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Rockefeller Romance




I'm sure you don't know that's me in the picture. Which one am I? There are a number of people in the picture for sure but clearly I'm the moron. Sit and I will explain.

Every year my friends and I take our holiday pilgrimage to New York City. That would be Jodi and BJ, my friends since forever. We spend the weekend shopping, bar hopping, eating but most importantly we gather with thousands of other holiday revelers to see the lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.


See picture, Jodi is the blonde standing talking to some guy in a red hat and BJ is in the white coat and hat trying to hit on the woman in the black coat.

This would be a good time to back up to the actual tree lighting extravaganza.

We arrived very early to get an up close tree experience. This is a Jodi must do thing which leaves you standing staring at a tree for a very long time. As darkness was finally falling and the crowd started to close in, that's when I saw her.

Wow…. she was breath taking. She had long dark blonde hair and was wearing a cute hat pulled low on her head. Her profile showed classic stunning features and her smile was lovely. The darkness hid the color of her eyes. I noticed she was speaking to a guy eating a hotdog and giving him that beautiful smile. I hated him. Regardless, I found myself drawn closer to them like a bug to a light. In fact this bug was drawn pretty darn close. If I leaned in just a little bit more I could have taken a nice bite out of the hotdog. I also could have given her right ear a little lick. While I contemplated the hotdog verse the ear she turned around putting our faces inches apart.

"Sorry" I said as I stared into green eyes and feeling her warm breath knew she had eaten a hotdog too. What's with the hotdogs???

We stood close like that saying nothing with eyes locked until BJ came running over out of breathe. She had seen my weird bug thing and was going to rescue me from the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Thank you BJ

BJ moved right in and kicked things off, "Hello there I'm BJ and this is Danielle"

I just stood there like a moron, my first of several moron moves in the next 24 hours, smiling and staring. Beautiful lady shifted her eyes from me to BJ and extending her hand, "Hi BJ, I'm Nicole and this is Keith."

This is horrible; BJ was now touching MY girl friend. Too soon for girl friend…well maybe and Nicole *sigh* was no longer looking at ME!

By that time Jodi had joined the party and everyone was talking at the same time. Good news! Nicole is a reporter for a small newspaper in upstate New York and hotdog boy is only her photographer.

Nicole turned to me and said leaning close, "I've been watching you since you got here, and I did notice that creep up on us thing." She continued with a laugh, "For a second there I thought you were going to lick my ear." My luck a psychic

"I wish you had"

"I wish I did too"

We both laughed our eyes flirting when she got this curious expression, "You look very familiar, hey I know you look just like a young Dorothy Hamill."

Truth be told I do kind of look like Dorothy. I have short dark brown hair, dark blue eyes, and girl next door face. I'm a good 5'7" to Dorothy's 5'3" but if she had her skates on we would be pretty close.

What flew out of Jodi's mouth stunned everyone. "Not only does she look like Dorothy Hamill but she is her niece and is going to compete in figure skating at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver." This is news to the Hamill family, the US Olympic Committee and most importantly me. Why in gods name did she say that? I can't ice skate. That's our Jodi having little Jodi fun.

Then all hell broke loose, Nicole, Jodi, BJ, and of course Keith were making plans for a live feed report from Rockefeller Center featuring a skating exhibition staring the new Olympic star....me. Nicole disappeared in a flash to make her arrangements and I was left standing like a deer in a head light contemplating a) Running away, b) Killing Jodi or c) my choreography for my show tomorrow. Not good

You think you know ranting well what I did all night long was Olympic quality. I had BJ calling every paper in New York trying to get a hold of Nicole to fix this mess. Jodi feeling bad volunteered to call New York hotels. I was frantic. I also knew this would pretty much end any chance with Nicole. I really would have liked to see where we could have gone and maybe lick that ear sometime.

We arrived at the rink, my sorry ass friends and I, at the appointed time to repent, apologize, and take our medicine. Walking up to the wall and looking over there was Nicole alone on the ice slowly skating to the music. I took the steps and met her at the bottom. She looked fantastic. Skating up to me she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard and long. Pulling away confused I asked, "You knew didn't you?"

"Of course," She laughed as she glided away "Get your skates on champ." I strapped on and we skated.

The photo was taken by Keith, he's not so bad really, and yes that is me sprawled on the ice. I went home with one hell of a bruise on my butt and Nicole. Maybe I'm not such a moron after all.



Story by: RAMSEY
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