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Tragedy88 (aka Keket)

Last Updated:  4/11/2011

Abend   ebook version available

The dark haired, beautiful Mahu is a desert Tiva. Her life was relatively simple, till Jordan showed up on the edge of her Clan's land, with blood on her hands and a dead body in her arms. Can they save themselves and the world from GLOBAL, an organization bent on taking over the world? Or will they fall?

Blood Red Scream   ebook version available

A young hacker's past comes back to haunt her. Can she quit her life of crime? Can she fight for the greater good? She meets a woman through the internet, that could change her life forever. Together they will fight the ultimate evil, or die trying.

The Breaking of Bones

A young woman has escaped from hell on earth and is running for her life. Eventually she'll have to stop and face what happened. With the help of a beautiful, untouchable FBI agent, can she learn to trust? Can she love? Can she ever hope to live again?

Desert Wind Rising   ebook version available

Georgia's plane crashes in the desert and as she crosses it, on the edge of death, a nomad rescues her. Together they flee from slavers, and run to the city. Where a curse from the past could destroy their future.

Dolls, Dames, and Skirts   ebook version available

Short story set in the 30's. Jack is a PI in the seedy underbelly of Chicago, and Lois is the blue-eyed dame in trouble. Part of the 101 Aurellian Nights series.

Love's Rendition   ebook version available

Grace, a young woman who waitresses at a cafe has had a long and hard life. Both her parents and brother are dead and she is on her own. Left with no one where to go she is forced to live on the streets under a bridge. Eventually she makes her way out and finds an apartment she shares with four other roommates. There is the one thing that keeps her going. Allison on the other hand was born into money and owns an art gallery. She stumbles upon Grace one day in the park sketching a picture of her. She is intrigued and offers Grace a job. Slowly things progress and a friendship is born. A lot of things happen in this story mainly revolving around Grace and her hardships of life, but Allison is there to help. Will Grace accept her help or think she's just giving charity? Will her past of being homeless interfere with their friendship?

Forgotten Way   ebook version available

Alex lives in Bluerock, a tiny farming town, where nothing different is accepted. So, who should come to town but Dusty? A loner... a drifter... Two women will meet, gain friendship and love, even as those around them protest it, and try to kill it. Can love really overcome all?

1. Sorrow  2. Friendship  3. Beginnings  4. History Lesson  5. Soulmates  6. Laughter  7. Memories  8. Writing  9. Remorse 

10. The Unknown  11. The Night  12. Prejudice  13. Whispers  14. Unfinished Business  15. Promises 

16. Seeds Of Hate  17. Suspicion  18. Intimate Danger  19. Got To Go On...  20. Epilogue 


The 60's are a time full of turbulence and revelations. For Rain, a down on her luck street performer, her revelation comes in the form of a tall, dark haired stranger.

Shattered Innocence   ebook version available

Eighteen year old Shane runs a gang called the 'Panthers.' She's tough, wild, angry... until she meets Antonia, the new transfer. Tony's not afraid to stand up to Shane, even thinks she can see the good in the depths of those tortured blue eyes. But who can live and love in the Ghetto with danger all around?

1. First Day Of School  2. Girls Just Wanna... Fight?  3. Misintentions  4. Painful Surrender  5. Second Day Of School 

6. Take a Look Around  7. Understanding  8. Flight Or Fight  9. Silent Cries  10. Caught  11. Disappointment 

12. Two Weeks Later  13. Girl Talk  14. Desperate Ends  15. Revelations  16. School Again, School Again... 

17. Let's Rock the Night Away  18. Nowhere To Go... But Down  19. Adventures In The Heartland 

20. So It Begins...  21. Conclusion 

Our Souls Series   ebook version available    Winner of a Swollen Bud Award

Sing To Me

Destiny Waiting


And She Sang