Bard's Challenge #20

Gabrielle kissing Xena

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Roolz     Punzle

The challenge is to choose one of the twenty pictures provided <go to pictures> and write a story about it. You can uber-ize it, Xena-tize it, Amazon-ize it or original-ize it. It’s up to you.

The catch? You only have a thousand words. Voting ends 1/1/09 You are voting for the best story. ONE story. Out of ALL the catagories. ONE

Want to feed the bards before the voting ends? Send OZ an email ( Put the entry number of the story in the subject line. She'll pass it on. Now you have no excuse not to FEED!

Chance and Choice by Cheyne


Decisions by Cheyne

11A Aurelia - A Case Of Mistaken Identity
11B Spheeris1 - Waiting for Tomorrow
11C Akiela Xal - Why Me?
11D Clicker - The Bell
11E The Bard of New Mexico - Solstice Show Auditions
11F Ladyhawke - Heart of Glass
11G Del Robertson - I Saw Gabby Kissing Senticles

12A CXW - Inside and Out
12B Spheeris1 - The Course of True Love
12C Ian Hayes - Could’a, would’a, SHOULD’A
12D Rhurc Black - Mine
12E The Bard of New Mexico - I Hope You Understand
12F Fingersmith - Untitled
12G Meretseger - Ayled of Ravenscliffe

13A Rhurc Black - Coming Home
13B The Bard of New Mexico - The Keeper
A Blonde, Two Brunettes And A Redhead…
by Pinky & the Brain
Reunion by D

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