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Last Updated:  10/9/2005

Fighting The Good Fight   ebook version available    Winner of a Swollen Bud award


Can Xena survive a Bard on the Rampage? Is leather really a summer fabric? And how many personalities can one small Amazon have in the space of a single morning?


A short story about the beginnings of violence as an antidote for pain.

The Lady Knows When To Leave   ebook version available

Ares offers Gabrielle the chance to be everything she's ever wanted to be in Xena's eyes. Has he finally chosen the right way to win her over?

A Once And Future Journey   ebook version available

******SPOILERS!****** Set a few weeks after the events of a Friend In Need 2. Do I really have to say more?

Quality Dying Time   ebook version available

When an accident injures and traps the warrior and bard in a landslide on the side of an isolated mountain, an unpredictable, infuriating and disturbed nine-year-old girl, Tai, is their only chance for rescue. The problem is that Tai doesn't want to get help. She wants to talk. But their time is limited, and it is fast running out...
Set towards the end of Season Three, this is a dialogue-heavy piece with some interesting twists. Guaranteed to make you think, or at least creep you out.

This Is A First-Time Story


What happens when a lonely man in an army camp fixates on a certain bard.

Solitaire   ebook version available

Yeah, But With A Really Big Sword