Wedding Woes


Akiela Xal

Disclaimer: Story mine. Characters sorta. Picture #2

Written: November 21, 2008

Sarah couldn't believe she was here. She was never getting married, but she found herself sitting in this upscale bridal boutique watching her best friend, Amy, try on dress after dress. Sarah was bored. She'd rather be almost anywhere than sitting in this shop. Hell, she'd even prefer braving the crowds at the mall doing their Christmas shopping than be where she currently found herself.

"C'mon, Sarah, lighten up," Amy grinned at her friend, who stuck out her tongue at her in response. Amy crossed her arms over her chest which would have looked much more imposing if she hadn't been dressed in a ridiculously frilly bridal gown.

Sarah stifled the laugh building in her throat. The petite blonde knew how much her friend loved shopping and how excited she was about her upcoming marriage to Brad. Sarah was happy for her, she really was. She just hated shopping in general and really hated shopping for dresses.

"I saw that," Amy chirped good-naturedly.

Innocently Sarah asked, "What?" It was an old game between the two friends. They'd known each other since they were in diapers and knew just how to push each other's buttons. But somehow they managed to stay friends. Each knew that they would do anything for the other - including wasting a perfectly good Saturday afternoon watching an endless parade of bridal gowns.

"Hey!" Amy said brightly. "I know how you can get into the spirit of things…"

"How?" Sarah asked suspiciously.

Amy flashed a 1000 watt grin at her friend. "You can try on dresses with me!"

"Oh, no," said Sarah backing up a step. "No, no, no. You're not getting me in one of those things!"

"C'mon, it'll be fun," Amy wheedled.

"I said 'no', Amy," Sarah mock growled.

"Sarah," Amy begged with that look in her eye that Sarah could never refuse.

Damn, damn, damn! "Why do I let you talk me into these things," Sarah whined as Amy led her by the arm to the dressing rooms.

"Amy, how are you supposed to get into these things?"Sarah called as she struggled with the sleek wedding dress. And how the heck does it stay on? she wondered, only now realizing it was strapless.

"Sa-rah! It's not that hard. Now hurry up, I wanna see how you look." Amy had made her final decision three dresses back, but was determined to get her friend to enjoy their shopping excursion before the real fun began - they had yet to start looking for bridesmaid dresses.

Several minutes and a few curses later Sarah walked delicately out of the fitting room, not because she was trying to emulate a high fashion model, but because she was afraid the dress would fall off if she moved suddenly. Keeping on an eye on her feet so as to avoid stepping on the hem she did not notice that Amy was no longer alone and was startled to hear a wolf whistle.

"Nice! I think Brad picked the wrong woman Amy," the newcomer said, lightly nudging Amy's shoulder.

Sarah's head jerked up at the low, melodious voice. She looked up, and up, into the most gorgeous blue eyes she'd ever seen. "Th-thanks," Sarah stammered. Transfixed as she was, Sarah missed the look of triumph cross Amy's features.

"I'm Jace," the tall raven-haired woman said holding out her hand, "Brad's sister. You must be Sarah."

Sarah swallowed and took the proffered hand. "Yes, pleased to meet you."

Turning to Amy, Jace asked, "So, are you done torturing your friend?"

"Depends," Amy smirked. "I'm done making her try these on, but you two still have to be fitted for your bridesmaids' dresses."

Sarah groaned and Jace shared a conspiratorial wink with her. "It can't be any worse that those bridal gowns," she said. Sarah just groaned again.

Over the next few weeks the three women were inseparable as Sarah and Jace took on the lion's share of the final wedding preparations. An easy friendship built up between Sarah and Jace, much to Amy's delight.

Finally the big day arrived. Walking into the reception hall after the actual ceremony Sarah said, "Who gets married on New Year's Eve Day?"

"Apparently my brother and your best friend do. If I know Brad he just wanted to save himself the trouble of throwing two parties," Jace laughed and Sarah chimed in with her.

Jace and Sarah chatted amiable throughout the reception. They were so engrossed in their conversation that they completely ignored the best man's toast and were startled to discover Brad and Amy getting up for the first dance.

As the maid of honor, Sarah was expecting the best man to ask her to dance and was looking expectantly in his direction when she felt a touch on her arm. Looking back at Jace she quirked an eyebrow in question.

Jace laughed. "Sorry to disappoint you, but you won't be dancing with the best man."


"Yeah, see the other groomsman?" At Sarah's not, Jace went on, "That's his partner. So, how 'bout it?" Jace held out a hand to the smaller woman. Sarah smiled and they followed the other members of the wedding party out onto the dance floor.

Both women discovered there were advantages to being at a wedding reception on New Year's Eve as they danced the night away. Over in the corner a small group was watching the final countdown on a small TV they'd dug up somewhere. As they heard the final 3, 2, 1 blue eyes gazed into green. "Happy New Year," Jace said and leaned down to gently kiss Sarah.

When their lips parted, Sarah whispered, "Happy New Year, love," and both women smiled before slowly merging for another sweet kiss filled with promise for a very happy New Year indeed.

The End


Story by: Akiela Xal
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