Academy Author Index


Last Updated:  1/15/2009

Amphipolis Squares   [Academy Must-Xe TV Challenge 2003]

A Case Of Beer And A Kiss   [Academy Summer Lovin' entry]   ebook version available

A writer for a travel magazine meets a female adventurer who comes to her aid in South America.

Channel Surfing   [Academy Halloween 2002]   ebook version available

AJ and Chase planned to just sit on the couch, eat popcorn and watch a marathon of scary Halloween movies. But those plans are drastically changed when AJ's new satellite system zaps the girls into some popular television shows, and they find themselves wondering how to get home.

Creepy Little Christmas   [Holiday Havoc Challenge]

A community center volunteer who meets a woman when she is accosted by a drunk while shopping. Her rescuer, an attorney, agrees to help at the holiday party being hosted at the community center in an effort to become better acquainted.

Ephiny   [Academy Where in World Challenge 2004]

A Family Solstice   [Academy Christmas Challenge entry]

An entry in the Christmas challenge.

Fourth And Inches   [Academy Cookin' Challenge 2005]

Ghost Train   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

Stopping for directions to a hiking trail, Logan hears the story about a woman blacksmith and widowed schoolteacher travelling on a train held up by train robbers who meet an untimely death before they could share their love. While out in the woods, she meets another hiker looking for hints of the legend.

A Halloween To Remember   [Academy Halloween 2001]   ebook version available

A young news anchor is invited to a halloween party in which guests must traverse a maze.

The Joke's On You   [Academy April Fool's entry]   ebook version available

Landmines and Roses - with A. Hughes   [Academy Solstice 2005]

Love And Cheesy Poofs   [Academy Valentines 2004]   ebook version available

What starts out as a confrontation for a store clerk and a customer turns into mutual interest.

Love On Ice  [Academy Xmas Challenge 2008]

Merry Bleeping Christmas   [Academy Solstice 2004]

A Monster Bash   [Academy Halloween 2003]

Two women on the way to friends get lost and walk into a party filled with strange people.

A Nice Trip   [Academy Halloween 2004]

Once Upon An Uber: A Fractured Fairy Tale   ebook version available

In this fractured fairy tale, Snow White gets help from her Fairy Godmother as she battles nasty trolls and an evil huntress in her search for the sleeping beauty taken away by Prince Charming.

Tall, Dark And Deadly   [Academy Pulp Ficition entry]   ebook version available

A bounty hunter is captured by a woman who doesn't seem the type to skip bond.

Yes, AJ, There Is A Santa Claus   [Academy Christmas 2003]