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W. Brad Danbrook

Last Updated:  9/13/2005

Captain Of Her Heart   ebook version available

The story sees a landing party from the Enterprise encounter a resurrected Xena, Gabrielle, Ares and Zeus. Zeus has hatched a plan, with a complicit Ares, to hijack the Enterprise to reprise the 'Age of Gods.' Needless to say, Kirk has a problem with this. Inititially Xena is bothered by the brash Starship Captain. In time, a spark of romance is kindled.

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Fate Accompli   ebook version available

After Gabrielle destroys the Loom of Time at the conclusion of 'When Fates Collide', the world is restored, but what sort of world is this? Everything has been turned topsy-turvy in this weird scary Wonderland. The story features Xena, Gabrielle, Ares, Aphrodite and two small surprise cameos.

Friend In Need- Part III

What happened to Gabrielle after the end of FIN? What happened to Xena? Will they ever meet again? Along this strange journey, Gabrielle meets up with an old friend, and an old enemy. A dark cloud has invaded Gabrielle's soul.

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