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2006 Hall of Fame
Author Academy Lifetime Achievement Award

For the Love of Cliches


Her Xena

Truth or Dare

A classic in its truest sense. This story was first released in 1997 back at the beginning of XWP fanfiction. It still stands as one of the best. Xena and Gabrielle's newly formed bond is tested. A MUST READ and please feed the bard and encourage her to post more!

The Child

In the counterpart sequel, Xena falls for an orphaned little girl when she and Gabrielle try to find a home for her.

The Empty Heart

Xena is emotionally decimated by the loss of little Ilsa and trying to deal also with the repercussions of a promise she made to a foreign god. Unbeknownst to the Warrior Princess, the fulfillment of that promise has brought into her life perhaps the deadliest enemy she has ever known. An enemy willing to hide in the shadows watching as Xena looses everything and everyone she's ever cared for.

Jungle Reign

One Or Two Beds

A scene from 'In Sickness and in Hell'.

Who Are You Gabrielle?

This was written in response to a conversation about the nature of the character of Gabrielle. In this discussion, it was postulated that perhaps the bard could be seen in a different light than most fanfic portrays her. I thought it was a fascinating theory and simply had to see what would happen if this particular mirror was held up before her. The following is the result.

Who Are You Xena?

Not willing to leave any challenge unmet, I've taken up the gauntlet suggested by some readers. This is the result. Is it any good? I dunno, but it's a darn fun exercise to try to see things in a different way than I'm used to. Oh, and I tried to follow the lines of some of the complaints I've seen lately about Xena -- you'll recognize 'em when you see 'em. Once again, it's just me, playing games with character and psychology, seeing what falls outta my head.

55-Word Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction As Wordee

First Time