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The Royal Academy of Bards

is pleased to present

1. Down on the Farm
Fresh-faced farmer’s daughter looking for fun and excitement away from the farm.
2. BDSM Fantasy
Professional with a passion for the exotic seeks someone to fulfill BDSM fantasy.
3. Play with Me!
“Toy” store owner searching for adventurous partner willing to try new things.


4. Bring Sunscreen
Beach bum with a taste for cold beer, oysters on-the-half-shell and sunsets, looking for same.
5. Learn New Positions
Wanted: Yoga instructor to teach breathing, relaxation techniques and positions.
 . Vroom! Vroom!
Racing fan searching for someone who appreciates speed with an attention to detail.

7. 'Packing Mate
Rugged outdoorsy-type seeks companion for hiking, kayaking and possibly more.
8. Got Spurs?
Wanted: Cowgirl to teach riding, roping and wrangling.  Branding experience a plus.
9. Are You the One?
Activist seeks cuddler who loves animals, walks in the park and protest marches.

Blue-eyed brunette searching for green-eyed blonde.  Martial art skills preferred.
11. Desperate in 'Burbs
Lonely housewife looking for relief from boring, humdrum life.  All offers considered.

12. Lost Soulmate
Short blonde seeks tall brunette.  Blue eyes preferred.   Sexy look a plus.

The Challenge is to take one of the personal ads listed and write a story around it. 

The catch? 

The ad must appear (verbatim) at the start of your story (within the first page).   What?  Yep, that’s the whole catch.  Easy, huh?

There is only one category of competition…Best story (voted upon by the public)

On to the stories, already!



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