been so busy looking inside herself that she forgot to look around.very near her.

The Story Goes On   ebook version available

This is a sort of sequel to The Story. Well, actually, more than a sequel. It's a "what could have happened differently" kind of story. Same characters, same old situation, different scenario.

Wrung   [Incomplete]

I too late understood that letting go is not giving in. But when your love is tainted with fear, there's no way to overcome the constant gnawing doubts. I let my own fears grow unchecked until my heart was brutally slain. And I was left with nothing but guilt and more doubts about having made the wrong decisions.